I CAN'T HEAR YOU: Closed with 2.22 Mil Volume!!! New Record!!! 🟣🟣🟣🟣***DRS***🟣🟣🟣🟣

  1. Can anyone please remind me why low volume is bullish? Is it because it implies that no one is selling??

  2. Literally this chart is all anyone needs to know if they aren't already invested in GME. No stock I've ever seen trades like this for what's about to be 2 years.

  3. This saga is in its final stages. They won't make it to spring at this rate. Shits going to get spicy these next few months.

  4. No way. We are years away. Nothing happens until we get through DRS’ing everything, including the institutional shares.

  5. With volume so low, say there was a very good news coming out and people went crazy, I mean calls, market orders, fomo, everything...

  6. sorry for being regarded but what about the volume you posted on the 27th being 2.190.822 - it seems a little lower, but wtf do i know other than buy hodl drs ....

  7. Typically these charts are released at 4:00. The volume is corrected at 4:15PM and updated at the next low volume day. It may have been that low at posting, but was later corrected upwards. I hope that makes sense.

  8. i was just saying to myself how i haven’t seen one of these low volume posts in a while & here you are. thank you for your service!

  9. I bet we see more data 'glitches' the more we DRS and the lower the volume falls. Fidelity shows 2,429,202 as closing volume, which is about 200,000 more than Yahoo.

  10. This is your regular reminder that today's actual volume is 2,333,747. That does keep it as the lowest volume since this journey started. It'd be great if

  11. Isn’t it amazing that there was an article by MSM today saying that lower volume could be due to DRS…. Timing of their pieces is always so sus…

  12. Can't hear that volume even with big ears, this lady doesn't have a chance. Like an old person trying to hear one of those high frequency cell phone ring tones the kids used back in the day.

  13. Is the low volume a good thing because it's indicative of the fact there are less shares to facilitate a higher daily volume flow? Thus corroborating the fact of DRS drying up the pool of shares in the market?

  14. The core of our hypothesis is this. Either you get it, DRS and go to Uranus with us, or you watch the vapor trail from Cape Canaveral. FTX, ETFs, PFOF, SEC, DTC, etc are all diversions. Lock the float, and we win. Simple math for simple ape brains.

  15. So I've always wondered, why is it a good thing that it's low volume? Shouldn't we want it to be high as fuck volume?

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