AEW Dark November 22, 2022 Discussion

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  2. I'm still salty that Sonny & Joey had that cool feud on Dark with Joey really wanting to help get Sonny over, and it was a fun feud that essentially got cut with Joey not getting renewed & Sonny just disappearing from anything meaningful.

  3. The best and worst thing about JR is that you always know when he's into something and when he isn't. And when he's into it, he's really into it.

  4. As a Jane's Addiction fan, I go through a spectrum of emotions when I hear it. Joy and then I realize who is coming out and I get sad

  5. Oh interesting. I thought this might headline. I guess Dark Order get to headline. Hope Reynolds gets another win.

  6. Are Willow and Skye going to become a team? I was hoping for Willow and Riho if there was going to be any women’s tag division/belt, but that would also work

  7. One of those matches where if it was on dynamite the mods would have to have the thread locked down.

  8. It wouldnt surprise me if she gets her All Elite graphic soon. Crowds like her, she gets wins, and she gets TV time.

  9. Guys, it’s not a lost Jackson brother. You can tell because he hasn’t done anything lucha or updated his Twitter bio yet.

  10. I could do with a round robin tournament to determine the #1 contender for whoever wins the Best of 7, including Hardy Party

  11. When he isn't yelling on the mic, he's the best promo. Dude is super likable and witty, and he's been miscast way more than anyone on the roster.

  12. Imma put it this way: Willow/Marina is the first match of the night where I paused my game I’m playing to watch this match intently. I think having Marina compete against hosses has to be the strategy going forward, because it seems she’s hesitating less and getting a better performance. Willow, as always, is fantastic.

  13. Fun fact but you could hear Vickie Guerrero from the third floor during the Nyla vs Jade match. Goddamn, Vickie.

  14. Marina's just trying to corner the feet market amongst wrestling fans, of which there seems to be a concerningly high number.

  15. This is already one of Marina’s best matches. She seems a lot more comfortable going full judo/bruiser mode against Willow for some reason

  16. Nese & Woods are a pretty damn good team now, good moveset, both extremely talented + goofy bad guys, can't really see them ever doing anything with them anymore though considering everyone and their mother hates them appearing lol.

  17. AEW needs its own Dok Hendrix to shill AEW:Fight Forever at ringside while a match is going on like Dok did with WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game.

  18. I like how they're the Varsity Athletes with no mention that they just stole the name from the Varsity Blondes who are just the Blondes.

  19. I feel kinda bad for them going on before Full Gear. Especially since the heat picked up immediately with a great Zero Hour

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