Heading to Thailand in mid July and I’m a tad confused on the updated regulations. Firstly will I need to fill out a Thai pass ? And secondly will I still need to wear masks outside? (Not against it just want to make sure)

  1. Thai Pass is due to be scrapped 1st July. Similarly, it's anticipated that the mandate on facemasks outdoors (in Bangkok) will be lifted then as well. Facemasks will still be required in some places - public transport, indoor crowded places etc... These changes won't be official until they're published in the "Royal Gazette".

  2. The new regulations still aren’t published in the Royal Gazette yet. So the mask mandate everywhere is still in place. But should be on July 1 according to officials.

  3. No one will shame you without a mask. But theres already a stigma that foreigners are dirty. (Americans only shower once a day and wipe their shit with dry paper, instead of showering 2-3 time/days+washing their genitalia everytime they use the bathroom, like a hygienic thai native--Surprise! White people don't own the patent on racism).

  4. ROFL - well partly it depends where you go. If you go near the sea, you will see no Thai, even if paddling alone on a deserted beach, without a mask... Many still stick to a rule I remember from a couple of years ago - that everyone must also wear a mask when driving alone in their own car.

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