1. I had a guy tell me once he hates when people use “your” like ever. I used your as in “that’s your problem” and he was like “I hate when people do that” and I was like “you realize that using ‘your’ as a possessive and not a contraction of you and are is valid too, right?”

  2. I’m convinced an employee of mine always replies with “you are welcome” solely because they’re afraid they’ll use “your/you’re” incorrectly.

  3. What the fuck does he say instead? It's not like that's an easy word to just talk around while remaining functionally able to communicate.

  4. I don't even know what I would say. Dumb people usually double down and never admit they're wrong. I don't know if it'd even be possible to explain to them how stupid of a response that was.

  5. You actually can. That's just a rule of thumb. I know because I wrote to the SATs that they made a mistake and got a nice letter explaining why they were not wrong and examples of how it can be OK to end with a preposition.

  6. Unless OP's profile said something about grammar or always correcting people, I don't really see how this is funny. Like, without context it's doesn't actually have a humor component to it

  7. I would say ""Where did you move from Portland to?" is grammatically correct (as long as you capitalise Portland), but that's probably not what OP meant.

  8. Even if they we're right, that's still not the best way to start off the conversation by shaming them for how they spell things.

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