[Sean Ross Sapp] As rumored, William Regal is effectively done with AEW, FightfulSelect.com is told.

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  2. Arrive. Unite Moxley, Danielson, Yuta and Claudio. Flirt with Excalibur. Betray your team. Get beat up by the guy you betrayed them for. Refuse to elaborate. Leave.

  3. I feel like he failed the questline by siding with MJF in the end, if he sided with Mox he'd probably get an ancient dragon smithing stone to level up his brass knuckles to +10. Gotta keep that in mind for NG+.

  4. Well obviously, he got taken out by a stretcher a few days ago, he clearly wouldn't have time to do something as unimportant as correcting some tweets while he is in the local medical facility

  5. I thought Regal mainly dumped on clickbait headlines and quotes being taken out of context. But I agree this was a sign.

  6. at a comic con in England today/yesterday he answered the question by saying don't believe everything you hear unless it comes from me

  7. He's been friends with Triple H since 1994, has played a significant role in and out of the ring at WWE for more than 20 years and has a son who also works for the company. Ever since Vince McMahon retired, this was just a matter of time.

  8. I honestly think Vince being forced out when he was was the absolute worst timing for AEW. If he had waited another 5 years or so they would have been able to find a better footing with fans who were done with how he was running the company. Instead right at the height of their popularity Trips takes over and has almost overnight made the product far more engaging and gave us the best wrestling story line since Daniel Bryan winning the Championship when he came back. Which is still ongoing too and only getting better.

  9. Ugh, I forgot that the greatest tragedy in all this is that we'll never see the conclusion to their courtship.

  10. He really loves coaching and scouting, and WWE can offer that on a higher level. I think it's a good decision, and he had first seats to see what AEW talent WWE could be interested at...

  11. Yep, he was awesome in AEW and had some fantastic moments. He managed to bring additional value to a lot of areas and I'm sure gave some incredibly useful information to the wrestlers while he was there.

  12. I know WWE has brought back many people who previously slandered them, but Regal is a great example of how not burning bridges can greatly benefit an individual.

  13. His debut was awesome. The concept of BCC was awesome. The idea of pairing him with MJF was awesome. In totality it could’ve been better and seemed rush towards the end, but his short run in AEW should be look at positively

  14. I would also be rushing to get back to a place where I sincerely enjoyed the working environment and the people I worked with made it fun to come to work every week. He likely enjoyed his time in AEW but if people have been seeing any quotes from Regal since he left, they should know how much he enjoyed himself in WWE and that it meant more than people could know.

  15. I'm sure he and HHH had always been fantasy booking if Vince ever stepped down while they were running NXT, and now that they have the opportunity, they can truly make their wwe vision a reality.

  16. He was probably fired by Vince since he was one of HHH's guys. Vince seemed to dismantle everything HHH did with NXT and now he is putting it back together.

  17. I mean he gets to be control and help push the industry in a direction he wants in WWE. In AEW he's just a manager

  18. It sucks. I think Danielson was supposed to feud with Kingston, based on the build to Anarchy in the Arena, but then he got concussed.

  19. The fact we're still getting JAS vs BCC in two different matches at Final Battle is baffling to me. Garcia vs Yuta again? Jericho vs Claudio again? I have nothing against these 4 men but let them do something different. Claudio especially, he debuted at Forbidden Door in June and hasn't feuded with anyone except Jericho

  20. Wonder if he’s even going to be an on screen figure for NXT anymore considering Shawn has taken up that role. Either way he’ll probably at least do a lot of behind the scenes stuff for NXT.

  21. He just leans into it on his first TV appearance “Seems I got a bump on me noggin and cant remember anything from the past year, but other than that the doctor says I am fine.”

  22. With the plans Triple H has on expanding to other markets, having Regal back on board as potential head talent scout is huge.

  23. Way I see it, Regal isn't going to headline a PPV. He's not going to wrestle a match. Sure, he might cut a promo or be a manager at ringside but he's not in-ring talent.

  24. It's staggering how many people seemingly left WWE for other stuff, and with Triple H's return and a few fixes they're coming back in droves.

  25. We did. He saw potential in MJF rather than Mox, so he took the decision to betray him. MJF read that email last Wednesday.

