Recently finished some Kroot, C&C welcome!

  1. That is a gorgeous model, im thinking of getting some kroot to flesh out my army in the hopes they get better with the codex. However, there's no way I could paint them like that!

  2. Wow thank you! And I agree, I hope they benefit from our new codex. I've taken Kroot into battle twice in 9th edition, and haven't quite gotten the impact with them that I hoped for. I have a Greater Gnarloc and and Gnarloc Riders on standby to see how they do.

  3. Thank you! I paint my Kroot purple and for some reason the grey-ish color seemed appropriate for characters. Glad you like it!

  4. Looks really good! If you don't mind me asking, what is the second one? I know the first is the Dahyak Greekh, and the 3rd is a shaper, but I can't figure out the middle one. Made from scratch?

  5. Nah I don't mind at all! The second one is Angkhor Prok. He was a limited release back in 2004ish I think, I got lucky enough to snag one of ebay.

  6. Thanks so much! It was actually pretty easy, I sprayed these guys with wraithbone and then used space wolves grey contrast paint for the skin.

  7. You know, with the backstory in mind for my army, the usual brownish tones fit nicely, but for some reason I just had to do something different lol -- thanks for checking them out!

  8. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like them. The recipe for these guys wasn't very hard, it's mostly contrast paints, which are sometimes challenging to work with but tend to look really nice when done right.

  9. Thanks haha--appreciate that! Any reason in particular that you don't like them? I think they're cool, but it seems many people are kinda split down the middle with whether or not Tau aux units are cool. I do wish they had better, updated rules!

  10. Wow thanks! Glad you dig them so much! I only have a personal instagram but have been playing with the idea of starting a second one just for hobbying/painting and the like!

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