[Raw Spoilers] Finish to The Miz vs Dexter Lumis - Anything goes match (if dexter wins he gets a wwe contract)

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  2. Same here, I wish he’d use the Standing Arm Triangle again sometimes as well. Always looked good in TBA, but I imagine having bigger opponents in WWE makes it more difficult.

  3. Exposed turnbuckle plus the feet on the top rope (in kayfabe this gives you the best "pressure" to put your opponent down) and he still kicks out at 2. He looked like a monster.

  4. I like Dexter Lumis and he's been the reason I've been coming back to watch every week since I started watching in August. Brought back memories of Sting vs NWO. The C-Clamp on the head after the commercial felt like something from a cartoon but I enjoyed it.

  5. Holy crap that was strong booking on Lumis. Kicked out after an exposed turnbuckle spot and a rope-assited pin, then an almost immediate kip up into his submission.

  6. There's gotta be someone who isn't as getting-his-own-shit-in as Mauro, but actually gives a shit more than Patrick. There has to be a middle-ground somewhere.

  7. It’s not in this clip, but coming back from commercial with Miz trying to put Dexter’s head in a Vice was hysterical.

  8. He's so.... lifeless. I really didn't like Jimmy Smith but I'd take him back in a heart beat now.

  9. I don’t understand how they can consistently get this job wrong. I know it’s hard but imagine all the people in the world that would want this gig and you’re telling me Patrick is the best we can do?

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one. “Kick out by Dexter Lumis” was legitimately the worse reaction to a kick out after a running headbutt into an exposed turnbuckle and a third rope leveraged pin.

  11. Dexter looked really good in this match. He’s a much better worker than I was expecting. It helps that the Miz is a fantastic heel that is great at making other guys look good. All in all, I thought it was a good match, capped off with a great heel moment when the Miz took that kid’s $100 bill. That was hilarious.

  12. Am I the only one who enjoyed this feud despite its shortcomings? Was certainly funnier than the " tiny balls " gimmick they forcefed us for months.

  13. I think it got a little directionless towards the end and repetitive but it’s a fun little story line I’ll probably always look fondly on.

  14. Such a terrifying character. Dude looks like a strait killer. This is the guy who grunts at the gym and even the yoga class is to scared to complain.

  15. It was dead just for this match, I think because most haven't seen Dexter wrestle ever. They started to pick up after the table spot.

  16. They were very mild during this match, especially if you compare to the KO/Jey match. I think this feud dragged on a bit too long, and I don't think the Miz was the right feud for him, especially coming off of Miz's awful "tiny balls" feud. The back half of the match was better, but at the beginning I definitely noticed how quiet everyone was.

  17. Not that I’m ever disappointed to see Johnny Gargano on my TV, but have they explained why he’s so invested in getting justice for Dexter? My headcanon is that Johnny finally warmed up to Dexter after everything with Dexter and Indi in NXT, but I don’t think I ever heard any on screen answer.

  18. Was it just this clip or did the crowd seem really dead? I wasn't able to catch raw but I thought the nearfall with the cheating would get more of a reaction when he kicked out.

  19. So, if I kidnap someone several times, constantly break into buildings and basically stalk a wrestler I too can have a chance of becoming a WWE superstar. Interesting!

  20. I think the story is supposed to be that it was all staged by Miz at first. Then he got exposed and refused to pay Lumis what he owed him. I'm not sure tho as I did miss a bunch of episodes

  21. I hate how mild the main roster wwe crowd is on this character because it doesn’t bode well for his use. I like weird ass characters like Dexter in the mix.

  22. It's gonna take time for him to get over with Casuals.Most NXT Gimmicks or Identitys never really transition well on The Main Roster.It takes time when Paul Heyman was temporary head of Creative of Raw he wanted to get different stars in like Malakai Black, Akira Tozawa and Cedric Aleaxander(Just to name a few) but Heyman said it himself it's gonna take at least a year or 2 before they become fan favourites and he and Vince argued about this.Even then when he was running Raw the crowds were dead for them and their Workrate Focused Matches.They are catering to different kind of Audience I think they just need to find a good Mix to make it enjoyable

  23. I know the vibe they seem to be going for is serial killer, but this all seems like an extremely elaborate cover for Agent 47.

  24. Is the hold supposed to be a pressure point on the shoulder or a choke? It’s doesn’t look like anything is being affected.

  25. Good on Dexter Lumis (who up until now has been somehow illegally allowed to stalk, harass, and assault several official WWE employees despite not being one himself) finally getting that WWE contract.

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