RBG didn’t stay on the court until she took her last breath so that we would sit on our asses & let republicans light our reproductive rights on fire. From city council to governor to senate, vote for democrats. Find your polling place, pick up your friends & vote. Go make Ruth proud.

  1. She also hired almost exclusively white male clerks despite promising to hire more black clerks upon appointment to the supreme court. Throughout her entire career she hired just one black clerk out of over 100.

  2. So many people in government do this and I don’t understand why. Look at Diane Feinstein from CA- 89 years old. She will be 91 at the end of her term. As if California is going to elect some far-right Republican as their senator anytime soon. These elderly politicians need to learn to give up their power for someone younger who has decades left in their life- especially when it’s politically expedient to do so.

  3. I came here to say exactly this. It almost feels like her staying on until her last breath is part of exactly the reason we are in this scenario. It almost feels like she DID stay until her last breath so that Republicans could take away our reproductive rights and it is pretty enraging. I'm not saying she did it on purpose but it was so extremely ignorant of her that it does feel that way.

  4. Hubris is the American Democratic Party's greatest weakness. Just having the 'correct' answers isn't enough. You also need to understand how to get those answers out to the people, which means learning how the people think and communicate, and stepping outside of your logically flawless bubble. They need more social scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, consulting in order to figure out how to get the people to vote for what's good for them.

  5. I totally agree. In my mind, the Supreme Court she left behind for the next generation completely obliterates any legacy she had. What does any of it matter now that we are left with a court that is on course to set women back to BEFORE she was even on the bench? I'm sorry but fck RBG. If she had retired during Obamas time we wouldn't be in half this mess now.

  6. I've heard it argued that she wanted her replacement to be selected by a woman and if that is true, that was very shortsighted of her.

  7. I wish I could upvote this many more times. She was great, and did some great things for women. But she royally fucked us by deciding to stay until she died.

  8. Straight hubris and power hungry to keep what she had. I applaud the things she helped with but she kind of screwed any chance of continued progressive movement.

  9. This. Ruth was a trash person for the most part am I'm tired of pretending she wasn't. If she cared about the courts integrity she would have resigned during Obama's first term.

  10. Obama was also blocked from setting a supreme court justice by republicans in his last year. Those same Republicans turned around during Trump's last year and let him appoint a justice. Obama tried to seat more democratic justices and was not allowed with no precedence to allow Republicans to do so, they had the numbers on their side so they won that battle.

  11. If she would’ve retired during Obama’s presidency then he could’ve replaced her with an appropriate successor.

  12. I definitely agree on this, but then I also think about how Republicans blocked Obama's SC nominee for over a year... would her retiring have made a difference? Maybe if she did during his first term, but I don't think anyone could have predicted Republicans acting the way they did, especially since it hadn't happened before.

  13. I think there's also something to go into it to how the Dems kept her on so that it'd be a fundraising point and they hoped she would live to see Biden in the Oval

  14. Obama couldn't even get the votes in Congress to pass Obamacare. Let alone any of his Supreme Court picks, ever.

  15. Given how the Moscow Mitch run congress handled the Merrick Garland nomination, I’m not sure it would’ve made a difference unless dems controlled the senate, which they didn’t. I still don’t think it was the right move, though.

  16. For the love of everything that is good please go out and vote, as a brown man and immigrant, women are going to make the difference and save what future I and you guys have in this country.

  17. No she couldn't have. Remember McConnell blocking all federal appointments? That would just mean Trump got four nominees instead of three.

  18. RBG's selfish desire to risk everything just so that hillary clinton could pick her replacement practically guaranteed all of the good things she accomplished would be wiped away by a supreme court pick from trump.

  19. Interesting thought. I think it might be grounded if there wasn't an open seat during Obama's presidency in the first place.

  20. She knew the senate would stall the confirmation just like they did with Scalia. We would've just had Gorsuch and Kavanaugh faster... her best bet was to hope she made it to the next administration.

  21. Yep, that’s exactly what happened. It makes me mad because I don’t want to be angry at her but I am. I’m really REALLY angry at her.

  22. My 23 year old son was going to skip voting today in Michigan even though he agrees everyone should have reproductive rights. I picked him up and took him to go vote. Currently sitting in the parking lot while he votes. I'm not putting up with the "it will pass without my vote" bullshit mentality.

