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  1. Yup I've been pretty comfortable all strapped in and buckled up for the past two years. We'll be the OG musical chairs hardcore gamers. Bring it on!

  2. So what’s the worst case scenario for those of us who have it in a ROTH IRA with something like fidelity? What happens if we don’t DRS but keep buying through the Roth?

  3. I mean, if this is stupid, but if I buy through a broker so I can xfer $ and buy immediately then drs, they have to locate real shares. If they dont buy them at the price I selected. If it goes up or down they then gotta get the shares at the price at market then?

  4. i wish i could, currently I am locked out of my Computershare accounts, can't buy, can't DRS, can't sell.... Nothing. All my shares there are in some purgatory due to a "bank error" from over a year ago that still hasn't been sorted out despite me forwarding copies of my bank info and ID to their "financial crimes" division. I have sat on hold and talked to more of their phone support staff than I can remember, it's gotten to a point of true absurdity and I don't know where to turn from here. I feel like I am in a Kafka novel at times.

  5. Need to add... buy direct from computershare. Buying from brokers and transferring is still giving them your money to mess around with

  6. Is this the most "DRS yo shit" thing she has ever said? I don't really follow her. Also she directly accused Wall Street's way of doing business as being a Ponzi scheme. Powerful mic drop indeed.

  7. Here it is people... some years from now, we will all be able to point at this tweet and say: we all fucking knew. Almost two years before the FTX collapse, we were all over the world presenting evidence that the system is completely corrupt and based on IOUs. No one listened, our riches from DRS'in GME were NOT acquired thanks to luck. We fucking knew it would blow!

  8. Right… there are timestamps on all of these screenshots. In the future when people/future generations look back at this they’re going to want to know what people were doing and what took everything so damn long to unravel; considering all of the answers were out there such as this tweet, the Superstonk archives, etc.

  9. Buy GME (gamestop) stock, DRS (direct share register) via computershare, and HOLD. 💎🙌🚀🌛 DTCC = International Securities fraud. SEC = complicit. Ken Griffin lied under oath. Shorts never closed.

  10. Actually, I think she's saying to buy direct from Computershare, so brokerages don't get "fresh" shares. But, DRSing shares already in brokerages is obviously good too.

  11. She literally said when you buy your shares from ComputerShare, the GameStops. All your shares should have been DRSd a long time ago. Just keep buying through ComputerShare to reach the end game... The GameStop.

  12. While amazing advice, thats not what shes saying. Buy direct from computershare and stop giving brokers your money

  13. It's all or nothing. The future of American finance depends on it. The best part is, we've got our own playlist on the way to the moon!

  14. ..And when the music stops, someone will find themselves holding the most massive bag of excrement ever assembled under capitalism - Margin Call

  15. Oooooh Dr T, keep talking dirty to us! Calling the whole financial market a Ponzi scheme on twitter and with the credentials to back it.

  16. I mean it's that simple. No need for riots or shit like that. The hardest part is convincing people that the trouble of DRS is worth their time. Like some apes suggest, a quick tiktok video, a youtube short explaining what it is, give the worst case scenario of what could happen if you don't(buy button removed, IOUs). Make it like a "trivia" and start with "Did you know?"

  17. It's empire in it's entirety, it's a Ponzi scheme. At some point, resources in all forms are exhausted.

  18. The music is just slowing down, if it were to stop as you put it. The cost would be considerably more than the market cap of this entire company.

  19. Exactly and this new big bank pilot for CBDC just kicks the can further down since FTX imploded and they can’t leverage their 1:1 token to share. This new CBDC pilot is where they continue to get their money to keep this from igniting? GD, push the easy button and DRS your Sh1t!!! Need whale to buy this f’n float! LFG!

  20. When we buy on CS, I believe it still goes through the exchange/system. However, I think there is a Direct Buy program that you can use to purchase shares at current market price directly from CS.

  21. Replying to myself to state I was wrong. The direct buy program still uses CS's broker to complete the sale. They can also batch the purchases together with others and such, but that is all just in the terms and conditions.

  22. Soooooo she has a PHD in the field and I’m willing to bet that MOST people in here don’t, so, with all due respect, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO NOT DRS.

  23. Here is my problem with computershare. It sucks. I’m sorry but it is trash. They can’t sell options like cash secured puts, which is how I usually buy my shares, and no covered calls either. And having to call during MOASS to sell my shares feels like I live in 1985. I have many many many shares with them, but let’s not pretend that computershare is not straight crap. How about after MOASS we start a new DRS system to not be so dogshit? We have all been in this for over 2 years and I think we deserve better, no?

  24. Yes the computershare platform is completely outdated. Definitly needs a rework. Still the best way to go to really own the shares tho.

  25. Think your in the wrong sub pal !! Pop on over to the pickle sub I’m sure you will be more comfortable over there!!!!

  26. This might be a dumb question but I’m an old and busy mom and haven’t learned enough yet. Have been holding a handful of gme for almost a year. If I direct register, can I still get lots of money at the moass? I value the larger concept of the fight, but raising kids in this economy is really hard and I’d love to take the money when it comes.

  27. DRS 95%... when the MOASS hits cash in the broker shares... brokers may fuck you anyway but the DRSd shares are the ones that will cause the squeeze...

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