(NA Server) A Twisted Halloween: Spectral Soiree Discussion Megathread

  1. It could be a plot point and a joke! JP had a full rerun of the first Halloween event immediately before Endless Halloween, after all.

  2. I actually think that Crowley simply likes to play useless. He could have probably solved a lot of issues that Yuu and friends had to deal with all on his own & quickly. He just didn't want to.

  3. So the quote of the book for me is "what is this? A fine print for ants?" There's lots of others, but that one in particular got me good. Floyd is great.

  4. Trein has shot up so much in my favs list. I already kinda knew he was the "very strict but caring dad figure" type of teacher but I really loved him in his part.

  5. Me too!! Him being like "I wish I could protect you all as my duty as a teacher" is so nice and like legit made him my fav

  6. It's only chapter 1 but I'm already so entertained. Floyd being smart, Rook being a weirdo (as usual), Riddle getting angry on behalf of Yuu & Grim, everyone absolutely freaking out over that detail Silver reveals about Lilia. (Also poor Trey being stuck babysitting the chaos that Sebek and Ace must be together).

  7. I love that Floyd is the only person left to run Octavinelle. Order of succession goes “best person for the job,” “second best person for the job”, “coin flip between burning down the building or functioning normally”.

  8. Silver being inspired by Mulan's story (taking place of her father, shooting 3 arrows and causing the avalanche) is one of the cutest details.

  9. Laughing at Sebek asking, "WHO JUST BURSTS INTO SONG OUT OF NOWHERE!? THAT'S CREEPY" because I still say RSA students do xD

  10. Joke is on him - Jeremy Irons could not sing so that song was written for his limited range and he was encouraged to talk-sing as much as he could. He sells that song with pure attitude.

  11. Dude I'm at book 3 and these lesson requirements are gonna kill me 😭 Why 30?? Why 30 each for 4 dorms?? I guess I'm hanging out with Trein after I get off work today.

  12. I love how so much spookier than the first event this chapter was and also: YES MORE TREIN give me that ojisan lore

  13. Everyone was talking about how no one heard anything except Silver who heard Lilia screaming.

  14. Even if I love the opening screen with the creepy music, I miss listening to my boys saying "twisted wonderland".but still, the background is beautiful (if someone has it in high quality, please share!)

  15. Rook's group: Rook coming in with that Jungle Book backstory (or is it? ho ho) was pretty funny and Sebek completely turning around on him omg. Someone give Trey a break pls. Felt a little bad for the ghost who possessed Deuce though, poor kid :(

  16. Help the final twistune is so cute !!!! How am I ever supposed to maintain any combos when I need to look at all their individual animations?!

  17. I wanna go back in time and slap the cocky me that blew through my extra saved gems trying to get Vil after the end of the last event. Now I get to scramble for enough to try for Leona.

  18. Just finished the story and Halloween events continue to feed me. I was laughing a bit but also going "oh no oh Ace bby really?" when he got possessed and then annoyed Leona AND Floyd. Like I was going RIP bby, was good knowing you.

  19. Kalim being possessed made me feel feelings and idk whether tht's a good thing or a bad thing. No lie when I tell you, I legit knelt to the ground when he told me to. And then Jamil's half assed attempt at "consoling" him 💀, like sir ? Tf was that??? Were you even trying ???

  20. I just started TWST a few days ago and I managed to finish Endless Halloween book one in one day. And I loved it but now I have to wait for book 2 😔.

  21. Man, Book 3 needing to run 30 lessons for 4 different dorms really is slowing me down. It truly is an Endless Halloween at the snails pace I'm going.

  22. all i got from this event was that ace cares about us a lot and i will NEVER believe the guy if he says otherwise

  23. Phew, finally finished the story! I do think it dragged a bit and was a wee too bit repetitive at the start -- then again, kinda inevitable when everyone is going through a similar journey and you want to try and give everyone their bit of screen time -- but I really enjoyed book 5 and the twist.

  24. i have been catching up with the story and like what's with Trey and his obsession with teeth. First his character profile, then the teeth brushing vignette and now in this event him being so fascinated by dentistry. How is this man both so normal and abnormal at the same time?

  25. Is anyone having trouble in Book 3 getting lessons to count? I'm not sure what the stipulations are and sometimes they're just not registering on any group of characters.

  26. Look at the general missions for Book 3. You need to choose a study partner from Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Pomefiore and Diasomnia respectively and do 30 lessons with each of them. The dorms correspond with the groups in the event: Heartslabyul for Riddle/Ortho/Ruggie, Savanaclaw for Leona/Floyd/Ace, Pomefiore for Rook/Trey/Sebek, Diasomnia for Silver/Jamil

  27. Reruns in JP sometimes happen, but the Halloween banners are the only ones to have consistently rerun every year so far. NA hasn't been out yet long enough to start reruns yet (which typically happen after at least a year for most gachas) but I imagine they'll do the same eventually.

  28. Does anyone know if we'll get enough buckets/shards to clear out the shops assuming we complete all tasks and stamp cards? I know that was the way the last event worked.

  29. It looks like if you compare Spectral Soiree/Endless Halloween across servers they both give out the same missions with the same amount of rewards. So it should be enough to clear the shop by the end of the event. You could always wait for Spectral Soiree Book 5 just to make sure though.

  30. I’m done with the event. Bought out everything from the mirror fragment shop. For the ghostbuckets, I’m only missing 2 copies of Ace @ 3 buckets each, which we should get from the last stamp card

  31. I've obtained scary outfit Ortho. Do I have to finish the event to keep him? (Gonna try to finish the event anyway, but that's pretty much the only card I wanted and I've already read the story.)

  32. I’m done with the event. Bought out everything from the mirror fragment shop. For the ghostbuckets, I’m only missing 2 copies of Ace @ 3 buckets each, which we should get from the last stamp card

  33. tbh, after being so burned out from this never ending Halloween event(it's Thanksgiving in America as of the posting of this comment). The resolution was so lame....and frustrating. Pretty much agree with everything

  34. STOP MY LUCK IS NORMALLY SO HORRIBLE BUT I JUST PULLED DORM AZUL AND HALLOWEEN SILVER ON MY VERY LAST TRY. They were the two SSRs at the top of my list rn and I got them at once, I’ve literally never been this psyched! 😭😭😭

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