Callback: Some alpine guardsmen painted from some old metal guard.

  1. Couldn't agree more! They have some great charcater and I'm totally here for it - for me I absolutely love the crewman for the Griffon Mortar Tank 😁

  2. These are the reasons I started guard in 3rd edition. If I came back to guard now, I'd get the Arcadians from Victoria Miniatures since they're so close to them and see if I could find a Macharius model.

  3. Never had a chance to collect at the time, I remember loving them in the city fight book! I am planning some bits from them to make some neat conversions for tank commanders, sentinels etc 😁

  4. Thanks man! Truthfully I'm doing them to improve my brush control and little projects like this to help me "like" my own work as I often feel the want to strip and paint again 😅

  5. Great job! I have a few old guardsmen too, might finish 1 tomorrow, got the urge after seeing this!

  6. Thanks! Right there with you, this was just a little project to help me improve my brush control - I very rarely do a classic military fatigue as I'm so attracted to putting wild colours on if I can 😅

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