Sea-biscuit Overtyme Segment about GME. Lots to dig through, listen close.

  1. “I can confirm that, even though he wouldn’t comment on it when I was on the phone with him”. Huh? So how did you confirm it exactly?

  2. Also, how did they confirm that retail is done with meme stocks if this sub alone has $3B or approx 90 million shares in DRS? They are pushing FUD hard. Usually it’s subtle like “Forget GameStop” but to tell everyone we’ve moved on while blasting over the airwaves that Icahn is still short right before a possible Thanksgiving rally. They are definitely trying to limit FOMO while dealing with a possible contagion from FTX that will soon have Marge calling. Goddamned bozos.

  3. Oh Scott fucking loves this! He’s such a pretentious prick. I’d fight him. I hate that fucker enough to throw a punch if I ever saw him in public. Not sucker punch him but try to piss him off enough to push me or something, then punch him in his smug fuck face.

  4. its worth it to them - if they can get just a couple hundred of us to paperhand a couple hundred shares apeice even, thats potentially many millions they will save

  5. That 2nd dude that came on had a realllllly measured response when he was trying to describe retail investors...maybe tryna get outta legal jeopardy with whatever he's on the record saying

  6. Carl could of been short. Doesn't mean RC doesn't look up and respect him. The meeting could of been like Carl buddy, I love ya so ma give you a heads up that you should be the first to exit your short position. It can and will get very bad and very fast or don't Not financial advice.

  7. He was right though, that “bail out” money for the market that was disguised as a stimulus package that I received? Went straight into GameStop shares, as well as other money I fucking actually worked for. Get fukt, pussy holes! 😂🤣😂

  8. That was one of the most dissonant moments, like who’s levered? what where who how? it felt like just throwing some words out to fill time.

  9. Yeah no shit. Never once used a margin account. But I'm pretty sure I could point out a few SHF that are eyeballs deep in a leverage shit storm surge right now

  10. Wow!! Two years after lies after lies these dipshit feel the need to continue to lie again and again! Never in the history of stocks has there been so much attention on one little company they said the closed positions in. Did everyone call mom yet?!!

  11. Yeah I thought they told us shorts closed and to forget GameStop yet they continue to talk about it…sounds sus as fuck

  12. Remember to cover a lie you either need to lie or tell the truth. We know the truth and they know it, but the truth is too harmful for the status quo. So they lie.

  13. This makes at least 6 segments today on GME. Who wants to bet the devils mouthpiece himself brings it up on his show later.

  14. That is wild since one article says he “told CNBC Tuesday that he was still short”…can’t wait to see him call out the lies on live television soon

  15. I think it’s clearly the opposite. Something is coming and they’re trying to contain it. With SPY likely moving up the rest of this week GME pushes close to 30

  16. That’s how you know they’re straight up lying. They said we left, and the subs only gotten larger over the past yr. That’s all you need to know.

  17. Just not worth watching. ANY... AANNYY newscasts that have this type of content, without mentioning DRS... is simply a puff piece pushing a narrative!

  18. First off, I HAVENT FUCKING LEFT! And i dont intend to. Second off, something massive is brewing. You can tell by the way they are slurring their words half the time NOT knowing what to say. And third, the 180 degree narrative telling me to sell now? But you told me two years ago to sell? We are so freaking close. I better go do laundry cause im gonna need a clean pair of underwear for whats about to come. NO CELL NO SELL!

  19. "He has been short for the past 2 years... a reasonably large short position... [but] given the size of his portfolio it's not that meaningful... he is still short but he has traded around it at times... the game is OVER for what was a highly involved COHORT of retail investors..."

  20. Oh no! "Capital is expensive now" and "easy leverage" is gone, how ever will the 'Do It Yourself crowd' continue? Bitch I have a job and put my own money into my plays. Y'all the ones who need someone else's money to leverage your strategies.

  21. what kind of a fucking stupid thing to say. I am a retail investor, I buy/sell when the market is open, who gives a shit.

  22. So let me see if I understand this....MSM lies about retail source except trust me bro....and I'm supposed to buy that bullshit? Yea....FU MSM PUPPETS!!! I'M STILL FUCKING HERE!!!!!!! NO CELL NO FUCKING SELL PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  23. hahahaha that doofus in the beginning talking about people being bored and looking for a different activity because money is being “lost” 😂😭🤡🤣💀😭…. and they still can’t get GameStop outta their segments lmayo

  24. Omg they’re going to make me buy even more. I really and truly thought I was done, but it’s time to get greedy on these ass clowns. They are so desperate it’s unreal

  25. This is incredibly bullish. This is the bath salts & steroids version of “fOrGeT gAmEsToP”. None of this is fact-based or objective reporting; it’s an opinion hit piece. The purpose of which is clear. Send American families into Thanksgiving with the news that “your son lost all his money gambling with crypto and GameStop and it’s over an he lost. The incredible updates he has about the GameStop Wallet and DRS % are moot points, because it’s over, because the news said so. HAPPY THANKSGIVING”.

