[Raw Spoilers] Finish to The main event

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  2. Jey is such a great wrestler. I know he’s, rightfully, considered a tag team great but his singles stuff has been awesome too. The Main Event Jey Uso run in 2020-21 fucking ruled.

  3. I consider that storyline with Roman one of the best in recent years in WWE. Bc no matter how predictable it was that Roman was never gonna lose, they still managed to make almost everyone get invested in the story.

  4. main event jey uso. i'll forever think his the one who should take the title off roman, regardless of whoever else actually ends up doing it.

  5. I watched it again and Solo jumped past him right after Jimmy went down. It's nebulous, but it could be played either way. That Sami didn't help or that Solo was so quick that Sami didn't have a chance to react.

  6. They were massively out of time here, should be clear that this wasn't planned this way, the end of the video is basically the end of Raw, they had the title card pop up and boom, done.

  7. Fuck Sami and Owen's vs the Usos at Mania. I want double world champ main event Jey 2 Belts Uso book Trips you fucking coward.

  8. This match was the shit (no s, thanks to reply), but that was one of the weakest stunner sell I've seen in awhile lol

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