Top mind of r/2ALiberals going to vote for republicans because democrats haven’t done a sufficient enough job to stop republicans

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  2. What they're really saying in that post is that their love of guns is far more important to them than any of those other things.

  3. Yeah, it's stupid, at least those who say: I am voting Green because the Dems don't do enough are voting for people who stand for those issues.

  4. " trust me bro. I am a super Democrat guy. Love them, but they need a time out. If we all vote Republican this them, they will do a better job next time. "

  5. I'm part of the "watch it burn" crowd, and even I would never taint myself by voting for a Republican; if for no other reason than the infinitesimal chance that they could succeed in forming a lasting authoritarian government.

  6. Democrats support the status quo too much, so I will vote people who don't, but are actively trying to make those matters worse.

  7. All the "liberal" gun subs are basically full of them. Those subs basically exist to try to suppress left leaning voters from voting Democrat.

  8. No, it's not even that level of real. This is in no way a real voter talking about themselves, even falsely.

  9. If someone actually does this they're a fucking idiot. It's not like there are no alternatives. Why not vote independent? Why not vote third party? Why not abstain?

  10. I mean, Republicans literally have sabotaged the possibility of most of those things. Any helpful legislation the Democrats passed would hurt Republican chances in the mid-terms, so they just vote against everything and wait to regain power.

  11. That is 100% part of a misinformation campaign. Idk whether it's Russian or republican (is there a difference?), but it's likely a bot.

  12. This person isn’t actually left and was going to vote R anyway. Nobody with even basic civic literacy would betray their own convictions so badly.

  13. Oh but it is. The person seen here in OP's post is not actually a Liberal, they're actually a Conservative. It's an attempt to astroturf. And to further this the person refers to the Democratic Party as the DNC which is the election committee for Democrats who are running for election.

  14. they are really bad at cosplaying as liberals. it's like when kids play hide-and-seek and they hide right in plain view

  15. I get being upset with this bill. I think it’s less than useless, and is entirely missing the mark on how gun control should be handled and shouldn’t move forward. But the people acting like this is equal to the Dobbs case are full of shit.

  16. Why do you think this is missing the mark on gun control? What should gun control look like and why do you think this bill will be ineffective?

  17. Political legitimacy extends not from any system of government or higher power but from the Appearance of political legitimacy. It doesn't matter what the org chat says if you can't convince anyone to enforce it.

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