  26. It's really suspicious when Carl didn't confirm and news and media just put this thing out there. This reminds me of when media released news about Gamestop launching Nft marketplace when offical Gamestop didn't confirm anything. This feels like SHF's desperation to shake people off before shorts covering.

  27. Watch the segments where Icahn openly talks about burying the shorts in Herbal Life. He has no problem telling you when you're full of shit and he also has absolutely no problem shutting the fuck up when he doesn't want you to know. He's shutting the fuck up because he doesn't want you to know. I believe 100% Icahn will attempt to squeeze the other shorts by closing his and opening longs.

  28. LOL this is hilarious... guess what buddy even if Carl Icahn has a short position...he is FUK'D also! Anyone who is short on GME is an idiot right now and we will get proof at the next quarterly update in a few weeks. We will continue to DRS the float until we win...because we are gamers and we are pissed off. Hopefully Carl had a great meeting with Papa and I personally hope its a BBBY & GME Baby because thats a win win in my book!

  29. Someone went very heavy short yesterday in the face of iOS wallet news. They pulled an Icahn blurb out of their asses and ran it like an ad. Bets sub does its part. This is the “distort” half of the operation. Smother anything positive with loud noises and pray that no one important calls your bluff.

  30. I mean they just did us a favor and admitted that we are here, doing it ourselves and that we are not a coordinated group. Someone needs to archive this. It seems like they just don’t want more people piling in. My guess is that they’ll go silent on it until someone like Icahn decides to close his position and the price jumps high enough to keep people from jumping in at the last minute. DRS your shares so we can lambo.

  31. I’m embarrassed for them. Think about all the behind the scenes work that goes into a segment like that. All the make up and techs, lighting crew etc. all just to watch dudes lie about a supposedly dead company. RC is fingering them with his penis while they desperately reach for the lube.

  32. Notice how he tries to stop/prevent him from saying “DRS”. “Let’s utilize what?” He does not want him to say DRS!!!!

  33. FU! We haven't gone anywhere! We are so ZEN you think we "moved on" . What a desperate attempt to get us to doubt ourselves. WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!

  34. I would’ve never seen this had I not chose to click on this post. The media is reporting on false claims that they can’t confirm. Pushing a narrative for some reason. I buy, hold, and drs my favorite stock. For my future!

  35. Talking shit right before Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends where hundreds maybe thousands of more retail investors could be convinced that DRS $GME is the hedge against inflation and the recession. Same play as last year. We know, they know we know, now they are trying to prevent us from helping others know. Fuck MSM, fuck the stock market. $GME or ramen noodles, LFG. GAME ON.

  36. These dummies. He shorted at or near peak. He saw what Ken and gang were doing and he took advantage of it. lol

  37. Am I the only one that noticed how quick the doofus on the left changed the subject when the doofus on the right mentioned Melvin capital?

  38. Damnn you heard em boys, we're all done, splintered and frustrated. Also wow, i think they have a crush on us cuz they are srsly obsessed!

  39. Market makers shitting the bed. If that short is making money and you're internalized a lot of price discovery...the lid will pop soon.

  40. There’s no words for me to express how happy I feel with the fact that they just keep trying and trying to trash talk GME, they keep proving time and time again that MSM is just owned by the hedgies and they just keep giving me confirmation that I made the right choice by entering this play two years ago! Hahahaha I fucking love it! 👏🏼🤣

  41. This it the stupidest narrative. Of course it’s down 60% from a short squeeze. Pre split trading at $104. How is that collapsing???? The 2 year chart is green as hell. I used to watch cnbc now all they do is disappoint me. Guy is the only one I think is at least a little funny and that’s it for the whole station. Boo hissss. CNBC

  42. It’s interesting to hear the “retail has left” when also ignoring the massive DRS numbers, which is probably leaves out a lot of investors. Crazy.

  43. We didn’t leave. We’re still here. We own 60% of the float and we’re not stopping until it’s 100% locked.

  44. Here’s the thing dick sucker. Not everyone bought their shit with ‘leverage’ like the pigs of Wall Street. I buy my shares with CASH because I have a fucking job. They’re trying to paint us over leveraged dumb asses who got crushed in crypto too. Sickening the levels they’re going to try to scare us.

  45. Oh man, I really am enjoying just sitting literally doing nothing at all, watching them squirm over and over and over again with these segments. Circus is always in town with see n bee see

  46. Don't want me in stocks? What, you going to take your ball and go home? Look, I don't know shit about fuq, so you can stop labeling me with fancy words like 'cohort' or whatever. It ain't appropriate. For Wallstreet elite, mofos in the know, you still seem pretty anxious about this whole GME sichyation.

  47. To be fair he was somewhat right when he said that there was almost no reaction on Reddit. Just for the wrong reasons. There was no reaction because no one cares and everyone is going to keep DRSing.

  48. Am I the only one that see this. He will go short, buy back all borrowed shares to cause the price to rise as his millions of call at the same time go ITM. Come on man. Hedging .

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