Update from ORTEX

  1. Sorry but on top of that, the borrowed shares data changed multiple times throughout the day. This was not a glitch that happened 6 times in a day or your data truly is worthless.

  2. Share the data share the numbers share the info. Best thing you could do. Cos once this thing blows apes will remember who was honest. Would be a good idea to have thousands of future millionaires on your side that might use and pay for your service after the squeeze. Especially if ye are proven to be honest 🚀🚀

  3. I mean, a few big brains here basically figured out a 230 year old market in under 24 months….we have references

  4. To give the illusion of transparency in hopes of not losing customers. Everyone involved with GME, with the exception of the Apes, are just trying to save face. We’re two years past any hopes of that happening.

  5. "Something something proprietary something something competition something something glitch" -Ortex

  6. it's amazing how you said so little in so many paragraphs... just share the data with us if you're all about transparency, that's what we've been doing for the past 2 years, we have scientists, engineers and data analysts here

  7. We want to be transparent because transparency is important. We will not tolerate anyone interfering with how transparent we’re wanting to be because asking about transparency is interfering with our ability to be transparent. Since the end goal is transparency, we will not tolerate lack of transparency.

  8. I mean you did call it conspiracies, what did you expect when you disrespect and entire community of 200k registered shareholders with the most researched stock in history ? You cannot throw bullshit as us like CNN does every night for the boomers and expect us to go along with it, every single thing you tell us will be investigated, dont bullshit us, we are gonna know, we don't take "glitches" or "conspiracies" for an answer.

  9. Can’t help but notice you don’t seem to be reaching out to NIO or MULN investors, your only Reddit posts are here on Superstonk, which is saying the quiet part loud enough for all to hear. You know GME is the odd one out, and you know why.

  10. In order to cover all of these data sets, I would imagine that there is a ton of automation on data gathering and displaying. Why would yesterday 10/27 be different than any other day and specifically for GME? These “glitches” have been happening frequently for our beloved stock and it’s not just from ORTEX. Specifically, S3 essentially changed how they calculate their SI% right after the Jan ‘21 sneeze and the % dropped from almost 100%.

  11. Exactly. We’ve been played out, lied to, gaslit, exploited by opportunists, called conspiracy theorists... and yet one by one the “conspiracies” have been proven as fact. To the point that now you have MSM and the SEC and Jon Stewart talking about dark pools - they used to say that was a conspiracy too. So forgive us if we are skeptical as a general rule. We enjoy raw data, proving each other wrong, and revising prior-held views.

  12. Agree with the general sentiment, share the data and let us open source hive mind it and help you. Otherwise there's no real purpose for you to be posting in this community.

  13. This whole thing feels uncomfortable to me. Ortex comes into OUR house, then meets the mods, and now collectively sets the rules for speech. Rules that can lead to banning. The fuck?! You step into the lions den and expect to tell the lion how to behave??!!! This is sketchy as fuck. Trusting in any institution has always led to me being burned. My faith in humanity was restored by people who stick bananas up their ass. If ortex wants to be in my good graces then they don't get to tell me how to speak and they need to give us the data. I'll trust the data when apes have a chance to give it a critical look.

  14. Honestly this. I don’t come to your house and tel you how you should act in your own home. The same should be respected here. If we hurt your feelings then you know right where the door is. End of story. To risk being banned for actions that take place here 24/7 is a bullshit move on the mods part. I respect what you all do and know you have tough decisions to make, and you expect the kids to not act up when we have company…but to threaten a ban if we don’t comply with an outsiders whimpering demands just blows my mind. Maybe take a second to check where your priorities are…

  15. So you're still investigating into why this happened, and not only GME but to all these stocks? Can you share how exactly your short numbers are determined, and what would cause such an insane change over a short period of time?

  16. What does implementing additional checks and alerts to flagging data entail? Sounds like a method to override data that some parties would not like retail having. How can a model that works for 99.99% of tickers break when applied to a few select stocks? As a CS undergrad methods and functions don't just stop giving a correct output every blue moon.

  17. My interpretation of this is different. I'm understanding this as when they see outputs from their data that seems out of the norm, they are creating new checks/flags to help them locate where the anomaly is originating from. Basically creating new reports that didn't exist before to try and better understand the root issue.

