Don’t lose your marbles 🟣

  1. My CS shares aren’t for sale at any price. My kids might have to figure out the password when they inherit the shares. 😆

  2. It wasn't me but I could tell you the same story. Shares from my grandmother as a child. Computershare kept them safe for decades without my input. Still not a bad idea to keep you info up to date periodically.

  3. Yeah I recently gained control of a custodial account that was opened for me as a kid with a bunch of JnJ stock. It hadn’t been touched in at least 20 years, maybe 25. Everything was exactly as it should have been with splits and everything.

  4. How is this not the top comment…the fact that comments with links to back up claims around this are being downvoted and comments of “trust me bro, this is debunked” are being upvoted really worries me about who is the most active in this sub, real critical thinking investors or mindless trend followers or worse shills?

  5. The State of Delaware, where Computershare is based, is very quick in taking property that it considers "abandoned". That's escheatment. So you, or someone you assign, must always stay in touch with your Computershare account, by whatever means you like. Promptly reply to any communications, login to your account, etc. If an account is inactive for a period of some years, Computershare has to report it to the State, and the state will force them to liquidate and hand over the cash. My parent died soon after their account had been reported abandoned, and we had to deal with Delaware. To make matters worse, they had died without a will, too! Cue lawyers, lots of paperwork back and forth, and several years later we were able to wrestle the cash back, but all the fees hardly made it worthwhile in their case. So stay in touch with Computershare, and be sure to define a beneficiary, and/or have a written will.

  6. People are saying it’s debunked but are not linking to ComputerShare faq or ama. Make sure to log in to be safe. I also remember reading about this. I believe CS said this themselves

  7. How about you ask op for a link saying we need to login at least once a year? I'm not sure why people are just believing that and not asking op for a link. I would be glad to come back and say I was wrong with a proper link.

  8. Is this also necessary for European apes to do? I have literally never heard of this before that your belongings can get stolen just when you dont log in..

  9. I am so paranoid about protecting my investment—not even my phone or computer are allowed to remember my passwords on my brokerage and computershare accounts.

  10. I log in once a day to nuzzle, kiss, and make sure my purple donuts are safe and warm. Sometimes I try to taste one by selling for my phone number, alas these delicious donuts have yet to ripen.

  11. Red somewhere that it coud be considered as unclaimed wealth. Then Turned over to the state where CS HQ located at.

  12. Most people should be good if you at least vote for the annual meeting online on ComputerShare in April-June and then maybe log in once around this time of year.

  13. Bump, but also my own mother has trans pacific shares in CS from decades ago and she never logged in and still gets mail so idk about the validity of this

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