  26. MJF gave an explanation and I'm sure it'll be explained more during his feud with Danielson.

  27. I get why he'd want to go back to WWE, but that felt like an unsatisfying way to end his time in AEW, not that I have better ideas for it.

  28. AEW has been taking L after L the last few months. Tony Khan looks like an absolute moron for hiring Triple H's right hand man, letting him build relationships with the young talent, and then going straight back there in under a year. I'm sure he gave Yuta, Garcia, MJF, Starks, etc his number.

  29. What a goddamn waste of everyone's time JAS vs. BCC has turned out to be. Final Battle basically doesn't matter because one of these stables is just going to implode without the other having anything to do with it.

  30. I’m glad we got to see him in AEW, even if just for a short amount of time. His debut was out of nowhere and was arguably the biggest pop of the night. If the rumors of talent not fully taking advantage of what he can offer is true, I can see why he would wanna go back. He will be missed for sure

  31. Didn't seem to make sense to hold him there if he wanted to go. Dude was mouthpiece for a group with two of the best talkers in their company and then was with one of the top 3 talkers in the biz.

  32. I'm happy for him, but I am extremely dissapointed over the whole Moxley betrayal and one-week alignment with MJF. Maybe AEW wanted to manage MJF for a few months, but his sudden exit changed plans and they had to rush to the split.

  33. I genuinely cannot understand the amount of people who are angry at him wanting to leave. Like it affects them personally. Same with people who want Tony to keep him against his will. These people make no sense at all.

  34. Just earlier this year, there were people who genuinely hated Owens for not going to AEW after they were confident that he would leave.

  35. It really just makes sense from all sides. Regal didn't want to leave WWE, and wanted to make sure he could come back if things changed. WWE would love now to have him back to help in NXT. In AEW, while people loved him, he wasn't necessary. And there is a lot of benefit i think to be able to show the rest of the company and the world that if you play ball with AEW, they won't screw with you when it comes to your contract.

  36. Obviously I'm happy for him to go wherever he's happiest but it will be a bit of a shame if he's not in a prominent TV role anymore.

  37. The amount of juice you have to have for you to be able to have the clause that says "if my boy takes over, I can go back" is insane

  38. Shoutout to Brian Last who called this on Jim Cornette's podcast review of Full Gear while all the other dirt sheets were saying Regal was tied down to AEW till spring with no exit clauses (some even saying he was under a 3 year contract).

  39. I think that it helped get Yuta out of the Best Friends goof troup but that's about it. Danielson lost a LOT of steam after it started.

  40. it started out great with just Mox and Danielson being mentored by Regal but then it slowly lost momentum as they entered a feud with the JAS. It didn't help that Bryan was injured for almost 2 months and Mox becoming the interim champ almost separated himself away from the group a bit.

  41. He’s nothing to prove anywhere and to anyone, I’m glad tk let him go, we are lucky he’s even alive, let him do what makes him happy ♥️

  42. Good for Regal, but honestly it makes it seem stupid that Tony Khan made him such a big part of the MJF and Moxley angle.

  43. If he really had a clause in his contract that if hhh took over he can leave at any time that is some wild stuff to put in your contract in March. That’s legendary

  44. its probably not specifically says "if Vince mcmahon passes away/leaves his position at wwe and if Paul Levesque becomes head of creative then this contract can be terminated so i can work in wwe again"

  45. in hindsight it's hilarious that they finally gave Regal a video wall and an entrance theme for what is likely to be his final appearance.

  46. Hunter never tweets that clip of Regal saying “War Games” the day of Survivor Series unless this was the end result. I’ll die on the hill that William signed his contract that day.

  47. Doubt it was a big factor but being able to drive to work every week as opposed to having to fly would definitely effect my decision if I was in the same spot.

  48. HHH is looking after both booking and talent relations which isn't sustainable; Regal would be a great fit for talent relations considering the respect he commands

  49. Jericho attaches himself to whatever the hottest act in the company is and then drags it down with a 6-month program where nothing happens.

  50. It establish Yuta as a midcard level talent (at least), perfect group to debut Claudio, and Mox was in the top of his game with them. Only negative was Danielson IMO, and that was not BBC's fault per se.