  23. Can someone give me a stupid-person's description of who RBG is? I know OF her but I thought people liked her. But clearly this thread proves otherwise. I'm almost legal age to vote so I need to know this stuff.

  24. She’s a Supreme Court Justice who died during Trumps year. During her life, she did a lot for womens rights. Because of this she was (and to some people still is) a feminist icon.

  25. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an amazing lawyer and a groundbreaking advocate for women’s rights. She was born in 1933 and dealt with all of the adversity that you would expect — she had to fight just to get a higher education, she was paid less than men for the same work at a handful of law firms that would even consider her etc. She persevered and ended up arguing six landmark cases (winning 5) in front of the Supreme Court— in doing so she defined how the 14th amendment was going to be applied in society to both men and women. From women getting equal consideration when they apply to colleges and universities (as opposed to only being considered after all the male candidates have been enrolled), to male military spouses getting spousal benefits (as opposed to those being restricted only to military wives)— thank RBG.

  26. She knew fully well what she was doing. She knew HRC wouldn't get elected and Republicans would choose a racist replacement for her. Ironic it was also a woman.

  27. She stayed on the court because she desired having a woman president pick her replacement than to be replaced by someone who would uphold her positions.

  28. RBG's narcissism and greed is exactly why we are where we are as far as a right wing court being seated.

  29. You know that McConnell was not going to allow Obama to place Supreme Court justices. Even if she had retired her seat would have stayed empty.

  30. The reason we are in this mess is because she refused to step down and be replaced by Obama due to her own ego. Fuck RBG she ruined her own legacy and fucked us all over.

  31. I don’t really get this argument. It’s not like Mitch would’ve granted the senate hearings for a new justice as we’ve now learned. Maybe it would’ve made sense when we had the senate, but that wasn’t set precedent. Plus everyone is of an age these days. I’m just saying. As shitty as the situation currently is, I keep seeing people blame her instead of the voters and the GOP.

  32. No, actually fuck Ruth. She stayed on the court until her last breath because she wanted to. She fully believed that SC justices should serve until death. Her ego and hubris wouldn't allow her to be replaced when it mattered. In her last months she officiated a wedding during the height of a pandemic and undergoing chemo. The weight of the nation and her own damn legacy on the line and she still plays with fire like that. Her hubris cost us dearly...

  33. Thank god someone brought it up. RBG did good but pretending like she was just a glowing light all the time is silly when she was fucking selfish as hell

  34. I refuse to celebrate a woman who couldn’t get past her own ego and stayed on the court well past when she should have retired. It’s her fault we’re where we are now, desperately fighting for reproductive rights.

  35. I mean…I remember the election. No one thought Trump had a chance in hell of winning and they already spread rumors that Hilary rigged the election to win because no one thought she could possibly lose. She won the popular vote by millions of votes. I remember Obama giving a speech where he addressed Trump. He said “You called me the worst President the United States has ever had. But at least I am a President.” Implying he would never be one. The quote might be slightly different but the point is he publicly embarrassed Trump and basically flaunted he was never going to be President because who in their right mind would vote for him?

  36. RGB stayed on the court till her last breath cause RGB only gives a F about RGB; take a moment and look up her decisions on qualified immunity for police officers.

  37. She was literally a key part of the patriarchy for years and has left a legacy of oppression. An art studio near me put out a bunch of paintings of her when she died and it made me so mad.

  38. RGB often criticized the Roe decision - she publicly stated it was a faulty decision and legally speaking would have sided with the current decision to overturn it. She explained that Roe wasn't about a woman's choice, but more about a doctor's freedom to practice -- it wasn't woman-centered, it was physician centered. She felt there were much better cases that could have defended a woman's choice and and explained women with money always have a choice, but poor women are the one's that would suffer.

  39. I agree with everyone on this sub and she did criticize the Roe decision, but only because there was a case making its way through the courts that would have been a much better argument for codifying abortion rights. It involved a female service member who is pregnant. I can't remember the specifics right now but this is the main reason she felt that way.

  40. Also if you work full time in a lot of states by law your employer is required to give you paid time off to go vote! Make sure to check in on that!

  41. If she hadn’t sat on that bench til she died we wouldn’t even be in this position. Christ people need to stop celebrating liberals for saying the right thing when they won’t fight for it.

