Game Thread: September 27 - New York Yankees (94-59) @ Toronto Blue Jays (87-67) - 7:07 PM

  1. Hey what can you do, a winnable game for sure despite all the hiccups. Here's hoping for a Mitch White bounceback

  2. I'm more disappointed that the Yankees won AND Judge does not get 61. Now there's gonna be media coverage tomorrow and him getting pitched around like mad by Jay pitchers.

  3. Wow. Look at how professionals handle themselves. They haven't won anything until the last game of the year.

  4. Might be smart. They might meet us again in the playoffs and don’t want to give us any bulletin board material

  5. Fr. Some people forget the adrenaline these athletes who spend their whole lives working to be ready at their best for the next big moment must feel when they come through in a clutch moment. He says my house pumped on adrenaline when he legit won the game for his team, just as the yanks should celly hard when they clinch. If you take the emotion and controversy that comes with it out of sports, you might as well create a program that simulates the sports with faceless AI. These people are human, Rant over.

  6. I’m not mad or anything guys. It’s not like they’re gonna celebrate like they just won a World Series or something 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. But you see, they changed their mind! Just like about Bo! The fickle simple-minded can't be reasoned with.

  8. Ok friends, I’m out. Let the Yankees have their party, they earned the W tonight. But I don’t have to stay to see it.

  9. Yah, no it wasn't. You would be right on the other side of that if he walked off in a playoff game. Let players have fun.

  10. I was in an airport bar when I saw the news that the Yankees traded for Stanton. I was drinking a $12 bloody mary because I was hung over and when I saw the news, the first thing I thought was, man, that's so many bloody mary's

  11. 2 defensive gaffs, boneheaded base running, and as u just witnessed, swung and missed for a strikeout on a pitch 2 ft off the plate in bottom of 9th. I think it's pretty clear...

  12. Well the missed pop up, the error throw to first and coming off the bag at second will put a target on his back. But it’s just a bad game from the team. Not Bo’s fault.

  13. Unfortunately. Missed catch (not his fault), bad throw to first (his fault), caught napping on second (his fault).

  14. My takeaway from this game is that an unauthorized screenprint tshirt pop-up shop would make BANK just outside of the skydome

  15. Who is on the shirts of the 2 dudes in “Vivienne Lorraine’s” (that’s what I have dubbed her ☺️) two regular seats right behind home plate??

  16. I copied their design and ordered my own Buck card shirt earlier tonight with Martinez 13 on the back, ha ha. Should have it just in time for the playoffs!

  17. Even if the Yanks clinch here, don’t be sad, get fired up. That’s exactly what the players will be heading into October

  18. Jays have had their chances to get multi run innings. Bo gets caught off the bag, Vladdy tries to stretch a single into a double, Springer hits into a double play with 1 out and runners on 1 and 2. Not good September baseball….

  19. Every team is gonna have games like that. The Jays are good but they’re not without flaws. Can’t expect perfection every time in those situations, if you are you’re just gonna piss yourself off watching the games lol

  20. This game might end soon, and we might lose...but a redditor is now convinced that I know nothing about Buck Martinez's history as a baseball player/former manager/longtime broadcaster/author, and really, I feel like I won.

  21. If the thing that is holding the Jays back is the hitting, then the Jays are going to be alright

  22. Omg yes you took a screenshot thank you. Hey mods, can we make it a bot reaction when we’re talking about Hazel Mae?

  23. strange being able to see Stanton on deck with Donaldson batting from the behind pitcher cam. not very often that happens

  24. Honestly fuck Judge though. I was at a Yankees game recently and saw him up close. He's at least 25 pounds lighter than what he claims. I'd benchpress that dude. Fuck that.

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