Couple tells their mother they are having a third child, and did not get the reaction they thought they would.

  1. you guys, every time you mildly suspect a Tiktok that is filmed with at least one person that debatably looks like an "Influencer" in what appears to be LA to be fake... you're more than likely correct.

  2. That, or any time it appears to be a husband/wife couple filming, or have something like "TheJohnsonFamily" as their account name. Always fake

  3. Was it even filmed for TikTok? The terrible cropping makes me think this was originally filmed horizontally and awkwardly cropped for vertical.

  4. Lmao this gets me. The funny part is I have been seeing this tiktok for a week or so now and I keep swearing that I have seen this same account selling Monat stuff in the past but I haven't been able to find it. The girl just looks very familiar from

  5. Honestly for me it’s just the terrible acting. I feel like we as a society are forgetting how people actually talk and behave in real life. Sure, it’s possible a mother could feel this way. And I’m sure there are many out there who wouldn’t be afraid to express it openly like in the video. But the tone and dialogue just comes off so scripted. And the woman can’t act at all.

  6. Seriously. LESS THAN mildly suspect it then it’s true. My wife tries to show me sad or fail videos on TikTok and I find I have a very hard time reacting like you’re “supposed to” bc the only thing going thru my head is that it’s fake and set up. Especially if the camera is already set

  7. They rented the house by the hour to film their TikTok. The poolside porn crew had it booked the rest of the afternoon.

  8. The face of the lady on the right does not look like much of a reaction and the mom sounding kind of meh makes me doubt the video.

  9. I’m so confused that the majority of these commentors seem to think it’s real? I’m a blithe optimist and glass-half-full sorta gal but this one seems so obviously staged I want to rip out their hearts with my teeth while they scream

  10. Or maybe they pranked the mom off camera right after this video ended. “Sorry mlm it’s just a prank!” Then immediately posted to IG as genuine

  11. The funny think is I have a very large extended family and I’ve been in a situation more than once where I would like to have been able to say this exact thing

  12. Fake or not, parents second-guessing literally every decision their [married] kids make really happens. Take my family for example 🙄.

  13. I'm not even terribly upset at what she said. When you get down to it it's really just a mother looking after her child. She sees her daughter (or at least her daughters children) having a tough time and doesn't want them to put themselves in a worse-off position.

  14. Yeah someone needs to tell mom, pregnancy from announcement, to gender reveal, to baby nursery, to actual delivery, oof the possibilities are immense and it means views.

  15. When I told my dad I was pregnant he goes, “at least your brother’s not having another one.” Then the next day my brother announced his wife was also pregnant lmao

  16. When my parents announced the pregnancy, my grandmother was like "nope, nope, nope, you're getting an abortion or you're off the inheritance"

  17. If this is real i bet the reason mom is saying this is because the first 2 get dumped off on her multiple days out of the week. All too familiar with that scenario. Lol.

  18. I’d bet money this is fake. On the other hand I’ve been a spectator in this exact situation, family member announcing it to parents, on the patio in the backyard, right by the pool, with an equally cold reception 🥶

  19. yea. assuming its real. i understand its not what people are looking for but some people just lack common sense or refuse to the situation theyre in. my own sister was dating a guy who ended up having gambling problems, stealing etc. still had 2 kids with him and now shes a single mom while hes dating someone else ignoring the kids. and our mom spends the majority of her own free time watching kids. i can imagine her reaction wouldve been this at the very least and probably way more honest and harsh lmao.

  20. “Mom, we brought the kids over to swim in your pool. Can you keep an eye on them for a few minutes? We need to go grocery shopping, maybe see a movie, and it’s two for one margaritas over at the cantina.”

  21. Could also be the Gramma that's constantly taking care of the two kids, because the couple always "needs a break". I think this reaction could come from a Gramma like that...

  22. Okay i'm curious. If this was real, and the mother had a honest moment. How would she deliver it and how would they react? Also remember people react different to every situation.

