Post WWE SmackDown on FS1 Discussion Thread - December 2nd, 2022!

  1. I'm wondering who this is on. The E put all their eggs in the Ronda basket well before she was camera ready in any way, but Ronda's progress and overall rasslin skill are pretty low. Her timing and showmanship feel rushed and choppy. I'll give her a pass on the mic cuz even Roman took forever to find his footing there. Is she really putting that many butts in seats still?

  2. Solo definitely heard Roman and Heyman talking some shit about Sami or something. Really think if the Bloodline do turn on Sami that he’ll stand by him and fight against his family.

  3. I hope this Lacey series works for her. She's got a lot of promise and is likely legitimately the true most dangerous woman on the roster (I'll leave it to others to debate a sports champion like Rhonda vs a trained combat/MP vet). Hopefully with a concisitent creative push behind her, they can build something with her.

  4. Shayna winning the royal rumble and beating ronda rousey for the smackdown championship at wrestlemania will be so cool!

  5. Both are boring as shit, that would be a horrible match. On the other hand, Rhea winning and beating Bianca for it at mania would be awesome.

  6. I’m hoping they do Bianca vs Ronda to unify the women’s title and then Ronda leaves after and doesn’t come back. Introduce a midcard womens title and throw it in a 8 woman ladder match with Becky, Charlotte, Bayley, Liv etc. to make it feel big and give them all something to do and I’m happy.

  7. I don’t see in any world how that match would be big enough to be worthy of a Wrestlemania programme especially for one of the main Women’s titles. The crowd would be dead as they have never cared much about Shayna and the promos would be awful. The whole thing would be boring. Also, Becky needs to be in a big program for Mania as she is the most popular and over star in the whole division. Her vs Ronda is the only match that makes sense.

  8. I liked that Shayna didn't have a stupid shocked face whenever each run in's music hit, she was just annoyed that she couldn't break arms in peace.

  9. Anyone else think the Bray Wyatt thing is boring now?? It’s been 2 months. He hasn’t wrestled. Nothing has developed really. There used to be hype and all this mysteries about the clues. Now nothing is even shared. The hype is killed and they need to get it back

  10. They need to get him fucking up big names, even if he's just injecting himself into other feuds. If you compare it to weekly TV, you can't give him a multi episode arc languishing in a low-mid card feud. If you're playing the slow burn for whatever they're gonna reveal, you need to give him a "monster of the week" kind of plot where his story can advance whole also establishing himself as a threat

  11. His my favorite so no i do not think his boring, they are building to him going off the deep end while also trying to fight whatever is inside him.

  12. Prince Puma defeats King Cuerno who was alone after DJ Zema Ion and Rosita were tossed from ringside.

  13. He's basically reassembling the Black and Gold NXT on the main roster. Problem is a lot of the live audiences didn't watch it.

  14. Yea if there’s one thing HHH is blinded by it’s his own black and gold success. He’s thinking all these people are stars. The casual fan doesn’t know these people. Give some background first on some before just returning them and expecting a huge response.

  15. Lmao so true though. These shocking returns are not it. And she returns on FS1 where 1/3 of your audience will be watching????? Paul you are screwing a lot of things up.

  16. Jey asked him if he was talking to someone outside the locker room. He lied and said no. Jey knew this was untrue because he heard the whole conversation before he came out.

  17. they still referencing I think when he lied to Jey about whether he'd been talking to anybody that past night (especially Kevin).

  18. What was the crowd looking at/cheering for during the main event? They weren’t looking at the match. It was something offscreen

  19. I love the Bloodline as much as anyone (☝️), but the one downside of having such a dominant heel faction on top is that it makes things very hard for the faces going up against them. It was tough for KO on Raw and even tougher for Sheamus tonight. It's not that people don't like guys like Sheamus or Drew or KO, but the Bloodline is cool and no one is getting cheered against Sami Zayn right now. Not complaining, just observing. Can't wait to see where this goes. Really enjoyed the twist of Jimmy now becoming the devil on Jey's shoulder when it comes to Sami.

  20. It is a temporary problem but anyone that comes to Sami's aid when the Bloodline finally turns on him will be nuclear hot babyfaces so they just have to grin and bear it for now.

  21. The other side to this argument though is that the babyfaces don’t have to do as much to get cheered. They’re always the underdogs, so the crowd will always be behind them.

  22. He was nervous because his backup was thrown out, no? I thought he was accurately just freaking about not having his lackeys

  23. I agree with what you were seeing from his expressions, but that was a choice for some reason...he's been maskless/Santos for like 2 years in NXT, and that was something I don't remember from his time there.

  24. I don’t see the point of running Ricochet vs Gunther a third time after Gunther beat him for the title and then squashed him in a rematch. He’s clearly just going to get beat again. Legado vs Imperium would’ve been a more interesting feud.

  25. It is too early for both Legado and Imperium to be feuding with each other. They went with Ricochet because he can lose without it hurting him to much. Then GUNTHER can move on to Braun and eventually Sheamus at WrestleMania.

  26. Legado and Imperium are both heels and Legado is not nearly over enough with the main roster crowd to justify that dynamic. They just debuted a few months ago, give them time to develop naturally before they clash this soon.

  27. Always said Ricochet should be booked like Steph Curry, his speed and extra flippy nature is like Steph's insane shooting talent. Just a cheat code to winning.

  28. I'm not really sure how they looked like a joke here. They handled Liv and Nox just fine and had to be attacked with a kendo stick from behind before they took off.