  42. People need to vote AND have tough conversations with their friends and family. Too many women post on this sub like “meh my husband isn’t political sad face”. Like stop dating and marrying men that are luke warm on your rights

  43. I saw a comment on a post in this sub the other day where a woman was talking about how her husband happily voted republican all the way down. And when she brought up her and their daughters’ reproductive rights, he blew he off.

  44. People need to have talks with their female friends as well, last election 55% of whites women voted for trump. It’s one of the more baffling things but it seems like a lot of people will vote against their own self interest.

  45. Woof. This one didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. Reality is that RBG overstayed her welcome and should’ve left when Obama was president to secure a democrat justice. She helped put us in this situation.

  46. If only RBG had retired during a Democratic presidency we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. She was no hero.

  47. Yeah, RGB staying on the court until her last breath kinda helped get us into this situation. She’s not someone I want to rally behind.

  48. 💯! Second term President Obama asked RBG to retire (at the time, she was in her mid 80's & on her third bout with cancer) while he was able to replace her. Her ego got in the way. Trump got to replace her. Hence the Dobbs decision. As far as I am concerned ....reversing Roe v Wade is Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy.

  49. She stayed on the court because she wanted to. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But if she really cared about the balance of the court she would’ve stepped aside when President Obama asked her to. Go vote but don’t do it for RBG. She really believed that her lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court was more important than her legacy of women’s rights.

  50. My husband (and maybe me long ago) is pretty central, but I told him I could never again vote for the party that gave us Trump and all the ensuing atrocities, and then instead of having any accountability, doubles down and gaslights at every turn. He told me he would follow my lead in this election, and that the absolute last of many many straws has been this latest attack on women's rights.

  51. No, she sat on the court just long enough to allow herself to be replaced by a conservative and promptly have her life's work dismantled.

  52. Ruth refusing to retire to wait for Hillary to appoint her replacement is a huge part of the reason this whole mess is happening.

  53. RGB is part of the reason we’re in this situation. She should have retired so Obama could have replaced her position. Tf.

  54. She should have retired when Obama could have replaced her easily. Her intransigence cost America dearly. She’s the exemplar of why upper age limits are needed for supremes. I voted though

  55. Voted with my daughter, she’s only three but she had an amazing time and was super excited to come watch me vote. I took my baby boy too. Gotta start them young!

  56. Well, the fact that she did stay in the court so long if the problem. She should've left earlier so that a left-leaning judge could be appointed instead of what we have now.

  57. RBG fucked us entirely by staying on the court until she took her last breath. Unbelievably selfish of her. Still voted but god I can’t help but clench my teeth when anyone talks about her like she’s a saint.

  58. Too bad she didn’t step down when Obama could have appointed someone. The mess reproductive rights have become is partly on her.

  59. Maybe if she had retired when she had the chance, during the Obama years, we wouldn't be in this predicament to begin with. Just saying..

  60. I wish she would have retired in 2012 and given Obama time to get ONE NOMINATION through before he left office in 2016..... I respect a lot about RBG, but this was ignorant and pure hubris.

  61. Every election is important. Especially the small ones. Look up who’s in the ballot for school boards, petty officials in your cities. Who’s on the ballot for judge, or sheriff. At the end of the day, it may come down to the smallest offices to make some of the biggest decisions.

  62. No, RBG sat on the court until her dying breath out of hubris and general idiocy that lead to the court being flipped to the reactionary right. Bootlicker

  63. No no no. While the message to go vote is a noble one, we are in this current predicament BECAUSE she stayed until she croaked instead of stepping down at a time when it would have been easy to replace with a young justice, full of vigor and life-expectancy. Her hubris led directly to the repeal of Roe V. Wade, so she gets 0 credits here and her pride means nothing.

  64. Ruth? You mean the woman who tarnished her legacy with her narcissistic need to stay on the bench way too long because she thought Hillary was a sure win? Do it for yourself. Don't do it for a narcissistic politician.

  65. I love RBG, but she didn’t do us a favor by deciding not to retire in the last year of Obama’s term limited presidency.

  66. It's the fact she stayed in the court despite everyone begging her to retire why we're in this mess in the first place. Stop whitewashing her

  67. Ruth was a horrid racist that has done massive harm to Indigenous rights in America and only stayed in her seat to spite Obama.

