Post WWE Raw 1/7/2022 Show Discussion Thread

  1. I don't think this was a burial of Austin Theory, I genuinely think that because Triple H has been rebuilding the prestige of the US title again he sees it as Theory going for the "most prestigious prize on Raw." That being said though it still doesn't make more sense than just cashing in on Reigns and losing. We'll see where they go from here with Theory. Maybe the start of getting sympathy from the crowd and an eventual face turn? I know I sure as hell feel bad for him after that lmao

  2. If they wanted to get the contract off of Theory, they should’ve had him fail at cashing in on Roman, or, lose the contract to someone else.

  3. Or if they thought a failed cash in on Roman would've been too obvious or in kayfabe Theory doesn't like his chances against Roman, Bronn and Walter are right there, and they're monsters who could beat Austin even after a grueling title defense.

  4. The problem was giving him the briefcase so soon. He got momentum from WM against Pad. He needed more time to connect with the audience, have 1 year of mid card feuds and let the organic rise happen

  5. why is austin theory cashing in for the US title? .....makes no damn sense. Thats like winning the lotto for a million dollars, but then only asking for half of million...thee ffffkk???

  6. The crowd was put to sleep by an opening dark match between Wendy Choo and Tamina. Tozawa and Xyon had a good match but the damage was done. Smackdown in May in the same arena had a totally different feel. Just announcing Cole and McAfee pre show did more to hype the crowd than anything that happened last night. Crowd was into the cash in and final match but everything else was kind of boring.

  7. God that ending left me sour. I fucking love Austin Theory and this was a great chance to, eventually, put the big title on a young prospect who has shown he is more than ready for it.

  8. I could see Rhea joining the heel team, with Mia and a returning Charlotte joining the babyface team possibly.

  9. I liked this RAW. Was a little bummed when Riddle came during the opening segment, not that I dislike the guy, but the New Day and the Usos were having an amazing exchange.

  10. Jesus Christ I felt the same way when Riddle interrupted the segment. Impassioned promo from the New Day about them getting to where they are and how much the title reign means. Then Usos saying there wouldn’t have been a Kofimania without their help in the matter. They shouldn’t have had a match at all. Maybe a brawl together and the entire locker room coming out to separate the two teams. Just show us how much it really means to both teams.

  11. Theory didn't have to cash in until July though - why not wait to see if Roman loses the belt at Wrestlemania or something? Why not cash in on the winner of that match?

  12. Girlfriend was at the show last night with my daughter. She said it seemed louder in the arena than it came across on TV. Also wasn't happy with RAW, seemed it was way too many video packages to sit through.

  13. How exactly did they set up the arena that was any different than any other Monday Night Raw? And yeah it will always seem louder in person than on TV since you're in the crowd verses just hearing the crowd through your TV's speakers. I was at the October 1st 2018 Raw in Seattle where Elias and Kevin Owens dissed the Seattle Supersonics NBA team and it was way louder in person when we were booing them out of the building. We couldn't hear anything they were saying after the wall of boos started. Also the pops for Kane, Taker, and Triple H at the end of the show were way louder in person than on TV.

  14. Problem is that there are other ways to get to that point obviously this is a side effect of Triple H being handed the left overs of vine's plans but it feels like ages since we had a good cash in on the men's side which is a shame for one of WWE's best gimmicks

  15. It's only been 3 months, I think it's still too early to really say but the wrongs are definitely becoming more pronounced. None of his returns are really getting over, too many 15+ minute matches on weekly show, storylines dragging...

  16. Besides the finish it was a good episode. Really liked the promo’s between New Day and Usos and later on Asuka and Io.

  17. My fantasy booking for Theory going forward: a sombre Theory shown arriving at Raw next week, he's approached by a stagehand and told Triple H wants to speak to him in his office, he's "worried about your performance" these past few months.

  18. My booking for Theory is he goes back to NXT and I never have to see him again since I don't watch NXT. I'm tired of him. He was Vince's pet project and Vince is gone so Theory should be too.

  19. Love seeing how people hated Theory as a Vince project then somehow turned to love him and are now dunking on Triple H as "ruining" Theory, a man whose gimmick was taking selfies.

  20. Nobody is saying they love him. But cashing in for the US Title was already a low blow, but losing on top of that is just... idek. Seems like a good way to crush someone's credibility.

  21. This is pretty different. Both of them were already made guys at the time (Though the Braun one was really awful). Cena it obviously didn't matter what he did he was the top seven years at that point with multiple long world title reigns lol

  22. I too remember how a yet to be made Cena lost for months, looking like a geek at every turn possible and having his once super hot heel heat seemingly purposely wiped out, just to fail cash in for a midcard title that he didn't even need to attempt because it was an open challenge.

  23. Sucks for Theory but if there’s anyone that knows that having your push canceled and instead getting buried isn’t the end of the world, it’s probably HHH

  24. I mean HHH has always said he knew he'd be fine because getting squashed in the third most important match at WM was still a big deal.

