Remember the Uber story from u/thabat? This was it. This was their last hope.

  1. Felt like another usual day. Price drops, then comes back. Maybe they still have something coming. Like, drop it so low that we DRS everything in a couple days.

  2. at least it would have needed long months of preparation - because they needed to fake the numbers in Q2 already. i think RC saw it coming and decided to not show DSPP numbers (starting in Q2) - hinted at us to switch to "book", but we did not get it - in time. he even created his book project, just to point us in the right direction. i tend to believe, that this was SHFs latest straw. switch to "book" and find out in Q4.

  3. Imagine having billions and making a special plan for 6 months and then you got busted 12h after your main plan comes out to public and you realize it doesn't work. LMAYO

  4. Well since we’ve been crushed so hard. I guess I better buy and drs more shares to overcome my sadness 😂😂🫣🫣

  5. Sounds like they were depending on those Tokenized Shares from FTX to drop the NUKE. Now those Tokens are worthless and FTX investors are holding the bag.

  6. So…anyways… after the earnings call, I bought more. Thanks for the “bloodbath” discount!

  7. Those powerful hedgies crushed us so badly that everyone is buying and drsing even harder 😂😂

  8. The only response to low DRS number/rate is to DRS harder. I don't see what's their game plan.

  9. Idk how the fuck they think we wouldn't notice that they could just buy into crypto and DRS with family/friend accounts and then rug pull.

  10. When you've been poor and struggled paycheck to paycheck for 34 years I genuinely don't give a fuck about few shares it's Uranus or bust

  11. Sometimes I accidentally sit on my balls. It's ok at home, but when I'm at work I have to no-sell the absolute agony because I've just crushed my balls.

  12. I just checked and we are up 8% this morning. Not that retail affects the price that directly but it certainly doesn't look like everyone suddenly became paper-handed 😋

  13. I’ve been out of the loop for a little bit. I saw something with them messing with DRS shares? What exactly happened? I can tell the sentiment is it didn’t do shit and obv we’re not leaving but can someone point me to what’s going on lol.

  14. I've said this before, WE are the real black swan of this.. they do NOT understand we will NOT SELL....WE ARE THE BLACK SWAN...gamer -holders of our stock.. bc we believe. We are smart and even cunning too. Cunning enough to be stubborn. To be clear and DO what we say we will do! Bc we have stayed up playing dice games with handwritten notes. Evolving character arcs for friends...weeks and months invested in ONE section of one game! We are justice driven rigidity strong!

  15. Bruh, I still have golden eggs and early unopened loot saved in Rocket League that I haven’t ever opened. If I can hold those for 10 years, I’m sure hodling my GME for jail cells won’t be much of an issue.

  16. Maybe they built up a drs position over 6 months then dumped it all right at the end october. Supressed t69 run at the same time.

  17. They shorted, spoofed and ladder attacked our price down for 2 days, then tossed back into the market all the DRS shares they had stockpiled, and we just stand here and laugh at their puny attempt to dint our armor. We are the Final BOSS now.

  18. Shrug. Anyway… nothing in that report was going to change anything for me. If that was the big surprise, I’m disappointed.

  19. I don’t think this was a first and definitely not the last attempt. They will do literately everything. Everything that cannot beat us just delays and annoys just to see the what must come.

  20. My thoughts exactly. This was super weak to be their final attempt. My only explanation on why would be that they are literal pieces of shit that don’t want to spend any money on a real campaign. They probably assume we’re too regarded to be worth that.

  21. I'm confused? Did they do something? I put my shares away in DRS and have been smoking weed on this long trip to the moon. 🤷‍♂️

  22. Honestly, if that ‘trust me bro’ post has any validity, and screwing with the DRS #’s was the plan to ‘crush retail’. Then lol. It’s so obvious what they are doing. Like a little kid showing you a magic trick, and you pretend to be impressed so you don’t hurt their feelings.