  18. Can someone ask them that if this is all a glitch, why did Ortex ask to be verified right before this issue surfaced? Can we get this to the top - I feel like this is a smoking gun that needs to be addressed.

  19. Exactly. Actions speak louder than words. Instead of telling us what you are going to do and threatening trolls, JUST GIVE US THE FRIGGIN’ DATA and leave out all the rest! Facts are ALL that matter to this sub.

  20. We share details and findings in an effort to be as transparent as possible, and will not tolerate abusive comments directed at our team. The alternative would be to silently ignore these issues, which would be a disservice to our users and the broader trading/investing community.

  21. Yo for real! These posts give me zero reassurance, I will continue to snek every post and comment they make until they are ACTUALLY transparent.

  22. Exactly this. They started off pretty hostile considering they basically said “we don’t know what happened yet, but clearly you are bunch of conspiracy theorists”

  23. So let me understand... Ortex shows >100 million shares borrowed. Today, buddy from S3 partners says the price of GME could go parabolic if it reaches $30. It's pretty obvious that all those shares were borrowed to suppress the price from getting anywhere near $30.

  24. And why did you request to join us just before it all happened, another coincidence or are these thieves starting to glitch irl too.

  25. Being intentionally disingenuous/shady under the guise of cooperation and transparency is so typical for people in this industry

  26. "Trolls will be promptly ignored or blocked, while we are glad to engage in honest, reasonable discussions with investors around questions and concerns that may arise around our data."

  27. Exactly, id prefer Mods to block them and we get back to DRS’ing. Obviously we all know why they came to us this week. Fuck giving them a mouth piece.

  28. And they will continue with that type of attitude if we allow it. They aren't special. They knew exactly what reddit was before they got here. So far the only engagement has been putting out very weak statements that don't hold water.

  29. This isn’t an update. This is a whole lot of nothing with a lot of words. You asked to be apart of this sub, so be transparent. Show the data. You don’t want trolls? Then BE HONEST. You have one job. Do it. Stop hiding behind “glitches” and useless paragraphs. Good grief, it’s not hard.

  30. Lol "we won't tolerate abusive comments" but will tolerate abusive short selling and call it a glitch. How about dem apples?

  31. “We won’t tolerate abusive comments” = we’re little bitches that can’t take open criticism of our clearly shitty communication practices, and lack of rigour in determining data anomalies.

  32. Exactly this. They only came to gather the troll response. Just wait. They are attempting to set the narrative. They will cherry pick the most aggressively demeaning comments, highlight them, and then point to those comments as the exact reason why they WONT do the one thing that will save their credibility. This is a very easy deduction to make. Ask yourself why they came here. Then ask yourself why are they NOT doing the one thing every reasonable comment is asking them to do. The answer becomes self evident; they did not come here for their stated reasons -aka they are lying.

  33. This is absolutely nothing. “Trolls will be promptly ignored, or blocked…” Get out of here. Share the data, share the evidence, or leave. We don’t need you here.

  34. Lmao if you guys were legit and actually gave a shit you'd do the AMA idea that's starting to trend on Superstonk. We all know you don't have retails best interest at heart. Prove us all wrong and put your money where your mouth is and let us ask you legit questions about your platform and answer truthfully. Otherwise, why make an account in this community just to get shit on?

  35. Keep in mind it was your choice to come here. Do not expect the community to welcome you with open arms when your talk of transparency has amounted to very little so far.

  36. The biggest charge against your credibility is you said SI can’t increase hundreds of millions of shares in a day on 2M volume when the BORROWS are what increased, which didn’t affect volume until they are sold.

  37. So "extreme increases" for borrows that then quickly "disappear" for these tickers on these days: "$MULN on Monday; $SLB on Tuesday; $NIO and $CRO on Wednesday; $GME, $BKR, and $ISRG on Thursday."

  38. Typical corporate statement with lots of words that say absolutely nothing. Then tell people you will be blocked/banned/reported if you say anything negative. GTF off this site. Who let these cronies have access to spew the same BS they put on twatter and MSM? YOU GOT CAUGHT! This is damage control (very poor at that).

  39. What are those findings and who provided the data. Are the data providers the same ones that caused the anomalies in previous wild swings?

  40. If you want us to believe you, you need to detail what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what you've done to fix it. And I mean detail. You can't hide behind proprietary algorithm nonsense.

