Live WWE SmackDown on FOX Discussion Thread! - November 18th, 2022!

  1. I legit love that Bray's first program is with LA Knight. Dude is now in the debut program of Bray Wyatt's return. Dude was great inTNA and NXT. Happy for the dude.

  2. If KO somehow pins Roman clean at WarGames, that might be the biggest WWE moment in the last year, beyond Cody debuting at Mania

  3. They have an insane amount of mic level control though. They could reverb out/mute the crowd mics if they wanted to...

  4. From my experience of NXT Wargames matches, the best matches are always the ones where the avengers face team are able to coexist / overcome the odds and beat the dominant heel faction.

  5. SmackDown is crazy packed now, and crazy good. Week after week I think they can't keep making it better on a weekly basis, but here we are. KO, Sami Zayn, The Bloodline, Sheamus, Brawling Brutes, and Drew in one storyline

  6. It’s network TV so they HAVE to dump the Holy Shit chants. FCC would have a problem with curses making air. It’s not cable.

  7. i'm suprised roman didn't go flying through the ropes backwards after the stunner, selling that move is in his bloodline.

  8. Hot damn this segment was booked really well. Made Roman and KO both look unstoppable, had the brief emotional Sami and KO staredown, only thing I would’ve changed is sami winning the match instead

  9. Holy shit. KO lost weight! I haven't watched in months so idk if this is sudden or he's been like this for a while but he def looks a lot better

  10. Three of the Brutes' team either would have beaten Roman but for someone else or has beaten Roman outright.

  11. The babyface music hitting while every other babyface is getting there ass kicked is my favorite wrestling trope

  12. did they work the sheets with the KO injury, if so bravo because I'm hyped and there really can't be anyone else to be on that team

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