  29. I don’t get people saying “Wyatt wrestling isn’t as interesting as his stories, just let him promo”. If he just wants to tell stories he should have just gone and made movies like he wanted, instead of coming to the wrestling company that does wrestling and not doing any wrestling

  30. this is why no one cares about Damage CNTRL. Tegan Knox comes back, who no one gives a fuck about, and gets to knock around Damage CNTRL like she's Dusty Rhodes taking out the 4 Horseman in 1986.

  31. its just nuts too. iyo is an outrageously accomplished wrestler and bayley has one multiple championships. i guess i cant speak for kai because shes so green in comparison, just christ almighty, they need to ditch damage control, do some damage control and individually build each woman back up in order to fix it

  32. I agree with you. it was off tonight, people here downvote you when you critic the product but im sure even both wrestlers know something was off

  33. Broke: The Bloodline is going to end up turning on Sami, following the orders of the Head of the Table Roman Reigns.

  34. I’ve been saying for a while that if they want to go with a swerve then the implosion of the Bloodline from within due to Roman’s arrogance and casual disrespect for his cousins is way more compelling than the usual “Bloodline turn on Sami and He teams with KO to get the tag titles”.

  35. You know what I would love? If Solo betrays Roman and takes control of the Bloodline, and Sami is the only one who sides with Roman.

  36. They are certainly sowing the seeds. Roman doesn't show up every week, but Sami is always around. Roman was down the out in the War Games match, but Sami saved him.

  37. Would be better imo if it was Jey who ended up being the mastermind behind Roman’s demise, because he’s more than anyone bore the wrath of Roman.

  38. I know he’s champ rn and got nothing to do with a Smackdown , but how likely do you guys think Samoa Joe will end up back in WWE

  39. I’m pretty positive that tarot card image was a shirt design like ten years ago. Regardless, still great and glad to see it back.

  40. Nonzero chance the latest Lacey repackage just ends up being some cross-promotion for that Special Forces reality show Fox is about to premiere.

  41. I actually googled that show to see if she was on it.. no.. it's actual ....celebrities is not the word...but the people who show up on "celebrity shows"...nobody who's the caliber of an actual marine mp vet.

  42. His stories never go anywhere. It's just week after week of mumbo jumbo and clues that lead to nothing in particular. This new Bray gimmick jumped the shark quicker than his previous two.

  43. I love a long term storyline, and I’ll give Rotunda time to sell me whatever the fuck he wants, he’s earned benefit of the doubt. But I do think it’d help get this uncontrolled rage under the surface thing if he, say, trucked the everloving shit out of some random jobber in a couple of minutes.

  44. Both Ricochet and Santos are good but seemed clear to me in that match that Ricochet is better in ring. Santos had a lot of moments where he was obviously getting prepared for the next spot rather than selling, which I think is an underrated skill that Ricochet has. Escobar’s promo from earlier in the show was definitely better than Ricochet’s though.

  45. Escobar's lack of selling has irked me ever since he was in NXT. It was noticable down there but I always looked past it because of his charisma

  46. Best part of the show was Santos and Ricochet. I was hoping Santos wom but still a fantastic match. He and Ricochet put on a banger...after banger after banger etc

  47. I remember watching walter v ricochet on some european event and it ruled they hve really good chemistry.

  48. Ricochet vs Santos was really good. Kinda wish the hurricarana from the top and landing on the feet spot would go away. Excited for Gunther vs Ricochet.

  49. I hope to GOD that's not Gunther's official finisher. What makes his matches so compelling is that he has a wide variety of moves he could easily end the match with.

  50. hello mister Shawn Fightful from ross sapp dot com. i know you read this sub. i need you to put out a report that roderick strong is being considered to be the one to take the titles off roman at the wrestlingmania. in return for use of your predictive powers i will give you negotiable american currencies

  51. While you’re at it, I’ll chip in if you also ask him to put out a report saying HHH is gonna make Dario Cueto a WWE official

  52. What are the chances for HHH to bring back CWC and make it WWE’s version of “best of the super juniors”? With all the talent he has there, it’s a no brainer

  53. Bray understands his strengths and weaknesses. Wrestling is probably the least interesting thing about him. He didn't come back to wrestle a lot of matches

  54. I mean I agree that is fine, but if he knows it's a weakness perhaps, he should seek to improve that to smooth out the rough edges. It's what I would do if I were him personally, again not so he can wrestle more, just so that when he does not only is it better, but potentially even more memorable.

  55. People need to let him tell his story, he's a wildly creative mind and Smackdown is running perfectly fine without him in the ring right now.

  56. Good show, fantastic matches this week for the most part, great Bloodline stuff, Bray’s creativity shines like usual, and Tegan Nox gives the women’s roster a nice boost!!!

  57. Does anyone else think that they need to find a new way to reintroduce these returning folks to the audience ? Hearing Mia Yim, Candice Lerae, and Tegan Nox debut to crickets hurts NGL

  58. I don’t think they are expecting a big pop at all, I take it like “Here we have a new superstar” and that’s it, maybe some vignettes before could help though

  59. Mia is fine. She was getting good reactions this week. Nox will be fine if she stays paired with Nox. You have to introduce them ahead of time or pair them with an established talent will they establish themselves. You don't have to do both.

  60. There’s something to be said for just bringing them out right away and letting them get pops later when they actually do stuff.

  61. They seem to assume everyone watches NXT. I've been disappointed with how they've introduced Legado. They had the best formation storyline in NXT but on SmackDown they just kinda showed up.

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