Post WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Discussion Thread!

  1. Roman's last year or so feels like The Undertaker's streak. Before the match you know he will win, but during every match you still think a few times that maybe this is it, this is where he loses; every title defense has a big match aura

  2. I've legitimately lost count of how many time Aj styles has been pinned on a ppv in the past 3 years does anybody have a number.

  3. They really need to build a stable around him like how McAfee had one in NXT. I see no reason why he shouldn't be a great heel world champion in the next two years..

  4. And I thought he was fixing to trip I was glad they pulled that off. He moves a lot and fast I’m surprised he didn’t botch much

  5. Brock vs. Bobby was fun. Unexpected and creative finish to protect Lashley. And he looked like a beast decimating Brock after the match.

  6. Btw y’all, this was also not just to make Roman look great, but was also to make Logan look great, since he’s now signed with WWE and is still a professional boxer. They couldn’t afford to have either of them go out looking like chumps.

  7. Logan continues to impress and just be an athletic workhorse in his matches. I'll give the guy credit, he's giving it his all so far and he'll only further improve over time.

  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't he be the 'biggest' star they've got on the roster too in terms of popularity and following? He looks like he's really applying himself and looked incredible tonight.

  9. I just don’t see him doing it full-time. In that case, why not add his star power to a very star needing midcard scene?

  10. I was highly impressed with Logan. He pulled off every move he attempted to perfection. This dude has IT in the ring. I might not like his personality outside the ring but from a wrestling perspective he delivered.

  11. It’s funny to me how so many people (not saying you) are willing to look past every other wrestler outside of the ring EXCEPT Logan (and Benoit obviously) Stone Cold beating the crap out of Debra etc etc. Some guys are beloved by everyone but were not great humans outside of their character

  12. The way Roman sold this win at the end like it was his toughest match so far is incredible… props to Logan for another unbelievable performance.

  13. Logan deserves a ton of credit for being way better than he should be but also Roman did an incredible job of putting him over.

  14. Omos showed a lot of charisma on the latest Battle of the Brands. If he can improve his in ring ability a bit more and get comfortable on the mic he has insane amounts of potential.

  15. Omos was really cool! I was expecting him to move like Khali, but I was proven wrong and dang it, I’m here for it!

  16. I like him trash-talking the camera every fifteen seconds. He can get away with it considering how he looks like the final boss in a martial arts movie or video game. When a man like that trash-talks you, I don't care who you are - your balls are going to climb back up inside your body.

  17. Never, he wrestles like some newbie wrestlers who done it for years in his 3rd match. People really dont give him enough credit.

  18. If a full timer can take the title off Roman I could see a celebrity title booking for him if he can continue to pull more off like that. He was way better than I thought he would be at performing

  19. I know a lot of users's first sentiment will be to mock this thought, But considering how it was years ago when this event happened, the fact that the show was almost stolen (before the main event) by one of the most extreme wwe women's matches of all time just happened in Saudi Arabia, is very surreal. Hats off to all the ladies.

  20. I'm sure the women in the audience appreciated it. SA has a loooong way to go, but at least they're finally starting to ease up on their women - especially in Riyadh, where you can see women with dyed hair and no head coverings getting out of their cars after work and going to have dinner with their male friends. A big deal, considering less than a decade ago they couldn't drive and would have been accosted and probably beaten by religious police (who are now scarce to nonexistent) for even one of the other things.

  21. Really fun show overall, main event was bat shit insane in the best way possible. Are we getting the Pauls v the Usos at some point?

  22. My personal mark for if a PLE/PPV is good and I was entertained, is if I want more wrestling when it’s over and I have a slight empty feeling. Yep, this was good.

  23. As someone who LOATHES Anderson/Gallows, yesterday was the first time I was buying in on them. I’ve always just found them boring, not that they’re bad workers. But yesterday they were popping me

  24. Why did so many people think they wouldn’t try to build Logan up in this match? He signed a multi year deal and has proven in his first two matches he has that It Factor in the ring.

