Hyperinflation is Coming- The Dollar Endgame: PART 5.1- "Enter the Dragon" (SECOND HALF OF FINALE)

  1. I love reading all of your posts and believe everything you wrote will happen. I believe it is my duty as a room temp IQ Ape to ask some questions.

  2. Adressing 1.: They will do, what all people do. Trying to keep as much of their wealth as possible, if not increasing it. They adapt and wait for a new system. Always trying to take advantage of the situation. Farmland, Water, etc. are things that will always be valueable as long as we can't produce food out of thin air.

  3. You know, I´m sitting in an economics department in an university right now and not one of the professors has this on his screen. In our last panel discussion they even laughed at me when I started to talk about hyperinflation.

  4. Help me understand this. We cash out our shares. Our cash is now worthless right? Isn’t this what they are waiting for? They’re delaying our winnings to the point when our winnings mean nothing.

  5. Hours late and not sure if you'll ever see this but you're the fucking man for putting all of these together on your own time. People like you are legit why thousands of individuals have a better understanding of economics and markets. While some people like Ken stand to burn the world you are out here playing a massive role to educate and help others. I genuinely hope you feel good about yourself, you deserve it. May MOASS bless you, brotha.

  6. thank you man, what a series, have sent to so many friends that haven't listened to me about the GME thing and now they're slowly starting to realise this is all for real...

  7. Thank YOU for all of your hard work putting this entire series together peruvian_bull! It’s been captivating and had me hanging on the edge of my seat for each update to the series. Can’t thank you enough for the time spent and I look forward to buying your paper back once it’s out!

  8. Also, the ADDENDUM containing counterarguments and rebuttals to the whole series will be posted on Friday and Monday of next week!

  9. Gold is still on both the Treasury's and the Federal Reserve's balance sheets, and they both value each troy oz of gold at $42.222. Gold's current price on the open market is $1,766.18, but good luck finding a single troy ounce for sale at this price.

  10. Thanks a lot for this. In your opinion, in a post-MOASS world, what non-DRSed GME asset types are (also) best for storing value?

  11. Since CPI is a cheated format for measuring the real inflation rate of the USD in the bigger global systems, what is an appreciable metric to measure by, and could someone use such a metric to compare against Venezuela or Weimar Republic to find some relative predictive scale to begin measuring current inflation with well-studied other events?

  12. It sounds like one of the ways to deal with hyperinflation is to just introduce a new currency.

  13. This should be top. People need to be encouraged to have healthy discourse on this topic that affects us all.

  14. Given that this sort of thing appears set to affect all companies, I wonder how investing within GME is safer than anything else. What do you think is a route GME could take to survive this sort of thing, given the products that they sell? How exactly is this going to affect us as investors? It seems like being invested in most any company, GME included, when this does hit is going to be too dangerous, right?

  15. What happens to stocks and assets held in brokerages/banks when a currency like the US dollar is converted into something else?

  16. Help me understand this. We cash out our shares. Our cash is now worthless right? Isn’t this what they are waiting for? They’re delaying our winnings to the point when our winnings mean nothing.

  17. is this really the end of a 80-100 debt supercycle or is it much bigger than that? did this debt begin with the foundation of america in 1776? is this why people fled the crown in 1492? just where does it go furthest back to? also this sounds like a good way for .01% to reinstate slavery

  18. Broski, I don’t even know how to thank you for all the info you have shared through all this. I’m blown away at what your trying to share with the world! The knowledge is more then the incredible amount of sacrifice in time you have put into this. 🎩 off to you my friend. Now what I’m coming to understand is, one can prepare and even help others do the same but there is no escape from the situation at hand. The reality of all this is hard to grasp, I worry for myself but more importantly the worry I have for all people who have no idea this is coming. If I try to save myself, it does very little… if I try to save/help others, it’s overwhelming. I’m a bit lost but you have given me some peace and hope and in the troubled times ahead and “hope” is so important. Thank you for all you’ve done and will do! Happy holidays brother.

  19. I don’t have a counter argument nor a rebuttal but rather a question. Based on what you’re aware of; how long do you think the dollar has left in terms of time before we see like 50% inflation? (Ex. 10 yrs maybe 20?)

  20. Yes please. I am wondering what woul be the best way to preserve some of the money we have? Buy land? What if you only have enough for something less? Buy gold?

