1. Laughed so hard in first 10 seconds. “That’s a real dog barking btw… not just sound effects” immediately thought of griffin using fake claps to sound relevant in his attempt at interview

  2. I hope everyone understands the gravity of this interview. Been almost 2 years just him tweeting emojis, then he slowly started tweeting about serious issues, inflation and monetary policy, occasionally bringing up SHFs, now straight up interviews.

  3. 37yr old, same age as me! Chairman of how many successful companies?! Sigh…what have I been doing with my life?! 😅 Chairwoman of exactly zero companies. Hopefully ridiculously wealthy soon tho 🌚 🌝 🌙

  4. Whaaaaaaaat? Months of cryptic one liners and pictures, and then he does a 40 minute interview haha. Can’t wait to watch this

  5. Just done watching, it is good. I believe they did not talk about a lot bc RC don't want to spill the beans ( No GameStop Marketplace, NFT, WEB 3.0, etc talk)

  6. AND he did the interview with GMEDD.com which originates from this community. He didn’t sit down with MarketWatch or CNBC or any other hack media.

  7. In his first response he says he hasn’t had time for interviews because he hasn’t had time to play, he’s been focused on WORK.

  8. Just got done watching it. Was light hearted as could be expected, but still good to see his character come across a bit as he’s been relatively silent for a long time. Could be the start of a more open discourse which I think everyone would appreciate

  9. Yeah it's evident how quickly he thinks on his feet to produce accurate yet metered responses. I suppose it's possible he was aware of the questions beforehand, but if you believe he's a genuine person then it also seems apparent that he hadn't, based on the body language of his receiving them.

  10. It’s great that he’s giving interviews with the shareholders and not MSM. He talked with the Wallstreet Journal (I believe) but not like this.

  11. On Sunday. Getting us fired up for the short week where a lot of us will be gathered with friends and family. Let’s Fucking Go!!!

  12. Can you IMAGINE, just IMAGINE, being the dude at GMEdd and picking a random voicemail one day from Cohens secretary, saying he wants to give YOU his first in-depth interview on camera since before the sneeze. Huge kudos to these guys.

  13. Solid. He actually impressed me more than I thought he would. Not a knock just not a ton of informal/relatively candid info out there. I think he was honest with most of his comments and coy with others which I was glad to hear. Keep it close to the vest.

  14. Having watched the whole thing, it is fantastic to see how careful he is about what he discloses. He still has not given away much in the interview. For the question on BBBY, he prefaced his answer by saying he has a stand still agreement with them.. I wonder if the plans are in the works for Buy Buy Baby to be sold to RC.

  15. I began the vid worried he was playing with matches in gasoline but when he took a bunt on 98% of the pitches I finished the interview feeling like catastrophe was averted. He is very VERY good at this skill.

  16. One of the things I took away was "profitability." GME is highly focused on short term profitability because of interest rate. Guess what? Higher interest rate is coming which means, they will be even more laser focused on profitability. I think by Q4 the latest and 2023 will be all positive.

  17. Oh fucc, raise the battle flags 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  18. I love them theories and puzzles but when he talks like a normal person it makes this sub look like tin foil addicts. xD

  19. Ryan if you ever see this. You impress the hell out of me. Thats why I have my life savings invested in you.

  20. Playing it close to the chest. Giving comprehensive answers without spilling beans. Cool, calm and collected. This is my chairman. Expanding my infinity pool this week.

  21. Great interview. I think it says a lot when the chairman doesn't go to the typical finance programs that spread and talk BS and instead goes to speak to gmedd which is what we all love.

  22. Their faces in the screenshot says it all. It literally looks like they sent a rocket ship to uranus and successfully landed it and returned the ship to earth.

  23. Damn. Ryan is so down to earth. I’d love to grab a beer with him. On a side note, I wish the interview would’ve mentioned something about DRS. (Maybe he’s not allowed to talk about it?)

  24. What stands out to me is that he says he didn't have time for interviews because he worked hard. Now he has time for interviews so maybe the hard work is over?

  25. Yeah he basically said as much, and it makes sense. GMEdd hasn't been as popular with SS largely due to their respectably scientific attitude toward this saga, using only "real" reported numbers and shying away from speculation or extrapolation. To many of us that seems to obviously miss critical conclusions, but to a general public of investors who are largely much more grounded in reporting and available data, GMEdd surely presents more professionally.

  26. I'm thinking the same thing. He can't get involved with a group that is strongly connected to MOASS for the sake of legal accountability

  27. Not sure whether to take at face value, or if he has a legal team in front of him - which I can’t imagine he doesn’t. It’s insane to think his first interview was affiliated/linked with a page on Reddit 😂

  28. Does anyone else remember when GME DD falsely claimed one of the GameStop employees was leaving? And the dude responded " I'm not leaving what the hell?"

  29. Doesn't want to get into his conversations with Icahn, Bullish.. overall good interview with a very smart man speaking his truth and keeping things close to the vest.

  30. I honestly don’t know many people as smart as this guy AND also how easily you can see that he’s got a good heart. He’s like the Dante Alighieri of financial markets. I’m impressed

  31. I’m really emotional right now. Imagine every waking day of your life for the last 20 months being dedicated to one stock. I didn’t even know what this guy sounded like and to my surprise his tone of voice tells me he fugggs.

  32. The fact they've gone over basically every tweet to get an explanation is pretty cool. RC is here to work and get things done for the company and shareholders. MOASS is not, and has never been, a company goal.

  33. "Every detail matters," that's all I need to hear to know there's more to these tweets than what Ryan can disclose


  35. Just wanna mention, even thou he’s asked all these questions and that he’s appearing in an interview doesn’t mean he can openly answer everything, so I’d say that one should take everything with a grain of salt

  36. I feel like there was a noticeable shift once going over his tweets came up and it seemed obvious he didn’t want to give the true meaning behind some of them and didn’t want to lie about them either. Other tweets he’d answer quickly and enthusiastically. Great video and definitely worth the watch.

  37. Holy shit! What a great platform for his first "real" public discussion. Thanks and kudos to all apes involved!

  38. How does one spend half an interview on tweets, without once asking about the new marketplace, expected growth and potential revenue?

  39. It was an interview with Ryan not GameStop. That would be found in an earnings call or something. The questions were more directed at Ryan, RC Ventures, how he thinks, etc.

  40. They believe GME is very undervalued based on its fundamentals, but they also believe that financial institutions do not lie about reported numbers (even though the fines for lying are 3% or less of the profits they make from lying). While this belief is wholly unfounded, I understand this position from a stance of "We can't calculate anything if we don't have numbers to input, and we can't make up our own speculation as to what those numbers really are."

  41. I’ve made it a point to avoid Reddit lately (as far as mindlessly scrolling through goes), and I log in for the first time today and I’m greeted with this?! If that ain’t bullish, idk what is.

  42. Insightful interview in terms of the company itself and RC's thought process, perspective/opinion, and vision. Judging by his answers, this goes beyond simply MOASS and moreso about revolutionizing the status quo in nearly every way... education, entrepreneurship, finance, capitalism, etc. while using Gamestop as the instrument to evoke these changes.

  43. I love how he’s all like “the over priced consultants were running my twitter and now I’m doing it. They posted some weird stuff - I’m sure there’s no deeper meaning or anything 😜”

  44. Did you hear him tell the camera @20:30 ish “ITS ALL IN THE DETAILS” not said it like he tweets about details or anything he looked straight at the camera and said it to the audience. I almost fell over now I have a reason to hyper fixate on every detail ever

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