December Leaks

  1. I just had one play if each. Here's the score coins at the end if the games (before any bonuses applied. I used 5to4 only.

  2. As promised, here's my usual recap about limited tsums' returns, with link to updated spreadsheet at the end.

  3. So mad. Only had time and coins for 15 boxes for this select box. No Holiday Olaf! 4 Oliver, 4 Elena, and 4 Bunny. Wish I would have at least gotten more Elsa! Hope it doesn't take 3 years for H.O. to return again.

  4. Thanks! And hooray! Every month that introduces only limited tsums brings me a little closer to maxing out the unlimited ones. Only 10 years or so left :)

  5. Call me shocked....I only had 270k coins to start the month. In 9 pulls I got 2 back to back Beast/Belle and then a Wild Gaston.

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