[Mosaic] My first 16 plats! Started hunting last year. What should I plat next?

  1. Is the starting over maddening? I got into Slay the Spire despite it being a roguelike deck builder but Returnal seemed like it could be more frustrating.

  2. I always suggest bugsnax to people who haven’t played because it’s enjoyably charming but really i just want to comment on your outer wilds plat. I’m still trying to get into the story and learn the ship controls and it’s a little bit of a struggle lol don’t see many people with that plat so congrats

  3. That one was a random little puzzle platformer. Someone on here was assigning random plats to do using a number generator so I went for it. It was pretty chill if you need a break between big open world games or something.

  4. Definitely post or join a boosting session on psnprofiles for the MP trophies, there are a few that would be really hard otherwise bc the lobbies are actually pretty active and some ppl are pretty high level.

  5. Last of us part 1 & 2, Returnal, Ghost of Tsushima, Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Maybe the Bioshock Series. But huge congrats on Rdr 1 & 2. I gave up on 2 because of the online mode. Maybe i come back in a few months or a year and make it my plat 100

  6. Oh and Cuphead is awesome. A bit challenging but so much fun and the art and music is so good in this game.

  7. Impossible to say! Just plat whatever game you're into. Maybe do a Resident Evil game or go for the other Uncharted games. Or maybe give the Yakuza series a shot, you seem to do well with lengthy platinum lists :)

  8. I really enjoyed it! Might need to shell out for the DLC eventually but I have PS Plus Premium so I have 1 million games to try first without paying extra lol

  9. How did you like Oxenfree? I mainly play open world AAA titles, but have been wanting to get into some indie games. Oxenfree is one of the ones I have on my list to check out.

  10. It is point and click and is all about the choices you make in a story. Requires a few playthroughs. I found it interesting because of the idea that subtle choices might really change the way things unfold in a game (or life), but it is really different from open world AAA games. A better indie in-between those extremes is probably Outer Wilds, it's open world but more about the story, puzzles, some real-time controls/navigation etc but not combat.

  11. I need to try again with Last of Us! Those games are so beloved. It was one of the first games I started when I got my PS5 and the motions felt like I was running into stuff walking around my place in the dark at home. I am probably better now, though, lol

  12. Nice list. I prefere this over a list with 250 Platinums, with auto-pops and shovelware platinums. Keep adding the good stuff, fellow trophy hunter.

  13. I had fun with it! It's an older game and looks it, but I enjoyed unlocking and playing with the different movesets, skills, etc. There was a fair amount of depth there.

  14. Oooohhh Slay The Spire plat is so cool to me. I love the game but i’m not good enough for the platinum haha.

  15. Mad respect for platting Slay the Spire. I tried my best but ultimately it ended up in my backlog. Hope you continue, it's always great to have more trophy hunters out there!

  16. What a nice pack! Some are not easy at all. And some are extremely fun to earn (I loved getting HZD and GoW plats). Wonderful work!

  17. Gotta finish those Arkham plats 😏though origins is sadly unobtainable I think. There’s ways to glitch into the servers but it takes like an hour and I highly doubt you’ll find anyone else randomly on ever lol

  18. Yeah I was just talking about how logistically tough it sounds like it would be to make Origins MP part work. Would assume most/all of its MP would have to be boosted but haven't tried the servers etc at all yet.

  19. Nice! How stressful are the zombie hordes? Runjing from the swarms in the RDR1 dlc got my heartrate up! Still need to remind my nerves sometimes that games are not reality.

  20. I feel like I was basically a little green leapfrog, using evade almost between every move sometimes, much less often using counter. Other than that, get near and stay close to the edge of groups to not get cornered, take out knife and baton guys early if needed. Experiment if you haven't already with how far you can be from an enemy and still point at and execute a move on him. It made me laugh sometimes how far batman would swoosh across the room mid-combo (though I did break my combo sometimes doing that). Also it sort of felt like a rhythm game more than a fight at times if that makes sense. I did better in that mindset.

  21. You can do it if you want to! There's a reddit sub about it where I learned things like how important energy relics are (even with downsides). I used to take the little house bc it sounded safe but it doesn't get the job done.

  22. Entire Yakuza seires. That'll only take a weekend... or you know, 100. But seriously some i can recommend that i have got myself. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Sonic Generations. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Spyro Reignited Trilogy. (Yes all three), Far Cry 3 Classic edition. Sly Cooper 1-4.

  23. Congrats on both rdr games and slay the spire! Just any Sony game after 2016 is generally really high quality and has easy trophies

  24. Just wanna say, as a fellow Outer Wilds platinum holder good on you. That game is so amazing and I wish more people played it.

  25. I dont have a rec for a next plat, just wanted to say huge congrats on slay the spire - I'm working on that right now and it's definitely a tough one!! Between that and red dead 2, I've huge respect for you!

  26. Nice! Good tip on the missables. Started the first Mass Effect but got irritated with the cover mechanics or something. Sometimes I have to hang in longer, because many people have it on their favorites list!

  27. The plat was tough for me, I won't lie, but the game was fun regardless. I would say it's a game that is pretty quick to pick up the basics but at least for me, much longer to make headway up the higher "ascension" levels (they go up in difficulty in various ways). Everybody is different, though, so you may find it easier. I tended to be a little impulsive and go for "fun" picks even if they were not very strategic overall.

  28. I really liked that game on Switch when I played but did it on normal. Also gwent really grew on me. Found some fights tough like the one with the guy who rains bats on you, and you maybe bounce around inside his beating heart or something? How tough is the plat?

  29. I haven't tried any yet, but I am interested! Closest was probably Breath of the Wild but not sure that counts as a jrpg. Have been thinking about one of the Persona games. Thanks for the rec!

  30. Thanks for the rec! I like knowing which entries in a franchise are the best ones. I tried Far Cry 6 for like 2 seconds when it was offering a trial but didn't get into it right away.

  31. GTA V is a really good game (story mode), I think it would be fun. The only annoying trophies are Solid Gold, Baby! and Career Criminal.

  32. Jeah, and its cryptic. Narrative seems straightforward, but if u pay attention u will req. Something marvolous. I dont have many plat. But this got tense in a good way doing plat. Game got better

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