From those of us quietly lurking since Jan 2021

  1. Also. There exists a chance that a broker won’t allow you to sell as you desire to, if that day ever does come. That’s a big selling point-no pun intended.

  2. And for those of you like me who aren’t phone people you can DRS using the chat option via desktop. I’ve done it several times and it’s super easy.

  3. revealing to the world the greatest scam in finance history is worth it in itself. Its actually already been revealed but making it heard again i guess, lol

  4. I haven't, been scared of missing the boat with them locked away. I also have convinced 5 others to use revolut. I much prefer the thought we won't get Fd in the A, because then I didn't lead them astray...but bought a share on ibkr yesterday, and have enough shares to compensate.

  5. Bought at 375usd since Jan 2021. Still here and will always be here. Yeah you’re correct. My X became XX after splividend but I will never sell them unless they become my phone numbers. I am an individual ape. formed diamond hands thru time with the help of Silverbacks, diamondbacks and normal apes like me. and ofcourse, Thanks to DFV and my Papa Cohen.

  6. Then fuckin DRS that share already. Every share counts. DRS until there's no shares left to DRS. And buy more on discount. Shares cost less than a pizza dinner right now. Buy and DRS. NFA.

  7. I started with mere 3 shares back in Jan 2021 and worked my way to 110 shares by the beginning of 2022. I finally DRSd 100% in April. That is how long it took for me to accept and believe in DRS. Some of you may hate on this but initially I had plans to sell once we reached cell phone numbers, and I believed the only way of doing it was through a broker. Today, I don't even want to sell anymore, if I did, I now believe the only SAFE way to do it will be through Computershare. I thank god that I made the decision to 100% DRS, and I truly believe anybody that isn't fully DRSd is severely exposed to fuckery. I've been here and I'll be here till the end.

  8. This is my dream - reaching triple digit shares someday. I’ve picked up only a couple more along the way, but I’m proud of what I’ve got, or will be soon once I’ve got them DRSd!

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