  41. Some serious balls coming into our house and telling us how to act.... You're the ones who have the explaining to do! With that being said, this group can and will solve your problem for you. Just be transparent and share your data.

  42. The lies and deceit will continue until they can’t get away with it any longer. Interesting that they feel the need to try and smother the situation this time even though it happened 90ish days ago too.

  43. ORTEX is a fucking troll.. MODS are compromised. I feel another great migration coming soon. Way to go, team. 🙄 Let’s all remember, you MODS don’t represent us. You guys are nothing but glorified librarians. How dare you threaten this sub by saying we have to be nice to some shill ass thing. If ole Kenny came in here, I’d bet you wouldn’t give two shits about being nice to him. Maybe you would. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  44. Show the real data or its just lies. You think I'm an idiot who believes your lies? Show the data, what are you afraid of? Stop hiding behind walls of useless text and just show me the data!

  45. "We share details and findings in an effort to be as transparent as possible, and will not tolerate abusive comments directed at our team"

  46. So in conclusion of saying they have data points on many stocks and saying they will block anyone from critiquing them, I did not see an answer as to where or why.

  47. Definitely don't like anyone tying to assert dominance or regulate this community. Don't come here talking about blocking trolls or what they will not tolerate. I expected better. Sounds like another nothing burger

  48. If you shared the data, that would be transparency. But what you’re saying now is just some canned PR response. Let us see the data and let us judge for ourselves!

  49. Let me save you some trouble. CREDIT SUISSE HAS FAILED and their positions need to be shuffled on the list market. They couldnt distribute the dividends.

  50. No one is threatening you. Your existence on this sub is forum sliding. You’re literally karma farming on every post. Delete your profile.

  51. Mods, proof or ban. We don't need the financial institution coming in here blowing smoke on some "trust me bro, the data is good" nonsense when we have an entire library of research proving otherwise.

  52. Okay, first of all, you don't make the rules here, so fuck right off. Second of all, share the data with us, so we can analyze it ourselves. If you can't do that, fuck right off.

  53. So Ortex just calls up sources and says 'wut gives? We can't measure.'. And their data sources say 'we glitched, no biggie, computers...you know?' and Ortex is like 'okay, let's type that. There, we're off the hook'.

  54. Share the data. Why leave it to a handful of you guys when you can get 100,000+ eyes in it nearly instantly?

  55. Don't think you guys are some high and mighty authority. You literally just manipulate data for those who pay your salaries. Blocking trolls my ass, you clowns are the ones trolling.

  56. Firstly, thanks for reaching out to the superstonk subreddit about the GME data. I'd also like to apologize on behalf of those in this sub who are being rude; a lot of us have an innate distrust of the financial system and for many, nobody can be trusted, and for good reasons.

  57. It's strange with all your access to data, you came here to gaslight us and say hey, these spikes are nothingburgers and if you challenge us, we will block you. After 2 years, people here are frustrated that nobody wants to do anything and the only thing we can do is protect our investments by DRS instead of being able to trust our brokers who have now proven untrustworthy. So whoever you are, whether you're just a social media manager or someone higher up, get the ball rolling on doing better.

  58. This should probably be flaired shitpost by now. I'm sorry I love your data Ortex but your stance was suited for main stream media dipshits, we'll be asking phone number prices and jail sentences to come off these shares if we even ever sell and don't live off dividends.

  59. Also I haven’t seen them engage in any discussions or answer any questions - you just want to control sentiment with psa’s? Pack ur bags and get out of this sub or go earn some karma like I had to

  60. Mod drama followed by Ortex joining the sub, meeting with mods, and not having enough karma to post but still allowed to post and then breaks sub rules by posting other tickers and new ban threats if we disagree or talk vulgar???


  62. This shit is so fucking hilarious. We have a big organization crying like fucking babies… on our very own subreddit 😂 tell us the end is near without telling us the end is near. If you want to be treated with any kind of respect or seriousness I suggest y’all show us the real numbers and quit with this bullshit

  63. “We share details and findings in an effort to be as transparent as possible, and will not tolerate abusive comments directed at our team. The alternative would be to silently ignore these issues, which would be a disservice to our users and the broader trading/investing community. Trolls will be promptly ignored or blocked, while we are glad to engage in honest, reasonable discussions with investors around questions and concerns that may arise around our data.”

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