  23. For 2 years I’ve been waiting for a good explanation of how SHF get out of this. I mean I really try and listen to their arguments annnnnd there’s nothing

  24. Honestly I'm glad you reposted that : I didn't save the post back then but I have been wondering about it over the past few months.

  25. Was the fake squeeze that quick run up to over $30 (parabolic!)? If so this is really pathetic. Fine the hedgies got us, our estimates registering shares with computershare were off because of them. But they’ve been recalibrated and let me check the data… oh yeah hedgies r fuk’d.

  26. The fact that you guys are actually buying the Uber story shit is really sad. I thought we were smarter than this at LEAST

  27. I bought more. My parents bought more. My brother and sister bought more. My NEIGHBOR bought for the first time via COMPUTERSHARE and my damn cats doubled up!

  28. I dunno, maybe, but I kinda thought towel rug pull was the play talked about here, if there were one. People actually were demoralised by it, whereas this DRS drain just feels kinda pathetic. Apes were mildly perplexed by it for about five minutes. And now towel apes are DRSing too

  29. Loving the towel apes DRS push. 1/3rd shares outstanding compared to GME and an even smaller float. Price at $3-4 makes it easy to lockup an insane number of shares quickly and put even more pressure on the short basket, helping GME 💜

  30. Their “big plan”…it didn’t even yield an actua reduction in shares DRS’d….😂🤣…was picked up on within hours of reveal…and has had the complete opposite of the intended effect. We now have increased confidence in our DD, a wildly ridiculed ‘trust me bro’ story has been vindicated and DRS’ing will continue to pick up steam. They are so fucked.

  31. It's not. This reads like a fanfiction written by a 13 year old. Is this sub really this stupid? I will always be a GME holder but sometimes I can't believe you guys fall for some things

  32. I don't feel crushed... I bought more before the earnings and will for certainly when this order goes through and I can buy again directly through computershare. Those discounts are spicey and a gods end! Thank you hedges!!!!!

  33. Ok, I’ll concede that it might not be “their last hope,” but you have to admit it feels like a desperation play and they’re at least running out of options.

  34. Dropping the price just makes my diamond hands harder. I’m honestly surprised their plan wasn’t to let it run to a couple hundred a share to tempt those having a hard time in this economy.

  35. Hey if any phd psychiatrists that work for these assholes are reading - fuck you pussies! You are using your knowledge To try and harm people you pathetic amoral shitbags. We will never give up and we will keep receipts of everyone that’s in on this racket. Tell ya boy Ken too

  36. It's kinda sad that their big play was likely to make it look like retail sold out of DRS, but retail ended up DRSing more than they put in one quarter.

  37. The best part is, I just do literally nothing with all these shares I have. They fucked theirselves. Not my fault, not my problem. I’ve forgotten what my cost basis is and I only have a rough idea of my position size 🤣

  38. Honestly they would have to drop it below $5 for me to even began to worry. Then I’ll just remember the lower it goes the faster we DRS it and won’t care anymore. We already won.

  39. They shot their shot and they missed. It also took them about 10 months to plan an execute from the little speckles of information collected here thanks to Superstonk. I’m not going anywhere until we see phone numbers and handcuffs.

  40. Fucking with drs numbers for one quarter. Basically moved the goal post 3 months forward. Awful plan / Execution.

  41. Had they not spent 2 years conditioning us to dip....their plan might have worked. Fo now, i continue to hodl forever.

  42. Big whoop, it’s like a boss battle and we reached the stage where the boss has taken enough damage and busts out with new moves. Nothing new here

  43. I don't know if this was their big play or not.... certainly planned far in advance, and difficult to repeat with any meaning - but won't be the last fuckery, and it isn't the "final round of fud" yet.

  44. “Only 500k DRS entire quarter”… I just went about my day lol… finished a bit of work, played some Elden Ring, had a pizza, now I’m watching a movie. I’ll check tomorrow. And the next day. And again & again & again… but, selling is literally not even a consideration anymore.