  23. A lot of wannabe family influencers seem to have multiples very close in age and at times it’s medically dangerous. There’s like a trend “2 under 2” and ignoring doctor’s orders against having sex before 6 weeks. If the mom is upset, then yeah, there probably are some major issues with their kids and they just keep refusing birth control.

  24. Yeah let's set aside the whole "this is fake" Convo and talk about what isn't fake, the large scale exploitation of children happening in plain sight and how this particular form of maltreatment is basically the exact conditions fo permanently fuck up a. Child (no sense of privacy, home is no longer a safe space, parents now function as content pimps more than loving caretakers, kids now feel financially responsible for family, etc) .

  25. Same comment I made in another sub on this clip: Assuming this isn't staged I love it. People just love having big families for their pathetic egos or weird beliefs but kids need attention for life. I was an only child with two parents in my life and they struggled to be there for me as much as they wanted. With ONE child. My partner is one of six and their mother had a career with long hours. Every kid was always being sidelined for the next baby and then mom went back to work ASAP and left them to each other. It's impossible to really be there for that many kids. And everyone has to grin and say congratulations another blessing! Truth hurts and this woman's honesty is refreshing.

  26. My religious neighborhood it’s more like 10 under 10 or not far off. Not sure that’s actually a medical problem as opposed to just a bad idea in general.

  27. Who’s mom is it 😂 She’s obviously had enough of them dropping off their kids at her house😆 She’s like great another kid I have to sit and watch for free.

  28. My siblings pay my mom to watch their kids. And I don't live in the same city as the rest of my family so if I want my mom to watch our son (I've only asked her twice for doctor's appointments my husband needed to attend with me) I pay for her to get here as she doesn't have a car. People need to realize their parents didn't have their kids. They don't owe you childcare.

  29. I was babysitting for a friend who had 6 kids, 4-5 days a week. When she said she was pregnant again I didn't want to get into it, but I felt the same way that mom did.

  30. Yeah true, I guess it is emotionally damaging that I will never believe things i see on the internet even when they actually are real, bc stuff like this

  31. You can tell this mother has had to help these two raise their kids.. She wouldn't care and be very happy otherwise. I get how she feels. Like.. circle the wagons people and if not if you significantly rely on other people to help you raise your kids they should be part of the decision to have more.

  32. My cousin is like this. keeps having babies gives them to her mom to take care of. doesnt pay her either. It's infuriating every time we get another pregnancy announcement because her mom is too much of a pushover to say no, and the rest of the family is like "oh. another one. ok."

  33. I had this reaction when my sister in law said she was pregnant with her 2nd husband. But in my defense, she doesn't currently have custody of her first, was out partying every single night and not coming home til noon knowing her college professor husband had to leave by 9am so he was often late while her parents rushed over to watch the baby and when found out he was autistic made comments like " why did I get stuck with this stupid kid" to her ex husband who caught her in their bed with a "friend".."just making out" so... it might sound rude but totally justified when I said " but you dont even want your first"...we don't talk but I'd be 100 not surprised if she's out partying all night again and he's like a month old.

  34. This couple is acting like it's a puppy. "Oh look we are getting another one be happy for us" when in reality it's a new fucking human being. And the worst part is that they seem so very offended when they get told "you can't handle the two you have" but do they protest at all? They spend 0 effort defending themselves or denying what the mom said instead just being like "mom, how dare you give us a reality check?"

  35. Go ahead and tell her the truth. In a very calm, matter-of-fact way. It honestly works. And you have to stick to your guns and not give in to constantly helping them. Let them live in grinding poverty and endless stress for a while if that’s what they choose. It’s not your problem.

  36. Wether this is fake or not, the mom’s response is completely valid & its okay not to glorify shit just because it masks how fucked up a situation really is

  37. What’s messed up is having a baby you’re not properly prepared for just because you can. She’s a parent with grown children recognizing you’re struggling with the children you already have. Only thing cringe here is their childish response to a valid and important point of criticism

  38. It’s probably fake, but I know people who’s new baby announcement went just like this. You can’t spend all day complaining about your kids and expect the announcement of the next to go well.

