[Returnal] #68. Good but short game. also tedious platinum, don't wanna ever try it out again

  1. Congrats! I play it right now, gotta get the collectibles in biome 2,3,5 and 6. I hope the rng is on my side. How long did it take you ?

  2. I don't know if I'm super lucky or what, because most people complained about them taking so long, but for me biome 4-5-6 took an hour or two all together, but that's mostly because I had most of the collectibles already picked up during my play through.

  3. Congrats, how is this game in terms of difficulty? I really want to play it and is it worth the plat?

  4. The game itself is naturally difficult. platinum is tedious tho. Once you complete the game you'll be only left with collectible trophies, and those spawn in certain rooms only, and the rooms are purely dependant on rng to spawn, so you'll run around all biomes repeatedly for a lot of hours wishing for those rooms to spawn

  5. What is the actual difficulty like? I saw a video of someone playing the game and getting the trophies and the actual game looks challenging but nothing like too hard from what I could tell but I’ve not played it myself so I’m guessing it’s a lot different in person, plus most people who talk about the plat I’ve seen rarely mention that it’s really hard more just that the rng collectibles are a pain

  6. I know this game gets a lot of praise, but I played co-op a while back with my buddy up to the first boss, and I just couldn’t get that into it.

  7. What was that weapon? My favorite one was dreadnought, the level 20 and above because the ones below were too slow and kinda sucked

  8. Fair play man! Must have insanely good RNG cos I haven't found all the collectibles in a single biome after dozens if hours and just got bored so stopped trying!

  9. Why is it tedious? I don’t know much about the game, and have never looked at the trophy list or any guides. I just heard it was somewhat difficult and resembled a few FromSoft titles which I absolutely love. Are the trophies dependent of RNG or is there just an annoying grind for something?

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