Where can I complain in Abu Dhabi about False Alarms 5 times a day

  1. I left a building like this a few years ago, new building in Dubai Marina and the alarm would go off at least 5 days a week. My son was 3-4 at the time and it was having a terrible effect on him, he was scared to sleep and to this day, he’s nearly 7 now, any alarm sound scares him and he always brings up the old place. No amount of complaining helped, I just had to move. Turns out the brilliant designers of the flats put a heat detector less than a meter above the cooktop, anytime you bailed water and removed the lid on the pot the alarm would go off

  2. I guess it's pretty common. Fire Alarm goes off every 2 days in the Apartment I live. Literally came to a point I don't care if it goes off.

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