The one Citadel engineer keeping the fraud running

  1. Dunno and hope I can get whatever device this man is operating at some point. Fuck Lambo. I want my neighbors to REALLY hate me.

  2. I'm not sure which is more appropriate to the situation -- the guy desperately pulling levers and pushing buttons to keep the machine running, or the absolute cacophony of absurd noises coming out of the machine. Either way, OP fucking nailed it with this one.

  3. And when the music stops occasionally the guy yells "F T D!" Then stomps his feet three times and starts playing the music again.

  4. LMAO this is actually so true. I love that they think they can just rewrite the markets on an algorithm every time something doesn't go there way. It will not go their way, because we have proven time and again they are manipulating it.

  5. It would complete my day of dlauer were to make a comment saying if this was true. Not tagging him because I am joking around.

  6. The desires to harm oneself in effort to grow one's skills in being a corrupt cog cranker are capitalism's greatest scam punking of murikkka.

  7. Great video! I keep wondering when one of the citadel IT fucksters is going to see the writing on the wall and abandons the sinking ship.....or maybe an Ape distributes leaflets throughout the Shitadel office detailing million dollar rewards paid to SEC whistleblowers

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