Live WWE SmackDown on FS1 Discussion Thread - December 2nd, 2022!

  1. Kind of bored at the beginning of that match but damn if it didn’t hit another level after LDF was thrown out from ring side.

  2. Both Ricochet and Santos are good but seemed clear to me in that match that Ricochet is better in ring. Santos had a lot of moments where he was obviously getting prepared for the next spot rather than selling, which I think is an underrated skill that Ricochet has. Escobar’s promo from earlier in the show was definitely better than Ricochet’s though.

  3. Holy fuck. I've been a die hard AEW Stan since it's inception but I think I vastly prefer HHHs WWE right now. So fucking cool seeing guys like Ricochet finally get their flowers. Not trying to be tribal

  4. It's nice that they do a replay of smackdown right after so everyone can catch the first 5 mins they missed searching for what channel FS1 is

  5. We're getting GUNTHER/Sheamus III at WrestleMania. Sheamus gets his big IC win and there's no shame in losing to Sheamus so GUNTHER can then move up the card.

  6. I would have rather seen Escobar win and get a push to feud with Gunther and Imperium. I like his style of wrestling.

  7. Yeah with all the USA World Cup ads, makes sense. Happy to see Ricochet getting a push, focus on the man’s wrestling ability and he can be something.

  8. Fucking great match, and a good tournament. Of course an American won the World Cup, but it is lightyears ahead of the 2018 World Cup

  9. I hate this guy. How can he possibly go over Santos??? Santos has a future. Ric-o has already met his glass ceiling. 🤦‍♂️

  10. I don't think so. I think we're getting GUNTHER/Sheamus III at WrestleMania. I suppose they could do a hotshot change to Ricochet and have GUNTHER win it back at the Rumble.

  11. We are getting a run back of Ricochet vs Gunther then. Not what I expected going into this tournament

  12. Wait til Escobar gets to show more of his personality and not just be mean heel, when he gets to joke and mess around a bit and be more relaxed he gives me major Eddie vibes

  13. Yall were shitting on this lol. Do my fellow degenerate wrestling nerds not remember black and gold nxt? HHH fuckin loves long workrate indie style matches.

  14. Ricochet really did play the long game and just got on with it didn’t he? Did what they asked and showed he was loyal and dependable, didnt moan about jobbing and you can only do that so much until they say you know what we will make you an even bigger star which seems to be what they’re doing and their may be times it doesn’t seem as hot or he losses but he’s heading in the right direction for sure

  15. When you think about it, it’s actually crazy that Ricochet and Escobar are main eventing a Smackdown in 2022. I love it!

  16. I get the feeling the mega fans can’t afford ringside seats. Which is why it seems so dead There’s ppl standing and cheering 10 rows back

  17. Escobar seems so out of it in the match, I seen a ton of his NXT stuff and this is hands down the slowest he’s looked in the ring

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