  25. Logan Paul is.... Very very very good at this? Three matches and three incredible performances from him. If he wants to go full time then he has title runs in him, no doubt.

  26. I don’t care what company’s t-shirt you wear. Roman Reigns is the top worker of his generation and it’s not even remotely close.

  27. Terrible people, great performers, and who can honestly say they wouldn’t want to see both (but mostly Jake) get their ass handed to them in a boxing match at least one time?

  28. Just be happy that the people and the fans got an amazing show and reacted as such. It's about them and I'm glad they tore the house down.

  29. Not a Logan Paul fan at all but in terms of outsiders integrating into the business, easily the most natural newcomer who gets "it" since Angle

  30. Already a star in my opinion even though he's had like 3 matches. All of them are bangers. Dude's a natural.

  31. I know I’m 2 days late commentating on here and know Logan actually got injured but holy sh!t for someone who’s only had 3 matches he’s way better than I’d ever expect. Sucks he got hurt but when he comes back (if he does) actually let him have a big feud and let him have a steady run.

  32. I haven’t watched WWE in many many years but the clips of this show look amazing. Might be time to give it a look.

  33. Last 3 title defences by Roman - Brock at SS, Drew at CatC, and Logan at CJ. All matches were overbooked as hell and sports entertained tf outta the audience. This title run will be talked about for so many years!

  34. Logan Paul gets insane air on his jumps, springboard he goes UP! that kip up got hang time. his lo down looks amazing

  35. To do that well in your third match on such a big stage is incredible. Logan Paul is a natural and while this wasn't the right time, he could (and arguably should) be champion one day.

  36. Whole show was banger after banger and that main event was lovely. I would've preferred no interference but it's still great to me

  37. Come on, that frog splash with phone and me calling it the “first person frog splash” deserves some attention come on now

  38. Logan’s a total natural. Would love to see how far he could develop with a straight year of training & matches.

  39. During this title reign, Roman has beat every single previous universal champion and he's beaten almost every WWE champion from the past 7 years, that's wild

  40. Said in the live thread, but what did the main event accomplish? Made Logan look strong in defeat, but not too strong (that is, a competent wrestler). Reminded us that Roman can get arrogant, which opens the door to a miracle. Reminded us that Roman is, as Ilja would say, a man, and therefore not invincible, especially when he gets in his own head.

  41. Can't believe this, but I went into thinking it be something to keep me entertained to coming out thinking this was awesome. That main event was awesome and so was the women's title match.

  42. I’m not looking at any other comments to avoid spoilers, does anyone know how long until the event will be watchable on peacock in the US?

  43. Do people really think Bobby turned heel tonight? I mean I know he got booed, but it didn’t seem like a heel turn

  44. I can't imagine wrestling outdoors in that weather, good lord... particularly in certain gear. I hope the women's outfits were more "breatheable" than they looked.

  45. First WWE show I've watched in maybe 4 years. I'm blown away and becoming a fan again. The Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul match was so good.

  46. The production quality of this show was amazing. The drones outside, the one that flew inside the arena, the pyro, the vignettes…beautiful

  47. Dude Dominick should be hitting the mat/gym every day after watching Logan Paul. It’s not a good look.

  48. I dunno. Feels fucky to give all that offense and protection to someone like Paul over all the other guys Roman beat with far more ease.

  49. This was a good show but those last two matches in particular were fucking great. The whole Saudi controversy aside, the cool thing about when WWE visits somewhere they don't go too often, you can really tell who is over and who isn't.

  50. Pauls vs Usos is definitely happening, they wouldn't give Jake Paul a theme song and titantron just for today I reckon

  51. Logan Paul is ridiculously good at the whole wrestling thing. And I know I saw a few comments about the match making Roman look bad, but like, the entire story of that match was Roman didn’t take Logan seriously. Fantastic match.

  52. The Saudi events always have amazing crowds. I'm so glad WWE announced more international PLEs next year. This was a great show but it's a good thing I don't bet on these matches since I'm almost always wrong lol.

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