BLK MKT MACFLURRY. 32.99% THC 3.28% TERPS. 🍦 ⛽ 🍪

  1. Macflurry is an amazing half ounce, honestly some of the best flower on the market, just at a premium price. I haven’t tried any of the other BLKMKT strains just due to the cost of the 1/8ths but I hope they start releasing 14g jars of different strains at this quality.

  2. One of the best buys for your A bag. But make sure you have a b bag or poof, that Mac is gone. It’s so good. Seems expensive, but it’s the cheapest “tied for best flower” in Ontario.

  3. Don’t go by percentage the testing is way off it’s probably more like 25% I had macflurry at 28 % and needed like 3 bowls to feel stoned definitely was not 28% the testing is bs numbers even in Cali people know not to trust the testing it’s not very accurate

  4. So this is going for $120-$130, at shops in my neighborhood. I will never understand how I see consumers on legal cannabis related subreddits talk about how that is premium pricing. Unless you were buying garbage for cheap or getting ripped off by paying more than you should, half zips were $120 since I was 13. This comment is not intended to be a brag or to shit on anyone, but the I think impressions of price that legal cannabis consumers have is skewed AF.

  5. Man I live in an illegal state in the south east US and this is the exact same quality that is steadily available to me for $180 a zip, while it's good herb and frosty and gets you stoned it's still just high mids and it's taken over the country I swear it's the new brick weed LMAO (which if WAY rather have) I miss that real deal STANKY FUNK!! I feel like it's because all the breeders just bred for high THC and were finding out that doesn't necessarily mean quality and it just killed that flavor real dank used to have it all started around 2011/2012

  6. Guy this stuff fucking reeks you have no idea. Like literally no idea since you live in an illegal state and will probably never try it.

  7. Lives in illegal American state, immediately makes claims about this legal Canadian product. Canada also had an illegal market, much bigger per capita than even the states, so we know exactly what illegal weed looks like. This stuff is unquestionably better

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