[Smackdown Spoilers]Dakota Kai on Twitter: "…we meet again 😈"

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  2. Dakota and Tegan are always so good together. It'd be great if for this feud, Dakota is the face of Damage CTRL rather than Bayley. It'd also help Bayley focus on her rivalry with Becky in Raw. I mean they can all travel to both shows together, but with their individual feuds.

  3. I missed her last main roster run because it came and went in the blink of an eye. Please tell me you're kidding and they didn't shorten her name to just Nox.

  4. I mean he's establishing Mia by having her with the OC. Looks like he's going to establish Nox by having her with Liv. People need to chill with this stuff. Most superstars debuted to crickets and took time to establish themselves.

  5. She was part of one of the biggest moments in Wargames history and one of the biggest feuds in NXT. At some point it's on fans to have some knowledge or at least do some research. Why is everything needing to be force feed to people? Can't we just watch and learn?

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