  21. What a bittersweet ending to the current financial system. My heart breaks for those who get rekt simply because they were unaware of this gross corruption.

  22. The Money Masters do not sleep, they seek to control the circulation of set "currency". They have been aware since the 70's and sure as hell they will not giveup their honeypot, heck... They might even be steering towards it for as far as we know.

  23. What can we honestly do though? I’m trying to pay down debt as much as I can, while also buying GME as much as I can. I’m also going to shift to throwing as many cases of water into my garage as I can reasonably fit. But besides stockpiling food and water, how can I really prepare for this meltdown?

  24. That really is the depressing part of it all... How many could have benefited from this system if it had been managed with the best interests of all in mind, rather than the 1%.

  25. A new system built on blockchain won't necessarily be more fair. Many central banks are already piloting "digital currencies", which they would control. New system wouldn't be any more fair than before, AND digital currency would be far more trackable and controllable than current physical currency.

  26. The conspiracy theorist in me says that the "fairer system built on blockchain" is just going to be a central bank digital currency with centralized control over when and how it is spent. Destroy the fiat system and replace it with something far more sinister, for your benefit of course...

  27. I remember making a post on here over a year ago saying that moass would coincide with hyper inflation and having it called FUD.

  28. "Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The power to issue money should rightfully belong to the people." -Thomas Jefferson, loosely quoted from memory

  29. In the US, majority of families have their Healthcare through their employer. It's hard for me to picture widespread worker stoppages/strikes here because of this but clearly the whole situation is unprecedented. This shit is terrifying.

  30. Fuckin brilliant DD OP. Got goosebumps reading it. Everyone prepare yourselves. Make sure your shares are DRSd, keep your cupboards stocked with non perishable foods and stay buckled. Hodl your loved ones and hodl your shares of GME. The endgame approaches.

  31. I have been throwing non-perishables in a storage locker for awhile. Every couple weeks I'll add a little from Costco. Might need to start doubling down.

  32. So is this why countries are exploring space mining. If we have more debt than money that could ever exist, introducing new assets into the existing closed systems injects the needed additional capital to fulfill debts and continue growth (I'm sure that's nonsense but that's where my brain went)

  33. With what you have brought forward here, it feels to me like there should be some serious discussion about ways to move forward and secure any future we wish to recover during MOASS.

  34. This event feels like the singularity of a black hole. There's no escaping it, and every day it grows bigger until it consumes all. Only choice you have left is which way to go first, head or feet.

  35. In an environment like that the only hedge is to own/supply energy, and own hard goods that take energy to produce. You would not want to own dollars, securities of any kind, bonds, crypto, etc. Those will all become worthless compared to hard goods, the things we need to survive. Why would anyone want a bitcoin or a GME share when they are hungry, or need transportation or shelter? Answer: they wont.

  36. This explain the crypto roll out the financial system wants so it can remotely shut down people and government for world order. To be done the old must be wrecked first and convinced the new is better. See current crypto winter.

  37. I should know this, and I see it from time to time....but Snek = what exactly? Its a special award? I must have missed this.

  38. With BTC and ETH being underpinned by Tether (which is basically USD, or at least supposed to be), I'm not sure either would form a fitting replacement.

  39. I'm curious if anyone has seen the show "Mr.Robot"? Not exactly the same inciting event, but a very large bank is rendered insolvent overnight. The bank in this case ends up creating its own currency, and makes deals with other corporations which offered to charge fewer dollars for a product if you used the bank's currency instead of the dollar.

  40. Great, so GME is going to explode and we're all gunna be millionaires just as inflation makes every dollar worthless.

  41. If the Infinity Pool DD checks out, keep buying into GME, because people will still try to short it on the way back down, and we can still make money by squeezing their shorts off.

  42. Hypothetically speaking, would an aggressive progressive tax policy that targets corporations, banks, and the wealthiest individuals be a way to earn enough money to pay our debts and right the ship?

  43. Can we get some discussion surrounding the after-effects of Weimar or hyperinflation, etc.? If this is true, and we're already past the point of no return, what's the best way to prepare?

  44. I’ve been hearing this scenario for a looooooong time. All I’ll say is nothing really goes exactly as you would expect. It’s an interesting read.

