Apparently I don’t work hard for my money.

  1. "Then why are you wasting it here? You can buy a 12 pack for a lot less and just drink at home. It'd save you a lot of your precious hard earned money, ya know?"

  2. $9.25 for a Corona!? Where I work they're like £4-£5 (so prolly $6 tops), beer is expensive here in the States...

  3. I so love that the bar I help out at has eliminated coins, we take cash but the drinks are all priced in even dollar amounts. Miller lite is $5 for 16 ounces, Corona is $7 for 16 ounces. We use only cans.

  4. He never said you didn't work hard. He want you to change money for him and you told him to tip you instead. Now if I work at a club I am also not changing money for somone, this isn't a bank. But just tell them no. Also, i Don't know how much uk vs us tipping culture ways into how I view this

  5. I ran into that with a lot of tightwad boomers. If I care to and have time to address it I do it by telling them, honestly 'yeah, I worked concrete, carpentry, drywall, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, pest control, auto mechanic and more and none of the miserable bastards I worked for could come up with a decent wage, I get it man, looks like the gal at the end of the bar needs another round, glad we had this talk!'

  6. Sorry Boomer here. I don't mind paying for drinks and meals out, and I tip very big. We can't afford to go out as often as we used to, but when we do go out we make certain that the people working get 25 to 30 % tip.

  7. Wtf is up with beer prices? I stopped buying short drafts of Blue Moon because restaurants started charging $6.50 for them. Can't even imagine paying $9.25 for a freaking Corona

  8. You're paying for the setting and the service. Buildings and labor aren't cheap. If you want, you can buy beer at the store and drink it at home for much cheaper.

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