Do you think there will be Crew2 players missing from the Final because they traveled with the first team to Orlando?

  1. I'd be surprised if they didn't bring JJR and Farsi, especially since they were involved in both goals on Saturday. First team needs their offensive creativity.

  2. Farsi is a right/wing back and occasionally a winger. What bearing would Mensah being available have on whether he travels to Orlando?

  3. Yeah this was my mistake. I thought Farsi was only getting called up when Mensah was hurt. I see now he has been on the 18 for quite a few games

  4. Seems like this will be a very dicey subject. If I'm Porter, I def bring them up. The goal of Crew 2 is to develop players for the first team and the first team appears to need them.

  5. I think it would really hurt not to have JRR. Other guys can contribute, but there’s no substitute for him when it comes to hold up play and reliable goal scoring.

  6. They should travel with the team to Orlando. I don't see why they shouldn't. They provided a spark against Red Bull and we must bring our most in form players.

  7. Could they not do both both games? I'm assuming the team has the resources to send them to Orlando over night or early the following morning?

  8. I believe there is a rule in place about how many minutes they can play between the two teams and it's capped at 120 minutes per week, or something like that.

  9. The first team is priority. If there is any missing piece, JRR and/or Farsi will move up and miss the final because making playoffs I would hope is a much higher priority than a reserve team final. A trophy for the reserves is cool but tell me who has won the premier league reserves in the past 10 years and let me know if there was a parade.

  10. Porter’s job is based on the results of the first team. Whatever makes the first better will be the route we go, regardless of what game Crew 2 is playing.

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