First sentinel 99% complete. Always saw these as a kid and thought to myself "thats way out of my ability to build/paint." Definitley felt the same way 19 years later, ha! Any feedback or C+C would be appreciated! Working on my confidence tackling more detailed models.. doubted myself on this one...

  1. Wow that’s nicely done, I really like the color scheme! The purple plasma really pops as well- you did a great job!

  2. You should definitely watch the muzzle burn painting technique for the plasma barrel. It always sells that your plasma gun is a very hot weapon

  3. The sentinel is great but I always find punching up the contrast on the plasma is worth it. Right now the centre isn't brightest, which makes it feel a but confusing

  4. Thanks for the input! Plasma coils are definitley a new thing I have been working on recently. Still trying to figure out the best recipe/technique to get it to my standards. I am going to give that a shot!

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