  39. This isn't fake, this lady must be tired of taking care of the kids all day while these two go in with their lives like nothing is happening

  40. Seems like Mom often helps with the existing grandkids and already is imagining what she’ll have to help with once the baby is here.

  41. How do you guys fall for this??? People are staging cringe tiktoks like this left and right. You really think the guys reaction of "ok alright, yea whatever, that didn't go as planned" is what normal people say in that situation?

  42. But what if the mom is right, tho.... ? Lol what of she's genuinely concerned because they can't handle the 2 they got? They make her seem rude, but maybe she's just correct, amd the truth hurts 😂

  43. I can't tell if this stuff is staged anymore, so I just assume it is. Why do adults enjoy staying this stuff for attention tho.

  44. Don’t they know this type of things only applied to saints who actually made an effort of raising kids?!? If you dyed a waterfall red or blue to reveal the sex of your babies, then those crotch goblins grew up to be everyone’s nightmare, perhaps a third one isn’t a good idea for you. Totally agreed with the mom if that’s the case, otherwise, maybe yea that’s kinda messed up.

  45. Everyone talking about their parents sayin similar things, meanwhile my in-laws are practically begging us to have a kid lol

  46. yep this happen to my wife and I… since then… i tried to avoid having my mother watch our kids! Weather it’s a simple visit or she wanted them there to spend the night? We are doing our best to minimize visits to be less burdensome?

  47. I don’t understand why ppl think having multiple children is some kind of miracle. At some point everyone else is like, ok, we don’t care tbh.

  48. Fake, the "wife's" acting is so bad. It reminds me of the splash screen for a YouTube video saying "You won't believe what we saw in xxxxxx".

  49. when my sister told our mom she was pregnant for the 3rd time, my mom told her she should have had her tubes tied after the 2nd one.. mom's be ruthless with the truth.

  50. I bet they rely on grandma to babysit a lot and she’s like “I’m raising your kids already.” Or something. Just a guess / only thing to justify that reaction

  51. Someone must be tasked with babysitting quite a bit. Don’t blame her for the reaction, at least it’s honest.

  52. Reminds me of this AITA post where a parent was annoyed that their kids kept having children they couldn't take care of. The kids would go to work or on dates or whatever and kept leaving their children at the parent's house. I think the parent adopted two children and the kids were having a third? Something like that

  53. If this isn't fake, I am glad a Grandparent is recognising that kids are a tough job and is clearly disappointed in suspected lack of planning. I love kids, but I'll never have one, because I don't wanna bring a new life to this fucked up world. My mom is still on the fence about this idea, but I'd rather adopt when I know me and my partner are ready, than have my own kid.

  54. Reminds me when I was pregnant with my first he was due the week after Christmas, my mom told me I better not ruin everyone’s Christmas by having him early. Of course I went into labour a week early on Christmas Day. My second and her reaction was ‘oh no, I can’t go through all that stress again’. Thanks mom.

  55. I personally found that very hard to watch, just such an uncomfortable moment but I don’t think this is acting. The Grandma seemed very upset and she probably has reason to be. Doesn’t seem to be said in a mean spirited way, more of a “I give up” exasperated way.

  56. How to tell people you will be the last person on the planet to know when kid is born without saying you’ll be the last person on the planet to know when baby is born! BUT! If you’re living with grandma and she’s paying for every thing, I can see her point.

  57. Even if it's fake, I could see a grandmother saying "wtf? I have to keep watching your devil spawn when you go to take pictures of plates of food?"

  58. I have three boys and one girl. After I told my mom I was pregnant with my fourth (which turned out to be my daughter) she said, “Oh. It’s probably another boy anyway.” 🙄 She’s a narcissist for sure with a ton of other issues but that comment stung. We almost didn’t tell her the fourth was a girl at all.

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