THIS IS SPARTA!! robber gets dunked in the drainage by the store owner

  1. It's pretty dangerous and can make this situation go from "serves her right" to the store owner possibly charged with a crime if the lady fell and got severely hurt.

  2. had she been attractive you could have expected half a dozen white knights coming to her defense and taking their turns at kicking the store owner

  3. I learned a few weeks ago that lots of male football (soccer) players wear sports bras when playing, to avoid nipple chaffing.

  4. Wow how insensitive and judgemental of you, what if she identifies as a they/them. What if they/them identifies as a horse. How can this horse even be punishable, animals are innocent? This world is confused.

  5. You never know with head injuries. She could die later that night from brain swelling. It doesn’t take as much as we like to think.

  6. I think the bottom is pretty soft and sludgy. For sure if it was concrete under 1 inch of water she'd be in an ambulance.

  7. Yeah the shop keeper could have easily ended up in prison for manslaughter. Dangerous and stupid on his part. Not worth the $20 worth of crap she was trying to steal.

  8. Every time you see one of these kind of posts all the crazy redditors crawl out the woodworks to say how much these people deserve to die or be severely injured it's genuinely concerning

  9. Someone in the comments said that (according to an article) she wasn’t robbing anyone and was in fact that guys lover. I still agree though.

  10. It may have though, larger people do better in traumas. Hell it looks like it saved a lot. Having a mass of soft thicc heavy tissue that's ways in front of your vital organs. A knife has to go deeper, more force is required from blunt trauma.

  11. She was fighting to get away. Stands to reason she escalated it to a physical confrontation so it's on the thief whatever happens.

  12. Goodness. She could have (still could be) seriously injured from a fall like that. Worse than going to jail, but we like to watch things die. From a good safe distance.

  13. Unless we can get a real source sounds like OP could have made up the “robbery” part in order to get everybody rooting against the person who fell in the drain 🤷‍♂️

  14. No, armed robbery involves the use of a weapon. Robbery just means theft with violence, threat of violence, or other intimidation.

  15. She wasn't. According to the article posted in this thread she was the guy's lover and his wife found out about them.

  16. Yeah take it a step further actually, kill kids who steal pencils in school. Once a thief always a thief, no redemption.

  17. Yeah it's not biblical times you're not allowed to violently injure somebody for supposedly try to Rob your cheap little store. There's no evidence that she was robbing anyting

  18. Look its the shithole country detective showing up! Able to deduce crimes from 30s reddit videos!!! Thank god you've arrived

  19. Man, you need to get robbed sometime. See how it feels. Your scalp will feel prickly, which is your blood boiling.

  20. Throwing that person down there is way out of proportion and a bad thing to do. Nobody deserves that for a theft and this could end badly and then landing you in jail

  21. The fact she got pushed out of a store and that the crowd literally cheered? Do you just assume every woman getting hit is abused?

  22. I love it when criminals get publicly shamed or beaten up and people cheer. It gives me this nice primal feeling of community I don't know how to explain it. Just seeing people shun bad individuals from society and then cheering at that makes me happy.

  23. I love that in America people would be freaking out of the guy for attacking a woman. I can't tell you how relieved and happy I was for everybody to mock her by going "heeeeey"

  24. She had to have flipped if her head is now closer to the store entrance than her feet.. she definitely didn’t enter the waste canal in that direction

  25. Anybody else baffled as to the final positioning of the “robber” compared to the entry position ? I think that’s a 10 from me

  26. It's 2022 ... males, females and everyone in-between or outside wear anything and everything previously gender specific.

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