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  1. Everytime I try to ‘Save’ a post or comment, it says ‘Saved’ on my screen. Go to my profile and click ‘Saved’ and it comes up with ‘something went wrong don’t panic’.

  2. It began with the buying of the Great Stonks. Three were purchased by the CEO, immortal, wisest, and fairest of all beings. Seven by the Value lords, great miners and craftsmen of the charted halls. And nine, nine stonks were purchased by the race of apes, who above all else, desire tendies. But they were, all of them, deceived, for another Share was made. In the land of Chicago, in the fires of Mount Citadel, the Dark Lord Kenneth forged in secret counterfeit Stonks, to control all prices. And into this Stonk he poured his rehypothecations, his FTDs, and his will to dominate all life. One Stonk to rule them all.

  3. How long are people expecting before we feel the fallout from FTX? After Evergrande I feel like this house of cards is impossible to knock over. DRS is the only way.

  4. I created a Java program that calculates the superheat and subcooling values of R22 refrigeration systems. It's on GitHub if anyone wants the link to it.

  5. Well, just another weekend of three 12 hour shifts. I can do this shit forever. Your move hedgies. Also, I want my price discovery.

  6. Dam I start talking gme and about this group to my family and they look at me like holy shit he's getting to hype lol calm down. I've always been probably what's considered a scumbag piece of shit and buying and holding a stock has turned me into a self employed business man with more money than I've ever had before and doing the best I've ever done I'm my life. Thank you gme. And fuck you ken and all you other hedhefucks, I'll hold for the fuck of it just to be apart of something bigger than me and to send a big fuck you to the man. Buy hold drs. Thanks for reading

  7. Was at my barber inside a mall in southern Ontario Canada, was taking a cruise around the mall after and the GameStop store was packed with holiday shoppers. I wasn’t shocked, just bullish. DRS your shit.

  8. Give me a woman from the hood who can hold a liquor bottle with no hands. The rich bitches think sucking dick is trashy. A hood chick will leave your legs wobbly. Plus she would appreciate things instead of expecting 20-40k shopping trips

  9. One day soon we will set up for a run and there will be no snek to warn of fake squeeze, that day will be MOASS. God bless, happy Friday.

  10. Getting hyped with some of you through multiple migrations and years and getting to learn from the unique questions the newer apes ask and then have answered has been a rollercoaster I wouldn’t trade for the world. No matter the walk of life you were on, you’re here, we are here, holding onto something, something they can’t take from us…

  11. Excuse me but what is this price action 4 minutes before the end of after hours? I'm currently seeing $26.15 which is -5.25% from closing.

  12. Yeah, I saw that on Google thinking WTF, but Fidelity shows the closing spread at 26.85/27.45. Someone trying to pull a fast one I guess?

  13. I am trying to have relations with my SO but she is playing VR. How do I get her stuck under the coffee table in the metaverse?

  14. nobody here deserves that eye bleaching, but if it is released I am sure we will find out if it worth possibly the riskiest click of this century

  15. Never forget, John Constantine self sacraficed to save humanity, the Devil healed him, and he became John Wick! DRS your shit and see what Dreams may Come!🟣💎🖐🚀

  16. Eff, man, its November. Quarterly options just expired again today. Wonder if anyone shorting is out of liquidity and needs to let the stock run, as is tradition.

  17. All the partnership was, was gift cards. It didn’t work out, they dissolved the partnership and refunded the few who bought the cards. Case closed. Move on.

  18. Drink water. Close your eyes and get comfy. Put on some music or background noise and meditate. Don’t focus on sleep. Watch what happens. Eyes closed!

  19. I’m good with it. RC doesn’t need to say shit no more. It’s great!!! The DD is written and has been proven… over and over. Stand by.

  20. They didn't go under they shut down. I believe they had lost so much in '21 that the higher ups couldn't receive any bonuses and were too far behind to realistically see them again for possibly years. They just started an new company to reset their eligibility.

  21. Copies of Pokemon selling as fast as they can ring people out at my local store. The whole time I was browsing every single customer got at least one and the line never went away even this late in the day

  22. I'm trying to get a Kira but this stuff is so hard to figure out. Plenty of eth and lrc, but only L1 imx... I cannot get it to L2 it jsut fails. Was just gonna buy some but they want SSN lol no thanks especially when I already have enough to buy it!

  23. Connect to imx with your wallet, in their assets tab there is fund wallet drop down, transfer from l1 in gme wallet to imx l2.

  24. We closed red, but my portfolio is still green. Hedgies, I recommend you, to go fuck yourself more often! And now let the weekend-FUD come! I predict, that no one will come up with any bullshit that might be the slightest reason to sell!

  25. Trying to move imx from L1 to L2 in gme wallet and it just keeps saying something went wrong depositing funds ahhhhhh help!

  26. I'm on vacation next week so if we could go ahead and make it permanent... that would be great, thanks.

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