  45. I think they need to hire some more phds to explain to them what 'crushing retail' means. They've crushed nothing, lol. Anyway, I'll just drs more.

  46. Their bloodpath was an other day of sidetrading and 500k more of shares drsed? Woof is hard playing against gamers. GG

  47. Rofl bloodbath. Blood bath of who? I don't care what price says. You make price go down, I drs even more shares. It's a win-win for us hedgies.

  48. My total investment thus far is still less in cost than the equivalent college course expenditure required to learn what I’ve learned here.

  49. At this point...price doesn't really matter. I'm more focused on the amount of shares and percentage of the company that I OWN thru DRS.

  50. They never in a million years anticipated the numbers going UP this far into it, despite their 13m sell off play. It could take 2 more years, 5 years, 10 years. It. Does. Not. Matter.

  51. Jokes on them. This was exactly the motivation I needed to create a wise account and start directly buying from CS. Bye bye broker.

  52. So their plan is to keep doing what they have been failing to do...? But harder...? So fail bigger and harder?? Man these guys are so regarded 🫣

  53. We're far from done. These hedgefucks still have more tricks up their sleeves. Don't let down your resolve.

  54. On the one hand, I really hope that they aren't stupid enough to think that this kind of fake DRS rug pull was going to somehow shake or demotivate retail investors. I mean, it was so superficial and obvious that it took almost no time at all for this subreddit to figure it out. I mean, all you have to do was

  55. In a sense it seems not that dramatic to be their big ammo? But in another, if it was fucking 6-9 months in the making, fucking with our DRS numbers... thats a lengthy and substantial effort. I'm sure there's more fuckery to come. But I love how quickly this was figured out and shared in the community. Nothing they do is going to work.

  56. If the price drops to $1 without a valid reason, I am gonna buy so many shares and DRS them, that they will have Post Traumatic Short Disorder for the rest of their lives.

  57. the cool thing is that they had to actually deliver shares to CS - they couldn’t manufacture them from options, naked shorting, contract for difference or dark pool fuckery. I kinda respect that level of effort. Criminals not criminaling is unusual and kinda nice to see. Good for them.

  58. I’m guessing the Uber trust me bro story would be something bigger than just the DRS psychology play. A huge short attack would look like, I don’t know, some now bankrupt crypto exchange tokenizing stocks that never existed but were being lent out to short.

  59. In my smooth brain opinion this has been happening already! And it didn’t Work! Only a fool would try to short it more at this price! If they did anything like that now and happened to bring it to $1 they’ll create a buying frenzy that nobody would be able to stop this time! 🤗

  60. The best thing retail can do right now is earn as much income as possible to be ready. I've been working on moving up in my career to afford more shares. Retail is a gaming generation, we can grind harder.

  61. People had the audacity to question the authenticity of a claim from the guy who not only discovered the lore behind cellarboxing, but brought us thousands of data points proving the play. He gave our enemy an objective, where before they were just the boogeyman. Do not doubt this bat

  62. Whenever I read the post-realization debriefing posts about the plans these highly paid financial genius quantitative folks came up with to finally put the nails in our coffin, it boggles my mind. Especially because if you follow along daily and try to digest as much as you can, retail sees shit happening not knowing why, just that there’s fuckery afoot. Then days, weeks, months later it’s like well there it is. Another failed attempt. It’s like Ken and friends are Peter trying to tell Consuela she’s fired, and we just keep saying “no, no, we need more lemon pledge.” At some point they’ll break financially, but it brings me great joy knowing that they have to already be breaking mentally. It’s worked for them so many times, made them so much money, and this one time it went horribly awry because a mostly unconnected, fairly disorganized bunch of randoms educated themselves and won’t give in. This one time is going to wreck them just by us doing what I was taught in high school was how the stock market worked- buy stock in a company you believe in, and hold onto it while the company appreciates in value.

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