[RAW Spoilers] Post Match Discussion: Judgement Day vs OC - Eight Person Mixed Tag

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  2. The crowd is finally starting to cheer for Mia Yim. People need to realize it takes time for that to happen. She was great in this match.

  3. Was watching clips of the show. Was shocked that Mia Yim was getting cheered way more then Lumis, who’s been a main roster character for a longer time now

  4. Underrated, or at least less, discussed part of Judgment Day that really makes them entertaining is their selling. Not only do they make their opponents look fantastic but given how annoying dipshits they are it’s enjoyable seeing them get their asses handed to them

  5. Agreed. The Judgement day rock. Also, they're an example of a faction that doesn't need titles to feel important; they're not some jobber faction.

  6. That was an excellent half-hour of TV. Mia was a great choice for The OC and they've given her a lot of shine. Rhea's work was excellent both in-ring and outside (her counting along with Dom's pin was some quality heel work). It had a good chaotic energy and the hyped crowd was nice to hear.

  7. Not necessarily. It was a good showcase of what 4-on-4 matches can be when they're well worked and have the crowd invested.

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