(AEW Dynamite Spoiler) The Elite's entrance in Chicago

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  2. The cloud and intrigue around hometown C.M. Punk (for better or worse) is obviously driving this heat and energy from this Dynamite.

  3. being there really was crazy. There was so many different chants that i was confused by the end of the match.

  4. 100% Kenny did not deserve this though since he didn't even touch anyone in that altercation. In fact, HE was the one that got touched. Hell, bitten even by Ace Steel. Steel should have been the one that got the Fuck chants. And I will start it for you!

  5. I liked the visuals of Death Triangle's entrance, too. Even though we don't see them use the tunnels, Rey's on the face side, Pac's on the heel side, and Penta's in the middle. Kinda showing how the whole team isn't quite fully heel. I like it when they throw in little details like that.

  6. It felt very appropriate that fans started a football chant as Kenny was being soccer kicked by 3 mean dudes

  7. Man here's to hoping. Otherwise this is gonna be Cody 2.0 with "the Elite are just being petty to set up the inevitable CM Punk feud" becoming the next "Cody's weird erratic promos are just setting up his delusional heel run"

  8. The entire reason Punk got run out of the company was because he outdrew the EVPs, and booking that main event would only acknowledge that fact.

  9. FTR vs Bucks will always be a match any fan would look forward to. But Kenny vs Punk is something I dread to watch, nevermind the politics and if they're professional enough to cooperate considering there's probably still animosity, Punk isn't really a good wrestler on the mat thanks to injuries and the ring rust he probably has. Hell who's to say if Punk will even still be with AEW by March?

  10. The pro punk chants were less than the anti-punk chants bt a noticeable margin. General boos were started by more people anytime either chant started more than the people doing the Punk chant.

  11. The loudest crowd reaction of the night has more to do with CM Punk than any of the actual AEW roster. With the possible exception of the opening with Regal, Mox, and Danielson.

  12. It's Chicago. At least 95% of this crowd considered CM Punk their favourite wrestler at one point, or still do. Of Course the Elite would get a negative reactiom.

  13. Unpopular opinion: I don’t like “Carry On Wayward Son” as an entrance theme. It’s a great song but that entrance doesn’t work for me, brother.

  14. I feel like it just needs to be edited better to fit a wrestling entrance. The verse just totally kills the energy for me.

  15. Well considering he's also injured he wouldn't be there regardless. No matter what happened after that match he was going to have to fuck off for months.

  16. The biggest gaslight in wrestling is that Punk shit on the company. I wonder where that narrative came from. He shit on a few of his co-workers, not the company. You have to do some real mental gymnastics to come to that conclusion.

  17. How long have they had this theme song for?if you told me the beginning lyrics were directed towards a certain someone I could easily believe you

  18. Yep. The shot begin with Elite already standing there, so no chance to build anticipation before the song hit. AND THEY CUT IT OFF RIGHT BEFORE THE VERSE PLAYED FOR 2ND TIME AS THEY WERE POSING. That just seemed incredibly rude and blueballesque.

  19. Just imagine if Punk would apologize, be an adult about it, and do fair game buisness. Trade some L's. Work a story.

  20. I know they had the crowd against them but I can't help but believe that there is something in the works otherwise they wouldn't have rubbed salt

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