Straight From The Horse's Mouth. Thanks u/The_Ry_Ry for pointing this article out.

  1. The difference is that a counterfeit share is counted as a real share. They're stealing from shareholders in a company to drive down the price of the shares.

  2. Because the pawn shop owner that is DTCC is allowed to make their own rules and change them in real time for their sole benefit. It is the definition of corruption.

  3. We have really gone full circle... Analogously explaining (can we start using "anal-plaining" to describe when we explain something using analogies or is that used for something else) naked short selling, but this time WITH the context of direct registration and I'm all here for it.

  4. An even easier example. You ask for this guy's wallet. You take the money out of it and keep the wallet. Naturally, he sees you do that and asks for his wallet back. So you give him the wallet back without the money. He asks for his money back, too. "No, you only get the wallet, that's all I asked for, so that's all you get back. these are my profits gained from extracting value via naked short selling". Watch him implode.

  5. I'm going to see what it would take to sell shares after I get a certificate of ownership from the DTCC

  6. There will be a run on the markets like there was on the banks in 1929. And the capital won’t be in the banks either. It’s a Ponzi scheme.

  7. Ah, "legal naked short selling". The sprinkle on ice cream makes crime seems more legitimate because it provides liquidity.

  8. What a fraud of a market. The concept of supply and demand is completely broken when supply can be manipulated at will.

  9. How does DRS do anything when there will always be non-DRSed shares, and as the article mentions, naked short selling is still ‘legal’ with certain (bullshit) conditions?

  10. Designated Market Makers are allowed to provide liquidity albeit they are all using that reg SHO bona-fide in a malicious setup with their cronies to flood the market and fail to deliver due to the “cOmPLexITy” of markets. Combine it with ETFs shorted x10 available stocks, swaps and options and you got yourself gamestop. All major participants and regulators know this but this time it will explode. CFTC tries to help everyone with a curtain in front of the swap data. They get way too few questions about that. My opinions and assumptions.

  11. They are slowing painting the narrative that what they are doing is legal...because they need to provide liquidity. If they slowly here and there say it's will be legal in their minds...and that they're doing nothing wrong...hence they think they'll deserve a bailout.

  12. Exactly what I'm thinking as my asshole attempts to shape one of my turds into the shape of Mike C. Bodson's face just to be dropped into the toilet. What Teh Fuck? How is he allowed to say that without risking ridicule or exposure?

  13. Insert „There is no naked shorting“ „We are providing liquidity for the markets“ „There is some forms of legal naked shorting“ Clown Meme here

  14. This whole article is actually amazing and explains in detail what has been happening since 1981. Bad players have been exploiting the system eversince, it’s time to end all this nonsense

  15. "I mean yeah you can claim a certificate, but we wouldnt be able to provide enough for everyone asking for one at the same time though because of the totally legal, transparent and non-predatory naked shorts you would paralyze the markets so we advise you not going that useless route." DTCC are a fucking bunch of pieces of über scheiße.

  16. market maker exception. naked short selling CAN be legal for a market maker. as long as everyone keeps parroting "illegal naked shorts" no one will take us seriously. we need to push to make naked shorting illegal period, no exemptions.

  17. Well, your buddies make the rules, and your other buddies enforce them, so yeah, you've just got to announce that a thing is legal, then it's all good 👍 😉

  18. I'm not sure but I thought I remembered that after 08 it was basically made illegal for institutions and individuals as part of some of the reforms, but Market Makers still have loopholes today. If you notice though the link to this article is from 2005.

  19. Yup this should be like a damn NFT marketplace, you see how many shares available, the price people are willing to sell, if price goes up as people buy depending on what the sellers are listing their shares for, just like, you know, a free and fair market..

  20. DTCC are the fucking core of this ponzi scheme, Ken and friends business model wouldn't operate without them being the corrupt accountants.

  21. Fucking GOT'EM. this tells us all we need to know. DTCC fucked around with retail AND WILL FINALLY FIND OUT. DRS THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR SHARES, MAKE THEM REAL FOR THE FIRST TIME

  22. So how can you get a certificate? I know people who would never DRS their shares because of reasons, but they would gladly pay 40 Dollar for a certificate if that would help the course. And we are speaking about at least 8000 shares.

  23. “ The seller may also decide not to borrow the shares” [Willem Dafoe slapping his forehead gif] If I can’t do what I want to do, then maybe I… shouldn’t… break the law to do it!!!!

  24. Not for market makers supposedly. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that it should be legal, and it also doesn’t mean they these market makers can’t get fucked over by a mass DRS run.

  25. It really does not matter until it matters. This is not just a black swan event, this is a black hole swan event. This will absorb everything anywhere near it. Nothing that they say matters, merely what they are ultimately going to have to pay to close out their positions. The pool is drying up rapidly, whomever gets out first has the least piss on them.

  26. “Oh relax, there would never be an issue of getting your certificate, unless of course there’s an issue getting your certificate, in which case you’d be fucked.”

  27. There normalizing the public to the upcoming occurrence so they can total rob us with new emergency legislation. It's really time we the people of planet earth come together and take our planet and God Givin right to be free back. Happy holidays everybody to you and yours. Just love you guys. Spread the word

  28. realize the SIPC just give you your money back - at the purchase price - not at the FMV. grandma bought $100 of apple in 1990 that is worth $15 million today? Broker fails, she gets her $100 back.

  29. This website provides an solid overview of the paperwork crisis situation in the late 60s and early 70s in the US stock market; note that because this is from the Harvard Business Review it is obviously very procapital and paints the whole situation in a overly positive light:

  30. How is it legal short selling if there wouldn’t be enough certificates? In my brain the shares left without certificates would be synthetic shares which are created through naked shorting which is illegal.

  31. Ok then, I’m going to request the certificates for my XXXX IRA shares. Imagine if everyone did this with non DRS’d shares. Sounds like they may have a problem

  32. This is why E*Trade said I could have share certificates. For $500 a pop. I'm in a Cash account Roth IRA. I just wanted it for novelty sake. And not GME either. Another company. Automotive (F)

  33. How recent is the article, though? From my (admittedly limited and potentially incorrect) understanding of the situation with paper certificates, the transition to full digital only happened last year.

  34. From the googlé… If you bought the security through a brokerage firm, contact the firm and ask if they have a record of your ownership. Brokerage firms are required to keep records for only six years. Copies of confirmations are only required to be kept for three years. From the smooth brain should we even bother if we are DRSing

  35. Interesting to peek in on the trident case to see what they drudge up (e.g. how did they calculate that 2.3M estimate?)

  36. Everybody getting what they paid for = paralyzing the system? Sounds like a broken system if it relies on theft 😂

  37. Wait, doesn't this say that they will issue stock certificates if we ask for them for $40? And that if everyone did this, it would cripple their system?

  38. I asked my broker several times for certification, RBC said since covid they don't give them out.. fucking liars

  39. They justvqant to hide the fraud with more fraud in a fraudulent system that has no rules but fraud is illegal right? So who tells the DTCC or CITADEL for naked shorting that their actions are illegal? Who will stop them?

  40. Well fuck your liquidity and fuck your legal fucking robbery of the hard working common folks. It's time to end this, DRS for change. DRS to destroy the system.

  41. How the fuck is naked short selling in any form legal? If I tried it I would be fined more than my life's earnings and then some and then sent to jail.

  42. You can only get a paper certificate if your shares are booked … but GameStop has paper certificate requests suspended .. hm.

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