How Monkeypox Went From Containable to Crisis

  1. It's beyond bizarre to me that we don't have a task force to identify the issues that occurred with testing during the pandemic so that we can streamline the process for the next one... but judging from their handling of MP testing, i'm guessing the same issues are still abound.

  2. Maybe it’s me being selfish as a straight woman, but I wish they would’ve talked a little bit about the other ways it can spread - it’s not an STI, and yet Apoorva said maybe one day it’ll be comparable to gonorrhea or chlamydia. I just think it would be more informative to know all the ways it can spread, but instead they approached this episode assuming it’s an STI that only really affects gay men. Because even if that’s true for now, it’s like when COVID was mostly in nursing homes - and we know how long that lasted.

  3. I’m almost positive they’re not talking about other methods of spread because they’re not completely sure how virulent this is on surfaces and in droplets. They know that mpx can live on surfaces, but 99% of cases appear to be sexually transmitted. Theoretically, if you could pick up mpx from a doorknob then we’d be seeing exponentially more cases by now

  4. Our public health bureaucracy is a mess and somehow managed to lose the faith of both sides in the COVID-19 debate. They're certainly consistent, I'll acknowledge.

  5. Off topic: Are you all getting a promo at the top of the pod for John McWhorter, or is it just me? I listen to his linguistics podcast from time to time, so naturally I wonder if the ad was targeted to me.

  6. Seemed downright irresponsible for them not to clarify monkey pox is not an STD and can spread through respiratory droplets or non sexual skin to skin contact.

  7. I'm actually quite torn on what the most responsible / effective communication strategy would be at this point.

  8. Seems downright irresponsible for you to suggest that it can spread through respiratory droplets and non-sexual skin contact when all evidence points to that type of spread being extremely difficult and inconclusive as to whether that is even possible. The focus on how it's spread should be focused on what the data shows - creating fears and hype beyond that is not helpful to understanding what would put you most at risk.

  9. From a cost benefit point of view, doesn’t it make more sense to shut down events/venues that cater to promiscuous MSM behavior?

  10. The fact that we shut down schools but San Francisco is still running a kink pride event shows that lock downs were never about the science

  11. whenever monkeypox is talked about they use the phrase "men that have sex with other men" instead of just saying "gay men"

  12. Not all gay men are sexually active, not all men who are sexually active with other men identify as gay necessarily. “Men who have sex with men” cuts through a lot of noise, while also making it clear that the sex itself is the risk factor.

  13. Its a crisis and a failure. Except we have vaccines and treatments that are being rolled out as we speak. Take a chill pill Arpoorva.

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