A tram and its heavy-duty transporter fell into a ditch in Germany. Estimated loss is around 2.5 million

  1. They once actually were more colorful. „rnv“ Company wich owns these was made up of 5 different companies that all bought those trams all with their own paint scheme.

  2. I doubt its a total loss, sure the tram needs to be pulled out of there in several pieces but I'd wager its costly but repairable (due to the coat new vs. cost repair), the trailer like wise probably repairable, the truck might be a "Total Loss" from an insurance standpoint and will probably be sold as such.

  3. Insurance is 100% going to say that it's totalled to avoid paying out. I "totalled" a friend's 10-year-old Mercedes in a snowstorm by sliding down a hill and bumping into a stopped car. Insurance used some absurd depreciation rate to rule that the cost of replacing the bumper and some the frame was worth more than a fully functional automobile. The friend paid for repairs out of pocket and still drives it. Fuck insurance.

  4. I‘m not a damage expert but I drive these trams here. From my perspective it’s a total loss. A tram that’s now nearly 20years old so it is now at the point of time the half of their expected life is over. There’s a new generation coming now and we’re running out of spare parts for that type. I think this one is getting turned into parts for others but there will be an additional tram from the new generation as a 1:1 replacement.

  5. The tram is owned by RNV which is a part of VRN. There are only 2 new Skoda trams testing at RNV at the moment. One 30m long and one 60m long but both are still white.

  6. Any word on the cause? The trucks front wheels seem to point in the same direction and it isn't like the road itself gave away (this shouldn't be that heavy for its length anyway).

  7. Just me speculating but the driver being distracted or falling asleep for a split second are speculated here at we’re this tram was supposed to go. The truck still went down a slope of ten meters wich is huge. If there’s strong wind here in south Germany I‘ve didn’t recognize that yet…

  8. Yes they’ll probably do. Insurance rates are high for companies like these but accidents like that prove it’s for a good reason.

  9. If projected onto the world I believe we’re pretty average. Most of the accidents luckily just come with lite injuries or repairable damages.

  10. I work in a manufacturing plant that makes subway cars and they're like $1.5-$2 each. That's full build but based on how it fell I'd assume there was frame damage which would likely make this a total loss.

  11. I mean, it says that it happened in Germany so you can be pretty certain what currency could be meant here.

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