It's fire

  1. It's time the Italians started catering to their actual customer base and introduced a douchey revving mode that allows one to make a lot of noise while standing still without torching your car's ass end.

  2. Probably the driver, kept blimping the throttle while the car was stationary. Many Lamborghinis (and other mid-engine cars) caught fire because of this. The engine does not have enough cooling.

  3. Wait, I remember reading that it had something to do with the overfilling the gas tank or with faulty electronics. You sure it’s the cooling?

  4. It’s almost as good as that Maserati that smashed into the B Line, one of the slowest moving above-ground trolleys on planet earth, as if it couldn’t see the damn thing coming.

  5. Most of the time it's idiots who redline at idle, which is not good for any type of vehicle. Especially for supercars when they need the airflow when moving to keep cool

  6. yes and no. people like to rev them super high while idling which is bad for any car. that being said, most sports cars and especially relatively accessible super cars (lambo huracans, porsche 911s, consumer purchasable ferraris, etc) get revved like that and lambos certainly catch on fire significantly more than the others. i wanna say it was the gallardo that also would burn through clutches so fast buyers would just get a tougher aftermarket one immediately after getting the car. like someone else in this thread said, volkswagen products don’t always fail but when they do they do it spectacularly

  7. So is the fire brigade going to at least pretend to put out the fire? They seem to be just standing there enjoying the warmth. I know it’s a photograph but they don’t look to be caught in any sort of act you might expect when preparing to put out a fire.

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