Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said a Republican legislature has the power to ban plan B if they chose to do so. If you live in Georgia, get off your asses and vote tomorrow. Early voting has started and polls are open until 5pm. Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams support freedom. Kemp and Walker do not.

  1. Not just these midterms. Two years from now matters just as much. We need more people running for public office at all levels. We need more incumbents facing primaries as well.

  2. As a GA resident, I’m feeling the heat. My realistic/optimistic prediction is that the election will end with Kemp/Warnock. But hey, we got it mostly right (barely) in the last big election, so fingers crossed!

  3. They only win of people like you sit on their ass. Call your friends, remind them to vote, pick em up on the way to the polling station, call the local Dem committee and work the phones, or drive those that dont have transport

  4. I’m an Ohio voter but I got my ballot in the mail a week ago and woke up at 5 am to get to the embassy the very next day to ensure it would arrive by the deadline and was home by noon in time to go campaigning for a politician in the country I live in (our election is November 1st and we are trying to avoid fascism).

  5. Going to go vote straight blue next week. I'm fucking terrified of the results of this election. Like, might just spiral back into self destruction terrified. Because I'd rather do that than constantly struggle to hold on to a shred of hope when the majority party wants my trans ass dead.

  6. A democrat legislature along with Stacey Abrams would have the power to do that as well if they chose to do so. You never mentioned if the republicans actually intend to do so. Is that their intentions?

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