Even the used car market knows what’s coming!!!!!

  1. It needs to keep falling to. It’s insane how high used car prices even still. They can fall another 50% and they be back to 2019 prices

  2. I have a 2015 gti that is selling for more than I bought it for in 2018… even with the additional miles

  3. Wow this is insane. Adjustable rate loans haven’t even hit used car buyers yet. This is literally just the result of decreased demand for used cars…

  4. I’ve been following Carvana for awhile because I know people that work there. It’s been getting shorted since earlier this year and appears to have joined the meme basket, following the movements of GME and others very closely. There’s been some really nasty FUD and everything, which was actually the first thing that tipped me off that the SHFs had arrived. It’s still loosely following the basket, but they didn’t have a good earnings call last week which caused excess selling to happen today. I don’t know if it’s involved in any swaps, but the huge drop today might possibly destabilize the basket a bit if it is. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  5. I bought Carvana around $120 and sold around $250. Today is the first time I looked at their chart in a while since I've only been buying GME.. HOLY SHIT

  6. Ya know, The market crashing could be a massive catalyst for MOASS. that whole thing. Used car prices are insane right now due to microchip shortages as well as other component shortages for PCBAs and it’s not just cars that use them…. Just another piece of the perfect storm

  7. I had every intention of buying 0DTE puts at 3:57 on Thursday and completely forgot. Would have turned $500 in to 5 figures.

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