  45. Dr. Burry, I think as things stand now, we are probably fukt. I believe JPOW and Central banks have done an ok job of keeping the lid on and their mouths shut for now, but it's becoming quite clear to anyone vaguely familiar with Econ 101 that we are heading into uncharted territory economically speaking. I don't think JPOW has the balls to save the Economy and will try to save the USD as it would have less of an impact on the world ( in his eyes). However, I think it is way too late for that. They should have known that last year was the time to raise rates and that windfall taxes on the wealthy and companies were needed to avert disaster. However, as always it falls on deaf ears.

  46. Great write up (as usual)! The main point I want to get at with this, while I agree with the wage spiral on paper, I think in practice we must be better. There is a line there that you don't HAVE to cross between raising workers wages and raising costs of goods - this is always told to me as absolute 1:1 ratio pass off. Why? If some entity is raking in billions in profits they can eat that, profits can come down to compensate workers. They don't want it to, but ultimately it must happen to balance the system. I think this is where we are now and it's what people seem to be missing. There is so much fake money driving the upper end of our society that nothing compensates appropriately. It must be reined in, kept in check relative to the function of those employed.

  47. Is it quite possible that this is why BRICS exists? I have argued that Putin, while viewed as a war monger and tyrant here in the US, is probably a genius. He, as with the other countries in BRICS, probably saw this coming years ago. It's quite possible that the countries involved in BRICS, formed their alliances because they were sick and tired of seeing the US abuse their privilege as the world reserve currency and the Federal Reserve and all their buddies on wall street continue to run their corrupt ponzi schemes. Regardless, if any of this that is written is possible - and I quite believe it's highly probable - it definitely explains why some of the other world super powers have basically given the US the middle finger and prepared themselves to trade between each other.

  48. What happens if the government says we must use their new digital dollar and creates negative intrest rates?

  49. Help me understand this. We cash out our shares. Our cash is now worthless right? Isn’t this what they are waiting for? They’re delaying our winnings to the point when our winnings mean nothing.

  50. With the hyperinflation that is possible/likely, how can we (GME Investors) justify keeping a significant amount of money in GME? If the dollar becomes worth significantly less, possibly exponentially, will our "tendies" be worth any more than what we put in?

  51. Id rather have the shares in a company than cash. The cash would be worthless, the company may not be. Basically I think the company would have a better chance at having value than the fiat paper

  52. I don't think it will come to this. It would be in no ones interest to have that level of chaos and for that reason it would be a global inflation (as we see now) that would hit. Basically everyone loosing purchase power simultaneously. That would also explain why assets stay high or increase in price together with high inflation.

  53. Where do I get the extra money from inflation to pay off my old now worthless debt? My wages aren't rising with inflation. Not saying you're wrong, im looking for a genuine answer as thats always been my question when its said that inflation makes my debt easier to pay off.

  54. So the cat is out of the bag. Crazy to glimpse the future. Grateful to be able to prepare in the little ways I can right now. If this goes viral enough, I wonder if the crisis can be averted, or if it will be hastened.

  55. I’m not sure why this is all so celebrated. It seems like an elaborate fud attempt to me. Why not just sell everything now and buy guns and ammo if the world is ending right? Plus it has nothing to do with gme and moass. It’s not even mentioned? I’m not even saying it’s wrong necessarily but it has people worked up and emotional and the bad guys have already been trying to steer us into silver and gold. Isn’t that what you are doing here?

  56. My dawg Peruvian_Bull does it again. Shoutout for you explaining the Dollar Milkshake Theory perfectly and fuck it’s scary. But I’ve been a doomsdayer for quite a while.

  57. Oh, same Type of vibe when there were DD about how everything is gonna collapse after evergrande Fall, whole china real estate, economy, and after china whole World. And? Not even a ripple. They are gonna bail them self out of it.as always.

  58. USA is the highest debt to GDP ratio major economy. On top that the crooked fucks are sending tens of billions of dollars to the war it has no business in to enrich their crooked buddies in the military industrial complex and inflating the dollar even more.

  59. You see the figures being discussed right? The money going into Ukraine is like pissing into a lake and it weakens a country that would love to accelerate the USD death spiral.

  60. The collapse of our countries economy and the improvising of millions of poor and middle class Americans makes you hard?

  61. Hey Peruvian_Bull, what is your take on the theory that America is the ONLY safe haven for the looming global economic crisis?

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