  25. Crowd was so dead this entire episode. The cash in barely even got a pop. As well as during the Usos / New Day segment

  26. The crowd was into Seth and that was the bright spot for a live crowd. I’m not sure what else they woulda been into. The show was a hot mess. Crowds like cash ins but for the US title on someone they don’t want as champ? Why would they be crazy for that.

  27. I didn't like Nikki ASH, but I can't take this new version seriously, either. It's like how Butch was when the Brutes started, but dialed up to 11 and with a dash of bad acting on top.

  28. I can't remember exactly when WWE started using that huge screen for the wrestlers entrances, but it is a wonderful touch. It looks great when fight night and imperium present on screen because that large format really creates an excellent look on TV. Especially fight night, which creates a great vibe.

  29. It is either or - it’s great when done right like Judgment Day, Lashley, Kross etc but it stands out as such a waste for lazy presentations like Baron Corbin, Alexa and Raquel

  30. Haven't they been talking about getting rid of MITB, or at least changing it significantly? Seems like they're hitting the reset button now instead of padding it out for additional months of nothing.

  31. Crown Jewel was 2 days ago. Could've somehow injected Theory into all the chaos and at least made him lose the MITB chasing a big title. This Raw just felt bad.

  32. *11/7/2022. Also it was really stupid to have the first ever non world title MITB cash-in fail, cuz Theory could say "I was the first to ever cash in MITB and win the United States title" also it continues to ruin the cash-in success rate statistic every time they have a failed cash-in.

  33. Triple H has his favorites, he's no saint. Stop blaming the crowd, OC has been beaten like chumps time & time & time again by JD, how do you expect people to take them or Mia seriously?

  34. You mean Judgement Day has barely scratched victories thanks to Rhea again and again and again because they are by all means a group of losers

  35. they’ve been telling this story with Theory for months but nope his career is over now according to this sub.

  36. He's young and fresh, so he's not buried or "over". The issue is, this MITB shit is gonna be a part of his legacy, especially with him being the Youngest MITB Winner in WWE History iirc.

  37. People like to use terms like jobber and buried, when they are booked to lose or make a mistake. Some people have no patience in seeing character development or long-term storytelling. They just want to be mad about something. Theory meanwhile becomes the hottest topic of the night and probably makes a lot of new fans from this.

  38. It never played out for him in NXT. after he got beat 5 times in a row by midcard talent he returned a month later with a „I am very dumb“ gimmick and still lost most of his matches while being the lackey of a guy literally half his size.

  39. So Lashley's angle is that he is angry how it was cheered when Brock engineered Lashley's title being stolen from him and he gonna go thru everybody to get it back

  40. I think that’s obvious. We saw AEW be the hottest show and have some of the most depressing dumb booking at times for months now. No one is perfect and everyone sucks at times

  41. I actually don't mind the Austin Theory failed cash in, especially since Trips took over. In a Vince world, i'd be worried but H has been shown to be more patient and long term with his booking. Look at Sami Zayn, look at Bray Wyatt. The seeds for Theory failing his cash in had been planted for months, since that promo with Roman at NYC, since that confrontation with Kevin Owens. Even today, booking him with Shelton, a parallel former star-on-the-rise who just didn't make it. I'd wait and see first. Booking him this way gets people's sympathy. Excited to see his redemption story unfold from this.

  42. Exactly. How many people are talking about him rn? How many people are going to reappraise him? He made a lot of fans tonight and can shed the spectre of Vince from his character. I am interested in what happens next.

  43. Theory mustve gotten some nuclear heat backstage because that wasnt just a burial, That was a cremation. Like i fully expect him to get suspended for something tomorrow

  44. All these comments are hilarious. I see a lot of people talking about Theory who were PISSED when he won the briefcase over Seth and Sami and said they'd stop watching WWE if he successfully cashed in.

  45. You can not have wanted Theory to win and realize they destroyed the MITB gimmick further and recognize the systematic takedown on him HHH has done. It's not some either/or, they're separate things.

  46. They didn't just kill Theory's gimmick, but they killed the whole concept of the MITB contract by having a cash-in on a midcard title. If he would have cashed in on the NXT title and failed, that would have made more sense because the NXT title is recognized in kayfabe as a world title.

  47. I noticed when Rollins pinned Theory it seemed like Seth was deliberately trying to reach his foot under the bottom rope, so that could give Theory a gripe for a rematch.

  48. He's trying to get Baron Corbin over, which is proving to be a very difficult task. His promos have been funny af though, especially when he buried Oklahoma and called Rey Mysterio one of the most disgusting human beings he's ever met 🤣

  49. Austin Theory, aka the biggest young prospect in the WWE's main roster right now, buried. They threw him a bone having him win against Shelton, a bonefieid underneath guy these days, and then had him lose the briefcase in the same night.

  50. I think he still will be one of the top guys but the case storyline was going nowhere, no chance of getting into the Bloodline storyline, and would never be able to shake Vince's gimmick. Imo they pulled the bandaid off to let him change his character. He is the hottest topic rn and probably made many fans because of the booking. People will want this kid to rise above this.