  68. No, she instead refused to step down when they could safely get a den nomination in, stayed in and dies while the mango was in power, and handed the scumcumguzzlers a scotus seat on a silver fucking platter. She couldn’t get over her own ego enough to actually protect reproductive rights, and instead has given the trash a supermajority for the next 20-40 years. Good job rbg, you fucking moron.

  69. I just want to remind everyone saying fuck Ruth that the GOP sat on Merrick Garland's nomination for 293 DAYS saying that "the people should have a say in the SCOTUS nomination" then hypocritically rammed Coney Barret through A FUCKING WEEK before a Presidential election. RBG wasn't perfect, and in hindsight could have and should have played her cards a lot better, but she is not the fucking villain of this story.

  70. No, she is not the villain of the story. She was a strong supporting character that everyone adored in the beginning and most of the story until power went to her head, and it blinded her to how that could cost everyone else.

  71. It’s too bad that the lady running in my state that supports free choice didn’t support free choice in regard to the Covid vaccine. Her draconian mandates and how she handled the pandemic is my driving motivation to get her out of office. Really unfortunate that the party lines make it impossible to support bodily autonomy on both issues.

  72. Hindsight is 20/20. We have forgotten that we should learn from the past, not find fault for the past without taking steps to move forward. RBG believed strongly in a non-political Supreme Court. It's disappointing that people are assigning such blame on a dead woman who literally worked through 2 battles with cancer and the death of her husband. She was a woman who believed in the Constitution and this nation. Twenty years ago, no one thought the Supreme Court would be the way it is today. I specifically spoke about this in one of my papers for my Constitutional Law class.

  73. She warned about this for years. She knew that without congressional action abortion rights were always at risk.

  74. The problem was caused by RBG staying on the court till her last breath, and democrats had 50 years to codify Roe into law and protect a woman’s right to choose.

  75. No she stayed on the court so that when she suddenly died she would be replaced by a pos that would defile everything she stood for…. Rather then step down when Obama asked her to.

  76. 100% ! Already voted early and so did my entire household+ other friends and family in Arizona,Florida ,NC and Texas. Straight Dem all the way for our crowd!!

  77. Completely writing off her accomplishments because of her (decidedly) extensive faults is an absolute joke. Ignorance isn’t going to help us become more intersectional. Her accomplishments need acknowledged as well as her mistakes and outdated ideology. This wave of feminism trying to cancel RBG is incredibly self entitled. Instead of learning from history we’re going to completely cancel it out as if it didn’t mean anything? We wouldn’t have come as far as we have if it weren’t for the work she put in. Let’s acknowledge her fuck ups and actions that set us back while also understanding what she accomplished. We can do both.

  78. The Supreme Court is now Ruth-less in more ways than one. Regardless of how people feel about her (and obvs there will be flaws with any public figure) I agree this should people to go vote.

  79. I’m honestly mad Ruth stayed on the court bc refusing to resign during a dem presidency lead us to trump appointees and the over turning of roe. Such a bummer 😭

  80. 30 out of 50 states mandate your employer has to give you time off to vote. Look up your state to see what their laws are.

  81. I really wish she had never commented on Colin kapernick. That would have made me a lot more proud. NO Supreme Court justice has ever been a fan of the working class nor marginalized groups. Supreme Court justices can be respected but none of them to this point in American history have earned icon status IMO. Nor should they, they should never be made celebrities and put on coffee mugs. They are lawmakers who side with/defend the business class and those with assets. Always have been. But I do agree with the sentiment. Vote!

  82. I saw Keith Ellison's (MN Attorney General) numbers being quite low just now. That vast difference in numbers I saw (~70% to his 22%) has me worried.

  83. Ruth’s insistence to die on the fucking court has screwed us over for multiple decades. It’s not like she had amazing judgement or ideas any of us couldn’t have. You can ball up her memory and throw it in the trash, it’s useless now

  84. Interesting to see how combination of Covid pandemic and fake news might change voting turn out among white male boomers lol

  85. Hey I just want to thank all of you commenters for giving me more perspectives and information to consider about RBG. I almost always hear nothing but people singing her praises, which I'm aware has increased a great deal in the past two years. Ironic given the effects of her choices in that time. It's honestly really refreshing to hear other perspectives. Thanks.

  86. You ignorant Communist Savage ! She DECRIED the action of you scum, suppressing free speech; She would not and never did CELEBRATE death....Katy Couric admitted she severely edited her words and thus their meaning on her last interview. ASS.

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