What is the best/safest SSD model to swap with the Deck

  1. didn't Valve say that some 2230's are too thick? i thought there were some that were built with chips on both sides that made them thicker or one side and just thicker chips in general.

  2. I assume u mean regarding a physically larger SSD and yes that causes increased heat due to having to move some of the heat sink around. However you can put in larger capacity SSDs that are the same physical size with little impact assuming the power consumption is similar

  3. Sorry to hijack this thread but I’m looking to do the same but with a 512 gb ssd. I see a bunch of 256 gb ones for around $30 but all the 512s are >$100. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a 512 gb ssd for around $50-70?

  4. I have not used this card yet but this is what I purchased. The seller has good reviews the last time I looked. I got it for 58 last week. Maybe the price will go down again.

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