  51. If Triple H could still wrestle you could build to him vs Theory at Wrestlemaina but he obviously can’t so yeah this was burying the guy.

  52. no fucking way... just seeing the highlights. Austin cashed in for the US TITLE?!? AND LOST?? Man fuck off Triple H

  53. Yo..if they wanted to make Austin lose why didn't they make him lose against roman???🙄🙄🙄 Bcs this makes no fking sense why would someone cash it in an open challenge especially fir Us title 😵‍💫😵‍💫

  54. If you think just because he’s young that he’s gonna recover from this, you’re fooling yourself. There’s no coming back from this one. No one’s gonna care about a redemption ark about a bragging prick who made a dumb decision cashing in on a mid card title.

  55. The WWE audience is so increadible bad at remembering, they they actually believe that Roman has destroyed his title challengers, when 99% of all his matches were close victories through some means of cheating or luck.

  56. I think he gained a lot of fans tonight because of the booking. This is probably the hottest topic and takeaway from the show, and one of the biggest discussions of the week. This exposure will benefit him and probably give a lot of people a reason to reappraise him. Idk or maybe he is fucked lol

  57. He got a clean win earlier in the show and that was the first time I can recall ever seeing his finisher. Mind you I only watch the highlights. Regardless, there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’d bet 50 no-prizes.

  58. If he does that and then he gets pinned for it by Dana Brooke on WWE Live, then we'll be able to settle the argument on here about whether or not he's being buried or just moved into a new storyline.

  59. After last night, I'm sure the amount of people who care is way less, but I personally like(d) Theory. And it seems quite a bit of other people did too

  60. Austin Theory will be a top guy in the WWE and will be a major pillar for the company for years to come. The young man is incredibly talented. He isn't being buried. He is going through a character change and I guarantee he will develop something way better than the gimmick Vince thrust upon him. The briefcase was holding him back and now he can grow. Chill out. The fans will bury him with all this negativity. Let the character grow and story happen.

  61. He's even growing his douchebag facial hair out into a proper manly beard that makes him look pretty badass. If that isn't a sign of something to come, then nothing is.

  62. I also think it is just a rough time to have a money in the bank holder because when Roman is on such a historic you're kinda fucked either way when it comes to cashing in on him

  63. It will be fun when that happens and then all the guys on here screaming "DOOM!" in sandwich boards will be saying they knew the redemption storyline was coming all along.

  64. It is definitely long-term storytelling and I have high hopes that this is the turning point that actually makes him the future star.

  65. They should have had Theory cash in on Bron Breakker at Halloween Havoc like they teased. Would have made more sense than cashing in for the US title at least. A run in NXT as champion would have been good for him.

  66. Him and Brock Lesnar are currently fighting over who has been portrayed as teh stupidiest wrestler in WWE

  67. Kevin Patrick is just awful. He sucks throughout the whole show, but his awfulness was especially noticeable this week after Gargano played that hidden camera footage with Miz. Any wrestling play-by-play announcer I've ever heard would have understood that it was his job to back up the babyfaces (Gargano and Dexter) and ridicule the heels (Miz and his defender Corey). Instead, Patrick goes and just nods along as Graves tells us all how terrible and underhanded a thing Gargano did by exposing the truth about the lying Miz. Just get this guy out of the announcer's chair.

  68. I loved how he asked, "Who could it be?" 10 seconds into the Judgment Day's iconic entrance music. I guess you could play Devil's Advocate and say he meant which member it was, but since they almost always come out as a group... yeah, not so sure about that one.

  69. Yea I'm not a big fan so far. Bit of a weird decision to have Byron Saxton doing interviews and Kevin Patrick on commentary when they'd both be better off the other way around. Graves and Saxton are fine together.

  70. Hes a pushover next to Corey, JR was a face commentator but he always mocked heel commentators and stood his ground. Hes too nice

  71. Really dislike what they did to Theory here. I hope they have a plan in-place because where it stands right now I very strongly dislike it.

  72. We knew Triple H would do many things we would not agree with, but this is a Vince-like action. Ruining someone’s career without a logical explanation is the dumbest move to do and truly baffles me why. This feels like a move 01 HHH would do if he was given the role of chairman immediately.

  73. I feel awful for Theory, and that’s not something I’d ever thought I’d say. Such a brutal burial of him.

  74. Theory really has incredible potential, he even gave a great performance while having to eat shit today. It's complete bullshit that Triple H is booking his character like this. He looks like a complete moron. The only positive thing i see is Lashley's character on his way to becoming a holier than thou heel. That's gonna be a treat to watch.

  75. Theory will be one of the top guys in a few years. Losing the case just gave him the opportunity to shed the Vince golden boy gimmick and work on developing a better character. I think he is going to be fine and I'm excited to see what they got lined up for him next. Idk fans are going to bury him by being negative right away.

  76. Imo he's the best overall talent under 25 in both of the major companies between WWE and AEW and dude was getting good reactions under Vince but when triple h took over it all of the sudden started getting worse and worse

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