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  1. My question is how long would this trick allow them to last for? Stealing how much and for how long will they benefit? I guess one more day is worth it to them... just seems silly.

  2. Dumb motherfuckers who think they’re smarter than everyone else and that they will be the lucky ones to make off with a fortune on the next run up.

  3. I actually buy options. But I buy LONG dated Call Options. So for example I would be looking at June 2023 and later currently to load up on. I have some January and February Options I bought around June of this year and hoping for a run to exercise a few of the contracts by selling the others...free shares. its not a guarantee like buying and hodling but for less money you have a good chance to secure some free shares. NFA BUY Hodl DRS Shop Comment.

  4. DFV had options... A guy I work with told me GME was his biggest winner in 2021, on options. I would imagine there are at least two to three more people that play options based on the options chain data available.

  5. Actually, if it is true that Webull had a "maintenance" right in time to ensure users could not cash out on their options when we saw the short RIP after open, there could be some Streisand effect here.

  6. Analyst looks up from clipboard, "They just buy and DRS, sir. No matter what we do. Perhaps, and hear me out on this, we can't convince them otherwise."

  7. Can somebody estimate how much they are making in these premiums? Seems like a lot of effort, are there really making that much?!? I’m super smooth.

  8. And that's why anything but DRS is a distraction. Even if they get this sub shutdown which I highly suspect would be their next move, the DRS only and wait strategy is well known to be the only counter to their fuckery. They can't win anymore

  9. DRS being "known to be the only counter" is a bit of a stretch given how unprecedented all of this is, but it is much better than holding your shares in street name for sure

  10. And still some of the loudest voices on this sub continue to push options because they happen to make occasional money.

  11. I wonder if they are going to use the ~100m shares borrowed to try and drop it lower than our $24 support. They need to “run” and get momentum.

  12. It makes perfect sense to me. As more call options are bought max pain goes down. I suspect some companies writing gme options are different then the major gme short sellers. So effectively they are using them to help get the price down by lowering max pain which is pretty much always where we land at the end of the week.

  13. It is the same game they have used on Apes for two years now. Apes got wise a year ago, I'd be surprised if there were a lot of apes that bought options off of citadel's puppet S3.

  14. I banked so hard on this this morning. Knew exactly what was going to happen b/c of Superstonk. Loaded up on calls right @ bell. Sold them all after the HALT up. Put all profits back into $GME commons. Will DRS tomorrow once trade clears.

  15. I think this is the first time I’ve seen one of these hypes where I just said “ehh fuck it, I’ll buy tm, won’t matter”. And it afforded me almost a full extra share. Lol

  16. My question is how long would this trick allow them to last for? Stealing how much and for how long will they benefit? I guess one more day is worth it to them... just seems silly.

  17. I think indirectly there has been a "push" into options. Psy-op, trying to get people to play 'Options' for the FoMO. I have noticed a push on the "Options" sub crossing my feed frequently lately. I understand that it relates to stock, but it's something I've noticed lately... So I don't know if it's just me or has it been others too?

  18. Sorry you got downvoted bruh. It's probably the forbidden topic of options here. But you are right. Options volume and the resultant hedging and de hedging by market makers is what has been driving much of the volume (not all of course) on GME since even before the sneeze.

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