  51. There was absolutely no point of the Blackpool Combat Club this year and Regal leaving is a big part of that.

  52. I’m at a complete loss as to what on Earth TK was thinking with this hire. He brought in HHHs right hand man, the WWEs lead talent scout for years, and just let him hang out with unrestricted access to their talent, see how locker room dynamics work, build relationships, probably get a feel for contracts etc

  53. Good for Regal. Many guys would flee if they were able, but not many were as savvy as Regal to have an out in their contracts. Glad he is able to go back to where he wants.

  54. early wwf days people bounced in / out of the territories and wcw frequently..quite normal.funny how people react to this now.

  55. I don't begrudge Regal for wanting to return at all, but this is one of AEW'S biggest issues. The guy is under contract(who knows for how long and it really doesn't matter)n but Tony not only let's him go, but puts him in THE biggest angle coming out of the PPV, only to now have him effectively dissappear. Fans were probably looking forward to MJF-REGAL and it's not like this wasn't rumored for months. Just another weak continuity adjustment

  56. This is one AEW departure for WWE that I fully support. He’s earned the right to be where he’s most happy at this point

  57. As an AEW fan let me just say, good for Regal. He had a fine run with a clear ending. I'm not mad at him for going back.

  58. I'm really going to miss seeing him. I enjoyed his AEW run and the BCC. It's a shame it's ending, especially in such an ignoble fashion, but I understand he's doing what's best for him. Best of luck to him.

  59. Would be a shame to have literally no explanation as to why Regal betrayed Moxley and the BCC.

  60. arrive, realize no one wants to be mentored and coached, go back to developing the future of pro wrestling somewhere else

  61. Such a shame that Regal will likely have signed an NDA to break his contract early because I’d love to hear why he ran the hell out of there after 9 months. No way it is just he wants to work with Triple H so badly.

  62. WWE basically saved his life paying for all his surgeries and healthcare recently, I doubt he’ll ever say a bad word about them and likely feels a lifetime of servitude towards them.

  63. I mean, it might be. He and Hunter have been friends for thirty years. He’s said working alongside him at NXT was one of his greatest joys. His son works at NXT. He’s mentioned that the AEW guys don’t really listen to him, and as a coach, wouldn’t you rather go where people want to learn, you can coach your son, and work with your closest friend?

  64. Because wwe is on the upswing and aew is spinning it's tires and trending downwards. Also helps his best friend is in charge. HHH knows how to use him properly. Tony trots him out in a faction that fights the same faction every fucking week. Regal would be a moron not to leave

  65. I mean...he has already spoken about how he makes himself available to coach talent and nobody takes him up on it. Same thing Billy Gunn and Danielson have said.

  66. his son works for wwe, he liked working for wwe under hhh in nxt, liked being there in general. im as big a gossip whore as anybody, doesnt feel like there's much to be found here. maybe he didnt like the relative lack of organized training/coaching opportunities for the talent in aew vs what he has access to in wwe but...who cares

  67. Why wouldn't he want to resume the career he spent years building? And in a place where his son is now trying to make his way. Given the circumstances of his release I kinda assumed some of the Triple H guys that were deep 'in the system' like Regal and Samoa Joe would be offered the choice to go back. Now that he's an active wrestler again and a significant player probably not Joe, but it's like when Dustin Rhodes got released from WWE when he wasn't doing anything big to go work in AEW with his brother- professional courtesy for veteran guys who are luxuries for you, that have better opportunities elsewhere.

  68. He basically crafted NXT. He's going back to a company that he's been help mols for a decade, and more than likely back to the right-hand man position of Triple H.

  69. Tony Khan needs to stop playing Mr nice guy & check some people's commitment before bringing them into his lockeroom because he ends up looking like such an amateur with stuff like this. Regal's gotten into plenty of your young talent's heads & they probably won't be for long in your company, good job.

  70. This speaks volumes to the locker room backstage at AEW and anyone that thinks this is only because Regal is good friends with HHH is mistaken.

  71. I liked his mic work, and I hope everyone that is signing gets a contract that allows them an out whenever they want and not held until contract is over.

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