The Bunny on Twitter: What a way to go out tho 💀

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  2. This reminds me of when I first saw Brodie passed, I thought he was killed off on television as a story. Then I realized AEW wasn't airing that night and that'd be a weird write off for him. Then I clicked the article...

  3. Does Impact have a lot of crazy characters and gimmicks like that? I haven't watched since all those years ago when Hogan showed up and wrecked everything, but if it's that crazy I might have to tune in. It's what I've really been missing in other promotions.

  4. Rosemary is the other supernatural character. Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus were with a Rosemary in Decay, but Rosemary split off from the group focus on the KO tag titles.

  5. One time Eddie Kingston ran over a kid with his car then had to go in front of a multiracial council of mob bosses . . . This is a thing that happened in Impact.

  6. Yes and no; since Lucha Underground was shuttered, Impact kinda picked up the slack. There are two major supernatural characters on the roster, Rosemary and Su Yung. JesSICKa/Havok is kind of a bubble case, as she's been involved with both in supernatural storylines but isn't exactly supernatural in origin herself.

  7. Allie's death is still probably my fave, followed by Ethan Page's hilarious exit, followed by Su Yung's death during the Havok feud.

  8. If he didn't have the controversies over him and if WWE allowed it on their programming today, i could see Vince as his way of bowing out retiring the Mr McMahon character by killing him off.

  9. I love that that straight up murder is an option to write a character out of Impact so often. "You're dead to me, literally."

  10. Are you talking about the hit and run Eddie Kingston did? 'Cause I seem to remember there being a segment they mention the kid surviving.

  11. I spent far too long looking for the song playing as Allie Force Ghosts away, convinced it was an Alt-J song I'd not heard or something like that. Come to find it's made by some guy that churns out music for Universal!

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